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The Factors of Costumer Behavior Motivation in IKEA

INTORDUCTION The main purpose of marketing is to meet the needs of the customer and to make the customer feel good during shopping and to ensure that the experience gives positive results for the customer and the seller. There is no easy and specific way to improve the motivation of the customer to purchase the product or service since the motivation to buy the product or service may differ for all customers. If the customer’s motivation to buy the product...
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Impact Of Social Media Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour

Meaning of Social Media Advertising Social media platforms. Social networking websites Social networking refers to the use of applications and websites to find people to establish communication with each other and build a good relationship with others. It enables the firm to directly communicate with its customers. People around the world can communicate in an informal manner, share ideas and interests among themselves. This strategy makes the consumers to feel better than the traditional methods of selling and advertising. Eg....
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Theories Of Visual Communication, Branding And Consumer Behaviour And Reception

1.1 Visual Communication Theory (Gestalt) Visual communication is vital in graphic design as all graphical elements are associated with our eyes. This is why packaging on any product is important to appeal to the consumer at first glance focusing on key design elements including colour, shape, space and size. In contrast, Gestalt’s theory on the principles of perception assures you that the design and perceptual experience is positive and the message behind the design is transferred to the viewer. The...
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The Aspects of Buyer Behavior on Apple Air Pods

Background Information The primary focus of this report is to discuss the impact of market size, market segmentation and competitors on consumer behavior (Kotler, 2015, p. 184). It is important to say that many Companies exist with the aim of generating a profit regardless of the market situation. That is where the three factors will come in purposely to give a business premise an advantage over the others. In this report, I am going to discuss how Apple Airpods, products...
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Growing Phenomena Of Consumer Activism: Risks And Advantages

During this essay I will be arguing and explaining how the changes in contemporary society have influenced the growing phenomena of consumer activism and as a result have posed new risks as well as positive attributes and experiences for the stakeholders involved e.g. business organisations, consumers and employees. Consumer activism is the process of action with the intent to “protect consumers in their economic role by bringing attention to the political, ethical and moral aspects of consumption (behaviour) and consumerism...
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Price Discrimination And Consumer Behaviour

The main focus of this research study was to study the phenomenon of price discrimination in the business universities. For this purpose Dainora Grundey & Ingrida Griesiene selected two business universities of Lithuania (Europe). A comparative analysis of both universities discloses that pricing strategies differ from university to university. They targeted the tertiary education (post-secondary education), as governors and administrators seek profitability as well, taking into account various important factors, such as Economic crisis; Demographical crisis i-e shrinking educational market...
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Impact of E-commerce Sites on Consumer Buying Behavior

Abstract The development of the web, revolutionized the thought of the conventional way of shopping. A buyer is not concerned about the timings or particular location of the stores; buyer can be active at essentially all the time and can buy anything from anywhere. The impact of electronic commerce (e-commerce) on obtainment, shopping, trade collaboration and client services as well as on conveyance of different services is so emotional that nearly exaction is influenced. As the online shopping is getting...
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Behavioural Intentions Of Young Adults: Impacts Of Sports Celebrity Endorsement

Consumer socialization refers to the process by which young people learn skills, knowledge, and attitudes from others through communication, which then assist them in functioning as consumers in the marketplace (Moschis and Churchill, 1978). The socialization theory maintains that “socialization agents” “transmit norms, attitudes, motivations, and behaviours to the learner” (Moschis and Churchill, 1978). A socialization agent can be described as a source of influence, which can be either an individual or company which is directly associated with the person...
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Using Induced Hypocrisy To Nudge Consumers To Choose Eco-friendly Products

Abstract Induced hypocrisy is a two-step dissonance paradigm, consisting of normative commitment and mindfulness of past transgressions. The inconsistency between one’s belief and action lead to psychological discomfort, such as guilt, motivating people to adopt attitude or new behavior that better aligns with the belief. This paper explores individual role of normative commitment and mindfulness and the moderating role of norm salience in the context of eco-friendly product consumption. This paper predicts that while mindfulness can induce enough guilt to...
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Impact of Consumer Behavior & Customer Commitment on Brand Loyalty

Background Consumer behavior & customer commitment both are the most discussed topic in the market from past few years. The purpose of this research is to seek out how consumer behavior & consumer commitment affects the brand loyalty of any product or service. The value the customer provides to the firm is the conclusion of his commitment and loyalty to the product and service. This study also helps in the concluding methodology, design, approach to describe the relationship between the...
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Buyer Behavior Regarding Coca-Cola Products

