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To What Extent Does Celebrity Endorsement Impact Consumer Purchase Intentions And Brand Attitude?

Source credibility Source credibility is traditionally defined as the ability or willingness of a message source to provide reliable and truthful information (Kelman and Hovland 1953). Traditionally, source credibility has been conceived as consisting of two dimensions: source expertise and source trustworthiness (Mills and Jellison 1967; Rhine and Severance 1970). Source expertise refers to the extent of which a source is perceived of being knowledgeable on the message topic whereas source trustworthiness refers to the text of which the source...
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Personal Brand Essay

What is a personal brand? As the saying goes, “Everyone is unique in their own special way”, we all have at least one uncommon quality within us. Uncovering these unique qualities gives us the potential needed to stand out in a crowd and make our own place. Now, this is the very basic idea of what a personal brand is – it is a “sign” that is created around you as an individual. If you are just starting to think...
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Samsung Brand Philosophy and Product Placement: Analytical Essay

Samsung sells a greater number of smartphones than any other individual company in the world. Despite this fact, in terms of technological advancement and sleepless design to the iPhone, retails at a more unquestionable expense. Both Samsung and Apple’s iPhones can be seen as grounded brands. “Samsung started as Samsung General Stores in 1938 in the Northern Province of Kyungsang in South Korea as an exporter of dried fish and flour (Kovach, 2013).” In the 1970s the brand became revitalized...
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Case Study of Gucci: Analysis of Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Market in India Overview Luxury adds to pleasure and comfort which is more than just necessity. Luxury provides satisfaction at two levels i.e. product and experiential. The products satisfy the functional aspects like craftsmanship, design, exceptional product capabilities, technology, etc while, experiential brings a reward of possessing a coveted item, association with hierarchical brand and status. Currently, the luxury market in India is valued at $18.5 billion which is expected to grow to $100 billion in next the 7-8...
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Brand Audit of BMW: Historical Overview and Background

Brand Audit – BMW Historical overview and background Parent company background Existing brands History of chosen brand Any changes in positioning/target market Competitors Existing brand extensions (if any) The birth of BMW can be traced back to Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. Their respective companies; engine maker Rapp Motorenwerke and aircraft manufacturer Flugmaschinenfabrik Gustav Otto, gave rise to Bayerische Motoren Werke. In 1923, BMW began its first metamorphosis when it expanded from manufacturing airplane engines to motorcycles. This was an...
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BMW's Brand Philosophy and Corporate Culture

Controlling is a management function that control the performance of a company and process of carry out the plan that have been set. It recognizes the leeway between the plan that have been set and the real outcome. After that, it will make the correction to the deviations and also make sure the company is going on the achievement of its goals (Satyendra, 2015). BMW’s brand philosophy, only through continuous innovation, can enable the company to maintain a strong life...
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Using Typography to Brand Films

In this written piece I will be investigating how typography is used to brand films. Films more often than not use word marks for branding purposes rather than using iconography; as the word-mark spells out the name of the film and is often stylized towards the specific genre or direction of the film. Due to the heavy saturation of word-marks used in the branding of films can this element alone alter the image of a film before a minute of...
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Samsung: Strategic Brand Management

INTRODUCTION Samsung group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. During the beginnings the group was already very diversified with areas like food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. In the late 1960s they integrated to the group the electronics area which increased the group’s growth a lot. After the founder’s death in 1987, Samsung was separated into four business groups: Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group and Hansol Group. Today Samsung Group employs less...
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Impact of Consumer Behavior & Customer Commitment on Brand Loyalty

Background Consumer behavior & customer commitment both are the most discussed topic in the market from past few years. The purpose of this research is to seek out how consumer behavior & consumer commitment affects the brand loyalty of any product or service. The value the customer provides to the firm is the conclusion of his commitment and loyalty to the product and service. This study also helps in the concluding methodology, design, approach to describe the relationship between the...
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Advertising, Marketing And Brand Management

Introduction Marketing and brand management is the concern which requires a depth know how to assess the impact and the significance to be able to sell the enterprise and supply the desirable improvement to the corporation. It does not have the most effective simply regarding the product or maybe the emblem as an alternative that is extra immoderate than it is miles displayed as a whole, it’s far the tool that enables to apprehend the notion of the not unusual...
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Strategic Management: Developing a Brand in Airline Industry

Abstract In order for organizations to be successful, consideration must be given to their brand identity. The intent of this individual research paper is to investigate the different techniques organizations can and do implement to strategically market their brand to the consumer. The techniques, strategies, risks, and rewards will be discussed in order to evaluate the efficacy of the various strategies organizations employ. Introduction The idea of strategic management in regards to marketing an organizations brand and creating an identity...
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Influence Of Brand Equity On Brand Performance: Role Of Brand Reputation And Social Media

Pakistan’s fast food industry ranked 8th world largest market for food and related businesses [1]. While ranked 2nd largest in the country, and accounted for 27% of value-added production and 16% of total employment in the manufacturing sector [2]. [3], affirmed that almost 70 global franchises are operating in the country, and most projected franchises are from Canada, Australia, China. To date, Pizza Hut is considered the first fast-food chain in the country to go public and operating with 74...
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Brand Elements and Personality

Brand Elements The brand elements are the keys that uphold a brand and makes it complete for people to recognize it. For the new Crescent we will be discussing the following brand elements: Name Logo & Symbol Color Slogan URL Name We kept the name same as before, as the mother company name Crescent has its own recognition as a leather brand. So, keeping Crescent at the start of the brand name will save us from creating brand identity from...
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The Role Of Emotions In Building Brand Loyalty

