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Social Issues

Problem of Alcohol Use by Underage College Students

College drinking has become a serious issue especially kids who live on campus. Students regard drinking as part of the ‘college experience’ and tend to drink more when they attend college parties because feel they need to drink to have a good time. While drinking has become a part of college, colleges are making efforts to prevent it from continuing. College students have made drinking a tradition of college environment. Most college students are underage drinkers. In the article ‘National...
3 Pages 1321 Words

Trolley Problem Essay

Technological advancements often bring many changes to our society and it often challenges and forces us to adapt to new ethics, morality, and social constructs. This paper intends to explore one of the emerging technologies – self-driving cars, and its application to one of the ethical dilemmas – the trolley problem. This paper/ I will start with background information on the trolley problem and self-driving cars. Then, I will provide justifications as to why it is potentially necessary to implement...
5 Pages 2088 Words

Student Loan Debt Problem: Solution Essay

Student Loan Debt Earning a college degree is expected after a person graduates from high school. The higher the degree, the more money is earned. It is the goal of many to be a college graduate, however, the financial status of those seems to be a huge factor as to why many do not go to college or take out loans. Student loans can come from the federal government, private sources such as banks or financial institutions, or from other...
2 Pages 1080 Words

Underage Drinking as a Social Problem

More and a lot of alcohol is being consumed by young teenagers yearly. Alcohol isn’t being seen as a foul call some teens see it as pure gratification. Alcohol is being marketed all over the internet. In time most teenagers are going to try it. Alcohol will cause the unclear world of addiction and it may also destroy several lives. Simply ingesting a couple of beers may lead to somebody turning into an alcoholic at an awfully young age. If...
3 Pages 1366 Words

Problem of People's Loss of Interest in Supporting Traditional Political Parties

This essay be explaining why so many electorates are losing interest in supporting traditional political parties using evidence from different sources. It will first be talking briefly about the origins and developments of political parties and their position on the political spectrum. Than go on to explain why political parties are so important within society, to understand why electorates are losing interest in political parties we need to understand what other strategies are being used to influence politics and society...
4 Pages 1660 Words

Unemployment as a Social Problem: Essay

Employment (the number, quality, and security of jobs available) is an important social concept. The fact that income is directly correlated to employment creates the societal notion of class. As such, lack of employment is, consequently, also an important economic aspect that has a direct connotation with the make-up of the society. This literature review aims at effectively analyzing the extent to which unemployment negatively impacts society (unemployment as a social problem) through the eyes of 5 credible sources that...
3 Pages 1578 Words

Problem of Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses in Modern Society

‘Stigma’ is a very basic word within the study of sociology that could be described by someone as a harmful mode of negative labelling towards someone else with a differentiating characteristic or attribute such as a form of mental illness or an intellectual disability which can lead to stereotypes, discrimination and even societal rejection possibly further damaging a person’s mental and physical state of mind. These people who are suffering from many different types of mental illnesses regularly endure two...
4 Pages 1993 Words

Problem of Food Waste and Its Solutions

Did you know that over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste, The annual value of food wasted globally is $1 trillion, it weighs about 1.3 billion tons. And all the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe. Can we do anything about it? Can food waste be reduced to help future generations? This issue is being researched because...
3 Pages 1350 Words

Problem of Alcohol-Related Accidents in Today's World

Alcohol related accidents are far too common in today’s world for one for not directly involved or related to those involved to be utterly shocked and amazed by the outcome. Far too often the individual who decided to get behind the wheel inebriated often walks away from the scene usually rather unscathed with minor bumps and bruises, while the innocent family, person, dog, etc., are maimed or dead beyond saving. Most individuals have a hope that they will never be...
2 Pages 916 Words

The Problem of Ocean Pollution Today

Introduction Millions of people around the globe continue celebrating their achievements in the fields of technology, business, health care, and education. Certain steps have already been taken to improve the quality of life and create the best living conditions on the ground. However, society usually forgets that about 70% of the planet is covered by oceans that remain one of the most valuable and vulnerable natural resources (Denchak). Oceans manage weather and the air quality and control the lives of...
4 Pages 1683 Words