Introduction Consumer behavior is a branch of organizational study where the concentration is given on the preference of individuals, groups, or firms about goods and services. The mental, behavioral, and emotional state of a consumer or buyer gets the maximum priority for justifying the behavior. The buyer behavior study is becoming popular because of its relatable success with the competitive advantage. If a firm or an organization can investigate the key to drive a consumer toward purchasing their products or...
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Impacts Of Social Media Marketing On Purchasing Decision Of Electronic Goods

Abstract: The Internet has become the primary source of information for a large number of marketers and consumers. In developing countries like India, the rapid growth in social media provides both marketers and consumers a platform for communication and sharing information. This research paper aims to study the impact of social media in consumers’ decision-making process for purchasing of electronic goods. The study is conducted in Kothrud Pune, the respondents were consumers from the age group of 18-60 years. While...
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Social Media Advertising Influence And Impact On Young Consumer’s Behavior

Abstract Social media is growing in size continuously from its introduction, as well as the number of people using it increases – there has been an increase of 9% since last year. Several impacts on consumer behavior are thought to arise from social media advertising, for example, Duffett (2017) argues for increased attitudinal responses from frequent exposure to social media marketing communications, meanwhile Ioanăs & Stoica (2014) write about added influence on other buyers and an easy impact on attitude...
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I Want It Now Concept

Executive Summary The report analyzed one of the consumer trends – ‘I want it now’, discussing about the trend emergence in Australian market and the impact on consumer behaviour. Then, aiming at satisfying Australians’ hedonic needs and diminishing consumption resistance, an app – EfficAgency was developed to deliver fast party arrangement for those who were busy at work while they demanded full-service parties with no need to spend time on negotiating with agencies. Finally, brand archetype, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs...
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Satisfaction And Regret As The Factors For Consumers Repurchase

Abstract Nowadays, online sales are not only very common in China, but also popular all over the world. How to determine the purchasing intention of online consumers is very important. By analyzing the purchasing behavior of online consumers, the factors of consumers’repeated purchases may be the satisfaction of goods and the brand. Loyalty and product regret will determine whether consumers buy again. Introduction Because China has a huge population, with the development of Internet technology, the business led by Alibaba...
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Lifestyle Factors Influencing Purchase Behavior Of Youth In India

ABSTRACT Lifestyle is an approach centered on way one leads life. Lifestyle is the way in which the people live, spend their time and money. Lifestyle of an individual is his way of expressing his feelings, attitudes, interests and opinions. The Lifestyle of individuals has always been of great interest to marketers. They deal with everyday behaviorally oriented facets of people as well as their feelings, attitudes, interests and opinion. A lifestyle marketing perspective recognizes that people sort themselves into...
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Analysis of Research on the Role Which Influencers Play to Influence Consumer Behaviour

Technological advancements have shifted the marketing designs adopted by firms. Since the advent of social media sites in 1997, consumers buying behaviours and purchasing parity have changed to incorporated social attitudes (Sudha and Sheena, 2017). Traditional marketing entailed relations between brand firms and consumers to initiate purchases and build consumer loyalty. The venture is somehow expensive and time-consuming; thus, many brands have shifted to influencers marketing using social media platforms to reach out to buyers. Recently, influential marketing has taken...
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Consumer Behavior and Pricing Strategy at Costco: Analytical Essay

Introduction: Costco Wholesale Corporation is the largest membership warehouse club in the United States. Today, the firm has more than six hundred numbers of warehouses, with more than twenty areas of operations around the world, including the more than four hundred warehouses in the United States, and there were more than 70 million cardholders and the annual revenue reached at $105.2 billion (Costco Wholesale Corporation, 2014). Costco is open only to members with either of these types of membership: Business,...
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Benchmarking South African and Chinese Consumers

Culture is communicated to members of the society through a common language and through commonly shared symbols because the human mind has the ability to absorb and process symbolic communication. Marketers can therefore successfully promote both tangible and intangible products and product concepts to consumers through mass media. Understanding how culture influences consumer behaviors is crucial to success in international marketing. Given the broad nature of culture, its study generally requires a detailed examination of the character of society, including...
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Driving under the Influence: Analytical Essay on Consumer Behavior

Introduction Driving under the influence (DUI) is an issue that has resulted in numerous injuries and fatalities worldwide. The reason behind this is that some people don’t seem to be aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, and those who are aware, may still think that they’re the odd ones out and that alcohol consumption does not affect their driving skills. Alcohol in the bloodstream causes a delay in cognitive skills and slowed breathing. Additionally, alcohol leads to a...
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Post Modernism and Consumer Behavior: Analytical Essay

