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In this written piece I will be investigating how typography is used to brand films. Films more often than not use word marks for branding purposes rather than using iconography; as the word-mark spells out the name of the film and is often stylized towards the specific genre or direction of the film. Due to the heavy saturation of word-marks used in the branding of films can this element alone alter the image of a film before a minute of...
4 Pages 1949 Words
Aldus Manutius creator of Aldine Press had many beautiful works. The book I am taking a page from to write about is ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphili’. A book set in 1467 is categorized in the romance genre. This book has many groundbreaking and new for the time techniques that make it stand out from publications before the creation of the press machine and even after. The story has two characters that go by the name Poliphilo and Polia. The book starts a...
2 Pages 686 Words
In this essay I will be discussing about the origins of typography. I will be mentioning key factors that played an important role throughout, and up until the 19th century. I will be mentioning Gutenberg, and how he influenced impact and improvement. I will also be mentioning factors such as: The printing press; Steam driven printing press; Illustrated and pictorial newspapers; Printed matter; Black letter; Roman type. Who Is Johannes Gutenberg? Johannes Gutenberg was a German blacksmith, painter, goldsmith and...
3 Pages 1161 Words
Introduction The practice of organizing type in a way that makes it legible, readable, and aesthetically pleasing is known as typography. It has developed into a complicated discipline in the digital era, rooted in ancient civilizations that employed chisels and brushes to transmit messages. It establishes fonts, space, and layout guidelines and unifies form and function. Typography adds more to a page than simply text, it creates tone and atmosphere and significantly impacts how a reader perceives and comprehends. It's...
4 Pages 1214 Words
The term ‘experiment’ can be defined as “an attempt at something new or different; an effort to be original” (The Free Dictionary), “the process of testing” (Merriam-Webster), “to test or to try a new way of doing something” (Cambridge Dictionary), “involving a radically new and innovative style” (Lexico Dictionary). Those dictionary definitions certainly were thought and written for science experiments which aims to prove or disprove an idea, but we still can use the same meanings for design and typography...
1 Page 650 Words
In the construction of a visual, the text is often inseparable from the image, even if it is present in small quantities. For reasons of balance, as much as power of the image, you must spend as much time typography these words as crop and other filter effects selected. That's why I want to discuss 15 typography rules to know absolutely. Know the Fonts Each font transmits a particular message. A handwritten typography will not have the same effect as...
2 Pages 1016 Words
The industrialization and mechanization of the process of making goods during the latter half of the Industrial Revolution created an immense malcontent within society. During a time of socialist ideology and labor union formations for workers, came a sense of malcontent towards the mass production of items, with apparent quality deficiencies. Whilst the new industrial age was enabling mass production of goods for consumers, it also dehumanized the process and divorced the artist from the manufacturer. William Morris (1834-1896), was...
4 Pages 1643 Words
The # typographic character is one of the most influential symbols in contemporary communication today, and perhaps for the next decade. The logo was selected for social media use as it creates metadata when placed in front of words and numbers. The developed metadata creates awareness to the search engines of the content of the tag. In the process, people searching for the # tag find the necessary information. In websites, the symbol assists in creating a definition of the...
2 Pages 872 Words
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