Problem Solution Essay About Traffic Jam

According to article about solution to solve the traffic congestion by Mr. Shladover. The traffic congestion can be solved with one system which integrated with wireless connection form each vehicle. The result of this system can give suggestion for route to prevent a crowded area, then every road can be more optimal. Calculation of best route from this system will be shown at application in each vehicle as assistant driver. Perhaps it is a great plan for future but for...
2 Pages 830 Words

Problem of Deforestation Essay

Forest is an essential source for pleasing people’s desires and needs. Thus, certainly people would try to take advantages of forest resources. This process of utilizing forest is called deforestation. Human beings clear the forest in order to use it for their needs, this is known as deforestation. In other words, the process of deforestation is the clearance of forest by cutting down the trees for achieving several demands. Forest has a necessary role in meeting people’s needs. Consequently people...
6 Pages 2651 Words

Cause and Solution of Air Pollution Essay

The air pollution solution I will be talking about today is the Paris Agreement. As Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the director of WHO said: “The Paris Agreement is potentially the strongest health agreement of this century”. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to make our “response to climate change stronger”. They will do this by “keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even...
1 Page 523 Words

The Problem of the Deplorable Current State of New York's Bridges and the Urgent Need to Solve It

New York City is encountering an unusual juncture of a growing phenomenon which is the widespread decay of bridge infrastructures. Many bridges in New York City have been constructed for 50 years or more, and they are now approaching or exceeding its originally intended design life. There was an overlooked in the designs of the bridges in New York City when the bridges were first built. There was an inability and difficulty in forecasting the future usage such as traffic...
1 Page 445 Words

The Problem of Overtourism in the Cruise Tourism Industry

For a destination to be classified as suffering from overtourism means that both locals and visitors sense a disruption in the destination’s quality of both experience and lifestyle to a point that it may become unmanageable (UNWTO, 2018). Overtourism is a result of mass tourism which may lead to an imbalance of the multidisciplinary elements of social, economic and environment – the triple bottom line of sustainability (Weaver and Lawton, 2014). Destinations that become unsustainable due to overtourism can lead...
3 Pages 1592 Words

Essay About the Multi-Objective Transportation Problem and Approaches for Its Solution

Transportation is important in the sense that it allows people to take part in human activities. The classical transportation problem can be described in a special case of linear programming problem and its models are applied to determine an optimal solution of the transportation problem required for deterministic of how many units of commodity to be shipped from each origin to various destinations where the objectives have to optimize (minimize or maximize) cost or time. The basic transportation problem is...
6 Pages 2547 Words

The Problem of High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is a service-based industry that relies heavily on servicing people who has leisure time and disposable income. Units from management team to servers that are involved play an important role during the whole service operation. Hospitality industry often demand employees with abilities such as effective problem-solving skill, great communication technique, strong commitment, and the ability to work as a team member in order to provide excellent services and unforgettable experiences to customers. In recent research conducted by British...
1 Page 614 Words

Sea Level Rise Problem in Florida

It has become known that several major parts in Florida are sinking at a high rate due to the rising sea level. The city that is sinking the fastest is Miami. It is hard to imagine that the beautiful beaches and popular scenery with palm trees itself is about to be underwater sooner than we know it. There are many contributing factors as to why this phenomenon is happening and one of the biggest reasons has to do with human...
1 Page 663 Words

Overtourism Problem in Hawaii

Hawaii is universally known for being ‘paradise on earth’, however this facade has a devastating effect on its locals. Millions of people a year travel to see this ‘paradise’ without ever seeing the ugly truth. Due to the growing number of tourists, the cost of living is rising, traffic congestion is getting worse, our land is being mistreated and Hawaiian culture is dying. Since before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawaiians have been persecuted against by foreigners. Hawaiians were...
4 Pages 1623 Words

The Housing Problem in Hong Kong: An Essay

Do you know which area in the world has the most expensive housing? Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. One of the big trading hubs in the world, with the busiest cargo airport and is well known for its port. Unfortunately, although Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, but there is a terrible severe income inequality. Hong Kong is the fourth highest population density country and dependencies...
2 Pages 780 Words