Introduction Understanding consumer behavior is important for any organization before launching a product. If the organization failed to analyse how a customer will respond to a particular product, the company will face losses. Consumer behavior is very complex because each consumer has different mind and attitude towards purchase, consumption and disposal of product (Solomon, 2009). Understanding the theories and concepts of consumer behavior helps to market the product or services successfully. Over the years, customer behavior; now people are buying...
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Factors Influencing Consumers to Buy Organic Products

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the various factors that influence consumers to buy organic products based on various socio-demographic factors such as age, employment, consumption rate and buying patterns. Consumer Awareness of Organic Foods According to Soler et al. (2008), Freeland-Graves and Nitzke (2010), understanding and education are the two key critical factors influencing consumer’s attitudes against organic products. Chakrabarti (2007), Compagnoni et al. (2010) and Cunningham (2012) performed a number of scientific studies to determine the...
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Use of Second-Hand Clothes in Modern Times

People with a compelling need for uniqueness uncovered that non-traditional consumer choices, like purchases of apparel on second-hand chains rather than conventional ones, were much more likely to demonstrate their individuality. The interest in collecting and wearing vintage because of its unique qualities, according to Palmer (2005), is increasing. Special product characteristics, such as unique textiles, a certain style, or hue, also enticed consumers to buy second-hand clothing. Studies on second-hand buying were related mainly to clothes and regarded motives...
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The Psychological Aspects of Pricing

Pricing is an important aspect to market a product or service such that it reaches the maximum targeted customers as well as profits the organization to keep continuing its production. Being an integral part of marketing, it is critical to decide and come up with sound pricing strategies that “facilitates customer value creation, structure price decisions, and earn profit” (Kienzler and Kowalkowski, 2016). It drives the supply and demand of a product of service in the market or can be...
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Samsung: The Aspects Of Consumer Behaviour

INTRODUCTION Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises of numerous businesses under the umbrella brand of Samsung. It was initially started as a trading company but has diversified into other sectors through the years. Samsung has been consistently successful in satisfying customer needs through its varied range of products and services. The company generates revenues through three major business units: information technology and mobile communications (IM), consumer electronics (CE) and device solutions (DS). The...
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The Impulse Consumer Behavior Of Generations Of X, Y And Z

Introduction Consumers buy spontaneously when they suddenly feel the strong desire to immediately buy product offerings without taking into account the consequences of buying a bid. Impulse buying is not only associated with low costs, but also with low liability. This may also be due to the high quality and associated products (Aruna, and Santhi, 2015). It can also be assumed that impulsive purchases are associated with hedonistic purchases, when the thirst for adventure, thrills, excitement and the feeling of...
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Influence of Shock Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior in India

Introduction When an individual starts a business or is running a business, it becomes necessary for him to let people know about it. Promoting is essential to let others know about the business. Either offline or online, any sort of business needs customers to enjoy a healthy business turnaround. However, advertisement is the only way to reach customers. That’s why for a company, advertisement is essential. A business will be able to operate in a competitive setting, only if it...
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Consumer Behavior: Does Nostalgia Sells?

“People become especially nostalgic when they are anxious about the present, and, especially, the future. The past is safe because it is completely predictable. Connecting with the past through familiar, loved brands transports people to another time by evoking the same feelings they experienced so long ago.” Overview – Nostalgia as a Selling Point Nostalgia is one of life’s greatest feelings that can be incredibly gratifying. Everyone is easily drawn back to a better, simpler time in her/his life. In...
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The Relation between Consumer Behavior and Social Marketing

Introduction Adaptive software development is a design principle for the creation of software systems. The principle focuses on the rapid creation and evolution of software systems. The adaptive development method grew out of the rapid application development method. Adaptive Software Development replaces the traditional waterfall cycle with a repeating series of speculating, collaborate, and learn cycles. ASD is made of three steps (speculate, collaborate, and learn). So, here those steps described briefly: Speculate –> Initiation and Planning Collaborate –> Concurrent...
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Internet Change In Consumer Behavior

The Internet ‘s growth has flipped the conventional direction of shopping on its ear, as consumers are becoming more and more well educated. Consumers have been part of the cycle, so had fun doing it. Whether advertisers may affect consumer behavior in this modern retail model, and where they can exploit the purchasing direction. After the subsections of this article, we would address the issues of the simple integration of brick mortar and online retailers, their disparities, reasons influencing their...
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