Introduction Recently, emotional branding has emerged as a new paradigm that can solve one of the main tasks of marketing: to unite a company and customer, to establish a strong and at the same time very effective relationship between them. To please their customers, marketers, building the image of a particular brand, can exploit a wide variety of emotions: joy and nostalgia, inspiration and passion, pride and sympathy – and transmit a wide variety of messages in their context, the...
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Brand And Anti-brand Communities

INTRODUCTION In this essay, we utilize a case‐study strategy to examine the learning forms used to arrange brand importance inside an anti‐brand network. The arrangement of brand importance is a social procedure where network individuals take part in brand‐related talks, understandings, and sense‐making. Arranged inside new social development hypothesis. Online communities are wide refered to as web-based online services supporting and facilitating data exchanges among community members (Malinen, 2015). One major feature of on-lie communities is that the member engagement...
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Brand Communication: Significance And Difficulties

BACKGROUND ‘Worth, Combination, Administration, Trustworthiness’. These were the primary rules that brought through the business from that point onward, with the present qualities sitting at ‘Worth, Honesty and Vision’, coordinating superbly to their motto ‘Never Intentionally undersold’. The lead store on Oxford Road started as a drapery shop, opened by John Lewis in 1864. In 1905 Lewis gained a subsequent store, Diminish Jones in Sloane Square, London. 1933 the organization bought its first store outside London, the since quite a...
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Costa Rica: Country Branding

Costa Rica, a country situated in central America with its main source of income through tourism. The country is one of the most visited destinations and has no army from a long time. Costa Rica is also an enticing investment country and provides tremendous opportunities for the establishment of major multinational corporations, due to the high academic level of its workforce as well as the high quality of modern facilities and social and political stability. Many misconceptions that people have...
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Essay about Shoes

The consumer market includes all the individuals and households who buy or acquire goods and services for personal consumption. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2010), currently, the world consumer market consists of more than 6.6 billion people who annually consume an estimated $65 trillion worth of goods and services. Among these consumer goods shoes are one of the basics. Currently, different types of shoes are produced by different companies in different countries for different consumers around the world. These Consumers...
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Building a Strong Company Culture with Branded Apparel

When it comes to earning the loyalty of repeat customers, strong branding is essential. The visual element of your brand identity plays a critical role in driving consumers to your door. This is not, however, where the power of branding stops. Branded items, including customized apparel, can go a long way in building a strong company culture amongst employees and customers alike. Setting Branded Apparel Apart What sets branded apparel apart from other forms of branding is that when employees...
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How Did Pop Art Movement Influence Modern Branding and Advertisement?

This essay will explore how specific art pieces from various artists within the Pop Art movement have contributed to the birth of branding and advertising and what influence it still has on modern design. It will identify how brands use the Pop Art style within their current marketing tactics to sell products, ideas, or services. Argument Art and graphic design are connected to the development of modern-day technology, our media and politics around the world. Because of this, graphic design...
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TikTok Essay

Introduction Once a fruit is purchased, it is delicious and easy to consume. But over time, the delightful fruit becomes rotten. When rotten, it tends to be discarded. Throughout the engrossing history of social media, numerous apps have died down or been removed. But one app has transformed millions all over the world. TikTok is simply a fruit that cannot be repudiated. The concept of the famous social media app is derived from Zhang Yiming, who created the app for...
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Identity Vs Personal Branding

Identity can be defined as, the characteristics that defines someone, for example a person’s name is a form of identity. Identity can refer to one’s personal identity as an individual, or one’s social identity as a member of a group (Marwick 2013, p. 355). Identity changes for each individual, as people present themselves differently based on context and audience. For example, one’s identity may be different to when they are around family, compared to when they are around friends. Personal...
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Marketing For Business: Market Segmentation, Social Media Marketing And Branding

What are the benefits of Market Segmentation? Customers differ from each other in many ways, such as; the benefits they want from a product or service, the amount they are able or willing to pay, the amount they buy, when and where they buy it and the type of marketing they see that draws them to a product or service. This is why market segmentation is crucial to any business. Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into...
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Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

Argumentative Essay Humans and animals: both beings that feel pain and have a soul. What separates humans and animals that makes animals subject to, often deathly, laboratory testing? Activists around the world have used the same basic concept to plead their cause for years. Many countries and brands have already banned cosmetic animal testing, but the US has yet to make laws to eliminate it. Although the results of medical animal testing save thousands of lives every year, cosmetic animal...
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The Luxury Industry during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic

The break-out of coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the whole world. People stayed at home during lockdown, or wearing masks all day during their work after the slightly alleviation. Not only the daily life has been changed dramatically, but also the business world. The most impacted business should be those who rely highly on world trade. The world trade in 2020 is expected to plummet by between 13% and 32% due to the disruption of the normal cross-border economic activities....
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The Importance Of Organisation Branding In Business

In this essay I will outline the importance of branding within organisations and in businesses including its relevance to how the brand is represented. By the end of this writing, it should be clear as to why branding is important and useful to an organisation. What is branding? Branding is defined as an image or a technique used for companies to help distinguish the differences to other organisations highlighting the products and services they can deliver to its consumers. Branding...
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Essay on Personal Branding

Who am I? Elizabeth Ogabi is an expert in communication, having thorough experience in digital, external, and internal communications throughout several industries. She has operated with certain leading organizations such as Unilever and provided immense contributions to ensure a successful partnership between Save the Children (West Africa) and The Unilever Foundation. However, her strong focus on gender equality, inclusion, and diversity has led her to develop a unique platform called “For Working Ladies” which helps women throughout the world to...
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