The Housing Shortage Problem in Kenya

Out of 45.92 million, the urbanization rate is 25.6%, the unemployment rate is 40% and 43.4% of the population live below the poverty line. 68% of Kenyans have insufficient income which makes it nearly impossible to rent a house in Kenya. The World Bank states that Kenya needs more than 2 million low-income homes which will increase the economic growth of Kenya. The housing shortages in Kenya stands at 2 million and continues to increase at a rate of about...
2 Pages 766 Words

The Problem of Blind Loyalty Among North Korean Population

Suki Kim explores the theme of freedom and independence in the essay ‘Without You, There Is No Us’. The piece recounts a series of attempts to expose Pyongyang University students to the world outside the dictatorship of North Korea. In North Korea, there are restrictions on all media and publications, which limits the ability of individuals to form a voice and opinions. In Western democracies there is almost no regulation in freedom of speech or press, yet there are features...
2 Pages 752 Words

Poverty as a Critical Global Problem in Third World Countries

World poverty has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of time and we globally still struggle on finding a way to tackle this issue. Global poverty can range from not being able to get an education, lack of medical facilities, no shelter, poor nutrition, unemployment and having limited to no fresh water. Poverty is caused by many factors, which include governmental, demographic, social and environmental factors. Misery in the Third World has reached a dramatic level with people having...
3 Pages 1278 Words

The Problem of The Lack of Punctuality and Why Students Should Be Penalized for Being Late

A man walks wearily down a small trail from the factory after a hard working week. It’s almost 7 in the evening. The sun starts going back to its home after working tirelessly in the day. The dreary, dull night begins to embrace the whole distant countryside. The man continues heading to the train stop. He takes short, slow strides step by step with a deliberate manner despite hearing the resonant siren. As he gets to the station, the train...
2 Pages 778 Words

The Problem of Illegal Dumping and Littering, and Solutions to It

An environment is the green place that surrounds us as living beings. We must for ever keep it clean pollution free in order to live healthy and peaceful life. However, the environmental issues have become a threat to the environment and those living in it. Surely the planet is our home, but people aren’t the only inhabitants, unfortunately they quite often forget about this point. In most cases the environmental issues are caused by harmful human activities on the biophysical...
3 Pages 1302 Words

Ocean Pollution Solution Essay

Every year, millions of kilograms of plastic and other pollutants enter the ocean. Where do the pollutants come from? Where does this waste…eventually go? And why is it allowed? the pollution in the oceans is killing animals and killing the plants that we need to breathe. Other forms of pollution that impact the health of the ocean are run off from fertilizers or big oil spills and yet, if the pollution did not go in the ocean where would it...
2 Pages 988 Words

National Debt is Everyone's Problem

We used to compare the Philippines, for instance, to an “oriental pearl”, coveted by colonists due to its rich resource, lush nature, and industrious people. Became a “caged dove”in time of Martial Law and fighting this we earned a title of “sick man of Asia” by early 1990 in Cory Aquino Administration. Then Fidel Ramos stepped in and re-branded the country as a “rising tiger’. But behide this prevailing analogy would be something the true with the Philippine debt. What...
1 Page 488 Words

The Problem of Environmental Pollution: Fresh Water

With the development of civilization, one of the more important concerns that are fast becoming a major threat is pollution and no form of pollution seemed to be bigger than that of fresh water pollution. Thus, the focal point of this dissertation is based on the factors and affects of the fresh water pollution. Within this given parameter emphasis would be given on the effects of water pollution have differ from the past to the present. In terms of the...
2 Pages 1009 Words

The Problem of Plastic Pollution in Marine Environment

The issues of marine environment have always become a hot topic among the marine people. Ocean, seas, estuaries, coastal, mangrove forest and all other major water bodies environment is considered as marine environment and have their important towards other life. So, whenever problems occur at these environments can be an issue as it will affect the ecosystem in the marine environment and thus affect the whole marine community. Across the globe, plastic pollution had become the hot crisis that was...
2 Pages 771 Words

The Problem of Invasive Species in America

In America, we have a growing issue of feral hogs, and they are becoming very destructive. Hogs are not native to America and are considered an invasive species also known as an alien species. Invasive species are a major problem that must be understood and controlled. Invasive species, as defined by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), are organisms that cause ecological or economic harm in a new environment where it is not native. Alien species affect native species...
2 Pages 688 Words
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