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How will robots affect the future? Robots have been around for years, but recently they have become more advanced. Robots can do tasks for humans that can make our lives easier (“Robotics: Facts”). They can also be used for entertainment. As robots become more and more helpful, will they always be beneficial or will they eventually prevent us from doing our jobs?

Robots are machines that can perform work or actions that are usually done by humans (“Robotics: Facts”). Robotics is the science and study of robots (“Robotics: Facts”). Robots have been around since the late 1400s (“Robotics: Facts”). They can make jobs easier for humans. They can do something that would normally be too dangerous for humans to do. Robots can continue doing anything without getting bored or tired (“Robotics: Facts”). They can now perform most of the work done by humans and take over our jobs (“Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs”). At a McDonald’s in New York City, customers can order their food at a touch screen kiosk where they do not have to interact with other humans (“Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs”). Fastbrick Robotics, an Australian company, has developed the Hadrian X, which is a robot that can lay one thousand bricks in one hour (“Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs”). This job would take a human over a day to complete (“Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs”). Many people think robots are helping us, but some have the opinion that we are losing our jobs to robots (“Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs”).

Most robots are made up of three main parts: the controller, mechanical parts, and sensors (“Robotics: Facts”). The controller is also known as the “brain” of the robot (“Robotics: Facts”). It controls the robot's actions, similar to the human brain (“Robotics: Facts”). The mechanical parts, such as motors, wheels, and gears, allow the robot to move, turn, and grab (“Robotics: Facts”). The sensors tell the robot about its surroundings (“Robotics: Facts”). They can sense things around them using sensors such as cameras or microphones. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to make complex decisions (“Robotics: Facts”). Some computers and robots have the ability to act with human-like behavior (“Robotics: Facts”). Some have the ability to learn and use the information to make independent decisions based on previous decisions (“Robotics: Facts”). Nanorobots, also known as nanobots, are microscopic-sized robots used to perform functions in small spaces (“Robotics: Facts”). Nanobots are currently still being developed (“Robotics: Facts”). Future nanobots could be placed in the bloodstream to perform surgery (“Robotics: Facts”). This could make surgery more safe and easy, as humans can make mistakes at any moment, but robots can be programmed to perform a specific action. This specific example is an example of how robots can do our jobs.

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An example of a robot is one called Aibo. Aibo is a robotic dog designed by Sony (Sumagaysay). Along with other electronic pets, Aibo is very popular in Japan. Aibo has a camera in its nose and on its back. It has sensors on its back, head, and chin. It also has microphones. These pieces of technology allow Aibo to learn about its surroundings. It can learn about its owner and react to them. The sensors allow Aibo to feel you petting it. The cameras and microphones allow it to learn commands or tricks you want to teach it. One of the main reasons people love Aibo is because it imitates a real dog. It can respond to commands and sense when it needs to go to bed. Another example of robots is delivery robots designed by Starship Technologies. These robots can deliver food to college students and staff at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. George Mason University is the first college campus to use this. Some communities in California also use these robots. The delivery robots move quickly and can deliver within thirty minutes. Another example of a robot is a very popular one called Google Home. Google Home is a well-known robot that can be found in many households. You can give the robot commands just by speaking and it will respond to you. Google Home is an example of a very helpful and popular robot.

Robots have many advantages. They can work faster than humans, have higher accuracy, and are stronger than humans. They have no emotional challenges and do not become tired. They have many abilities and can do jobs that are too dangerous or difficult for humans. These advantages allow robots to work in any situation. They do not face as many challenges as humans, which makes working more quick and efficient. Along with their advantages, robots also have disadvantages. Although they can make our jobs become much easier, robots doing our jobs can lead to unemployment. Robots can not handle unexpected situations. They are programmed to perform specific actions, which means that they can not make independent decisions and do not have a brain like humans that can react to situations they have not encountered before. Robots could create natural disturbances. They can not prevent themselves from running into things, which could lead to objects being destroyed or even humans or animals being injured, which costs money to fix. These advantages and disadvantages are pieces of information that could change a person’s opinions on whether or not robots are beneficial to our future.

Although most of the robots we know of are modern and used in our world today, robots have been around for a very long time. Some of the earliest robotic innovations were invented in years B.C. One example, water clocks, was made with loose figures called automatons. Water clocks were made by Ctesibius, a Greek engineer, around 270 B.C. “The Pigeon” was the name of a mechanical bird propelled by steam. It was made by Archytas of Tarentum, a Greek mathematician. Many inventions of this time, including one robot that could speak, were created by a person named Hero of Alexandria.

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