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Nikko Hotel SWOT Analysis

Nikko Hotels is part of an international chain of hotels, which operate in Europe, Asia, South Pacific, and North America. The parent company that owns Nikko Hotels is Okura Hotels. Nikko Hotel officially started the operations in 1972, which was at that time the global brand hotel of the airlines known as Japan Airlines with the very first inception property located in Jakarta. The Japan Airlines Ltd owned Nikko Hotels up to the year 1990; after that, it was renamed...
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Human Trafficking And The Hotel Industry

The hotel or lodging industry is filled with a wide variety of options and accommodations for its customers to choose from. Any budget and any traveler can be accommodated, from 5-star hotels to no star motels. With so many hotel options, customers and a steady revenue stream, I am wondering if the hotel industry is taking all of the necessary steps to combat human trafficking. Are these properties utilizing all of the resources to combat this serious issue happening right...
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Features of Corporate Culture in Hospitality Industry

Over the past few decades, the hospitality industry has changed beyond recognition. Today hotels can satisfy any even the most demanding needs of their customers and in turn, clients have come to expect a very high standard of service from hotel companies. In this regard, hotel employees must focus on solving new problems and take differing approaches to the development and maintenance of the hotel infrastructure in such a competitive environment. Organizational culture has an impact on the hotel’s performance...
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Essay About Current Trends in Hotel Industry

Due to computerization and comprehensive advancement in the applied science, there has been extensive change in the working and operations of markets and various business sectors. Alike other industries, catering industry has been witnessing new trends and concerns which are majorly constructive to the industry, however, can have some negative impacts too. This purpose of this essay is to shed light on three most relevant and emerging trends and issues of the hotel sector by discussing their impacts on the...
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Impact of Covid-19 on Business: Essay

Introduction: Through this reflective Journal, I would be illustrating how the current covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the hospitality industry and how industries had implemented strategies to recover or survive from the covid19 pandemic, I would also be talking about how covid-19 has impacted me personally, how I have coped with the current situation and how I prepared myself for -my WIL-3 and any big changes that hotel implemented during this challenging time. Impacts of Covid 19 on the hospitality...
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An Essay on the Main Hospitality Management Strategies and Their Importance in Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

Innovation within the hotel industry is essential as it has the capability to renovate the hospitality industry positively. During the past years, inventions within the hospitality industry have advanced at a quick moving pace (Bowie et al., 2016). Besides, hospitality related service providers are attempting their best for keeping up with the rapid changes and hence new technological innovations have helped the hospitality industry to grow more (Nieves & Segarra Cipres, 2015). Hence, this paper has chosen two of such...
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Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry

It is observed that the HRM has a vital aspect of providing high quality service in the service sector. Employed staff will be responsible in providing excellent service so that the customer satisfaction is achieved by the hotels. In most service industries, it is HR that creates the goodwill, brand image, and popularity of the organization. When we glance in the past HRM was not in practice scientifically. Various theories developed implemented and redeveloped. Many hotels justify the absence or...
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Robots in the Hospitality Industry

With the development of technology, more and more hotels are beginning to change their business management mode. For example, many hotels have saved their housekeeping supervisor and other positions through intelligent clients which in order to save the management cost of the hotel. This is a labor dependent industry that heavily relies on skilled labor force and a flexible workforce to cope with seasonal fluctuations. Also, face the challenges of finding and retaining talented employees (Murray, Elliot, Simmonds, Madeley &...
5 Pages 2243 Words

Imperial Hotel Case Study

Hospitality is a business activity which provides various services to guests in hotels, bars, restaurants as a source of recreation purpose and meeting each and every needs and demands whenever asked (, 2019). Hospitality industry basically puts emphasis on the satisfaction of the customers and providing the best experiences available. This industry is unique in its nature and provides facilities for its customers arriving for vacation or occasional purposes. The different areas of hospitality industry include different levels of accommodation...
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Hotel and Guest Experience

Hotel and the guest experience is a broad topic in the hospitality industry, which related to all progress during the hotel. This essay aims to figure out the concept of professionalism within the hospitality industry. Moreover, the trend of customer behavior is changing and developing. It is essential to follow the trend and forecast the direction. This work explains the elements of the experience economy, and it will discuss Pine and Gilmore’s theory to understand the experience economy and analyze...
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Burj Al Arab Hotel: The Heart of Dubai

The Burj Al Arab hotel which is constructed in the form of a sail is much more than beautiful architecture. It is a symbol of modern Dubai and its integral part. All the visitors from the city and even the inhabitants are extremely pleased with the building of the hotel. The Burj Al Arab attracts tourists from all over the world due to its construction, materials used, architectural style and design, and its unusual location. It is considered an icon...
3 Pages 1306 Words

Customer Relationship Management in the Hotel Industry

CRM is customer relationship management. It will be used in all industries and companies that are related to customer and database. It is a combination of applications, a database and a set of processes that can inherit all interactions that managing customers. Basically, CRM manages all interactions with customers within four phases of the customer lifecycle, they are marketing, customer acquisition, relationship management, and loss/churn. A successful hotel CRM must try to fulfil customer centric. That means both the CRM...
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Crisis in the Hospitality Industry and Ways to Minimize Their Potential Consequences

The hospitality industry, as a year-round industry, is vulnerable to both internal and external emergencies. Crisis has become an important part of the hospitality industry and often directly affects hospitality organizations and their stability (Henderson, 2002). Henderson and Ng (2004) argue that internal and external hazards that can directly affect an organization can easily affect tourism and hospitality activities. Given the inseparability of the employee and guest as part of the hospitality product, these hazards affect the organization as a...
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