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The reality of computer technology entering many professions has become the actual fear for a few employees/laborers in Nigeria. Much has changed drastically when it comes to physical labor which has unfortunately been substituted by computer technology. The idea of creating AI(Artificial Intelligence) for businesses is to lessen some physical labor and get effective results with little time duration. Nonetheless, with the assistance of computer technology in our daily activities, the efforts of manpower are no longer appreciated as they used to have ripped some laborers off their jobs. This has become a challenge to ponder upon.

What is Artificial Intelligence? This involves the usage of technological equipment to do human tasks both physically and mentally. For example, an AI can do the task of handling a company’s emails, calls, and customer care services without involving a human being. The only way the computer technology operates is when they have been programmed for that particular task. This method of work is on a high price and may take time to process; Not only that, start-ups may not fully benefit from this. There are two levels of artificial intelligence Liable Artificial Intelligence or weak AI Reliable/Improved Artificial intelligence

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What other things can artificial intelligence do? A programmed artificial intelligence (AI) can basically do all the work that a human being can do such as play games, cast news on the television, write, cook e.t. etc. An A. I could perform perfectly without errors involved, that is if properly programmed. I remember a few years ago, I signed in on a new chat app not because I actually wanted to use it, but because my friend told me about the chat app. I never realized it was a robot that was chatting with me. At first, I thought I was chatting with someone. That is a lighter/weaker version of Artificial intelligence as it assists in making tasks handled by humans easier.

Majorly businesses can use this as it is affordable to operate. The strong version of Artificial Intelligence: This type can physically act without operating with a remote control. They are designed to automatically work and do much more than a human does. Like washing more dishes, cooking more food in restaurants at shorter periods of time, e. t. c. Only wealthier companies can afford such equipment. The benefits of computer technology are being able to work faster, better, efficiently in tasks and the like. But what happens when these AI replace human beings from their jobs? They only make labourers in Nigeria jobless leaving them with little or no option in getting a source of income. Just as companies grow, they try as much as possible to reduce expenditures and increase income so as to maximize their objectives.

Many CEOs try to resolve these expenses of paying salaries by involving Artificial intelligence to meet their companies’ goals faster. The Solution: Online Jobs Don’t Be Discouraged Remote jobs simply put is a way of working and earning legitimately online without an office location. Take, for instance, you could offer your skills as a marketer or your writing skills to any individual or multinational that requires your services. Despite the changes occurring in companies, the vacancy of human labor whether physical or mental cannot be overemphasized. Your skills are still needed in organizations and these organizations are willing to pay you for your competence. The best part is that if you do not have a skill, remote jobs offer you the privilege of taking lessons and improving yourself for a specific skill, thereby making you useful to the company. Making use of the E-context platform is the way to unravel what you possess to its full potential.

Solutions lie close to where challenges are. Believe it or not, you can still excel in Nigeria regardless of the country’s condition. This is because you are not restricted to the Nigeria’s economy. I joined the E-conext remote train in 2017 after my Youth Service and I can tell you from experience that your finances are not dependent on Nigeria. Attending their weekly conference made me understand how remote working creates opportunities to soar in my career. I am a full-blooded Nigerian Igbo girl wey never crossed borders. It’s not because I don’t want to, it is because I believe I can make it anywhere regardless of Nigeria’s economy through working online. You can thrive and succeed with your skill(s) in Nigeria; you have to think outside the box. You need to take your skills online; Do not be dependent on traditional jobs alone, you can get recruiters online, get paid online, and become better online. Every sphere of life revolves around change, that is why you need to change the way you get jobs. Read more: The Benefit of Remote Jobs in Nigeria. Finally, I would like to let you know that despite the fact that Nigeria is not yet technologically advanced, E-context gives you the opportunity to set a career pace for yourself both locally and internationally. With a current 75% discount, you can be a part of their masterclass training.

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