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Customer Relationship Management in the Hotel Industry

CRM is customer relationship management. It will be used in all industries and companies that are related to customer and database. It is a combination of applications, a database and a set of processes that can inherit all interactions that managing customers. Basically, CRM manages all interactions with customers within four phases of the customer lifecycle, they are marketing, customer acquisition, relationship management, and loss/churn. A successful hotel CRM must try to fulfil customer centric. That means both the CRM...
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Critical Analysis: Effectiveness Of Customer Relationship Management Initiatives On Customer Loyalty

Abstract Purpose: The Purpose of this research paper is to understand the Effectiveness of CRM initiatives on the customer loyalty and retention. Research Implications: This paper provides a preliminary understanding of the CRM marketing initiatives on the customer loyalty in the long run. Future research should use alternative methods, and verify and elaborate the findings. Findings: “In the past, many companies took their customers for granted. Customers often did not have any alternative suppliers, or the other supplies were just...
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Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption in Business: Analytical Essay

U.Zeynep Ata and Aysegual Toker from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey have done research regarding ‘The effect of customer relationship management adoption in business- to business markets. In this research, they investigate the effect of customer relationship management practices on customer satisfaction and firm performance in business-to-business markets. They make effort on this research due to customer relationship management is still in novelty and boost the improvements of practice customer relationship management in organization. This research article aims to explain...
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Customer Relationship Management in Automobile Industry: Analytical Essay

Abstract The concept and impact of Customer Relationship Management is helpful for growth and gaining more attention in present and future business world. Through Customer Relationship Management companies are focusing on retaining their legal customers and also focus on gaining new customers. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of Customer Relationship Management on loyalty of customers and retention of customers for the long time which gives benefit to the enterprise to face the competition with their...
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Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Critical Analysis

Introduction Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) is perceived as a major paradigm shift from the traditional customer relationship management approach to the application of internet-based technologies in achieving customer relationship management objectives. The use of E-CRM system enables traditional physical customer proximity to be substituted by digital proximity. E-CRM has become the latest paradigm in the world of customer relationship management. It is becoming more and more necessary as businesses take to the web. No longer can web-enabled companies rely...
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Strengths and Weaknesses of HUCAPADJ's Customer Relationship Management

HUCAPADJ is a service business that offers haircuts for various reasons and occasions. It is a barbershop that has been active for the past 4 years and earns an estimated amount of Php 400,000.00 per month. The business intends to purchase or develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and develop and implement a customer service training program. The customer service program of HUCAPADJ Barber Shop is notable and efficiently presented for it comprises of a brief but concise customer service...
1 Page 610 Words

Customer Relationship Management for Luxury Brands Using Prada as an Example

Intoduction Prada is one of the most leading luxury brands in the world and is an Italian brand known as Fratelli Prada. This luxury Brand Company was started operating in 1913 by founder Mario Prada in Milan, Italy by selling luxury and sophisticated goods such as handbags, shoe, and luxury accessories. Mario believes that women should not have a role in business until his daughter took the helm of Prada as his successor and run the business for 20 years....
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An Essay on the Main Hospitality Management Strategies and Their Importance in Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

Innovation within the hotel industry is essential as it has the capability to renovate the hospitality industry positively. During the past years, inventions within the hospitality industry have advanced at a quick moving pace (Bowie et al., 2016). Besides, hospitality related service providers are attempting their best for keeping up with the rapid changes and hence new technological innovations have helped the hospitality industry to grow more (Nieves & Segarra Cipres, 2015). Hence, this paper has chosen two of such...
2 Pages 1117 Words

Use of Customer Relationship Marketing for the Success of the Business: Analytical Essay

Introduction In now days in business world, Marketing Management playing a most important role. Most of aspects of the business world are highly depending on how successfully that business is practice in the Marketing Management. This assignment are more focusing on how the marketing principle of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) are practically used for the success of the business. This assignment based on research that used for marketing strategies to successes in business world. Now for this assignment I choose...
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Companies That Live and Breathe Their Customers

Analysis is the study of the ways people purchase decisions with regard to a product, service or organization. The most common approaches to customer behaviour are cognitive, behaviourist and psychodynamic. The cognitive approach to consumer behaviour emphases on information processing capabilities of consumers. According to this approach, the customer’s environment and social experience can provide them with processed information, in which the outcome results in individuals behaving in a certain way. Thus, information from external sources can impact customer manners...
4 Pages 1995 Words

eBay and the Big Data Tools

Business organizations across the world today are keen to leverage maximum technological advantages and benefits due to the increasing use and applications of modern internet based technologies and devices by consumers globally. Exponential rise in the applications of technology across all industries and societies has revolutionized the way people communicate and think consequently generating a lasting impact on their life styles. Consumers today are keen to explore millions of products on the internet that they intent to purchase. IT revolution...
5 Pages 2153 Words

Content Marketing as a Primary Tool in Building Effective Customer Relationship

Content marking is a type of marketing which fixates on producing, publicizing and disbursing content for a specific target market online (Pulizzi, Joe; Barrett, Newt (February 2010), intended to accomplish: appealing to the general public extending the target market setting up and increasing sales broadening people’s knowledge of the brand building customer loyalty and customer relationships online. Content marketing is a somewhat contemporary type of marketing scheme. It’s used to allure probable consumers through significant content from the business, instead...
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Benchmarking South African and Chinese Consumers

Culture is communicated to members of the society through a common language and through commonly shared symbols because the human mind has the ability to absorb and process symbolic communication. Marketers can therefore successfully promote both tangible and intangible products and product concepts to consumers through mass media. Understanding how culture influences consumer behaviors is crucial to success in international marketing. Given the broad nature of culture, its study generally requires a detailed examination of the character of society, including...
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Netflix as the Main Original Content Creator

While Netflix has not yet fundamentally altered the face of television, it has certainly expanded the definition by offering creators a new playground in which to experiment and by pushing the boundaries of what is considered commonplace. Since its inception, Netflix has been changing the ways that viewers access, control, and watch television. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix began as a mail-order DVD service. Instead of going to a local store like Blockbuster, Netflix delivered...
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Comparative Analysis of Corporative Bank and Private Bank in Terms of Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays competitive economy banking sectors has been facing forceful challenges in regarding both customer base and performance. Giving customer satisfaction is highly significant function of service industry in today’s economic environment. Service quality is the excellent strategy and also play a key role in service sector in general and banking sector in particular to satisfy the customer’s need. The main objective of the research is to examine the customer satisfaction level between HDFC and corporative bank and also to find...
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