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Ophelia Painting: Analysis Essay

Millais paints a drowned Ophelia who is at one with mother nature and the river Unity, central focus, death. Colors: Natural, the contrast of bright colors. Her hands upturned as if she is asking a question The contrast between dark and light Half Submerged she becomes part of nature around her Value: The brightness of the flowers and green-ness creates a tone of peace. Whilst her pale face contrasts with the dark Ophelia is Millais’s most popular work. Millais as...
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Frida Kahlo Essay: Analysis of Self Portrait along the Boarder Line between Mexico and the United States

Description In Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait there can be seen the artist standing on a stone/grave like pedestal with writing engraved on it, Kahlo is wearing a pink frilly dress that almost covers her feet, she is wearing cream white gloves that end just past her elbow, around her neck she is wearing a necklace that has red beads with three green leaf-like beads attached to it. Kahlo has her hair done up in a braided halo and is wearing makeup...
6 Pages 2582 Words

Frida Kahlo the Two Fridas Analisis

The work of the ‘Two Fridas’ is inordinately symbolic of her life, and the times of hardships and struggles she experienced. The surrealist work was painted in 1939 and is the largest scale work Kahlo had created. This work is an oil painting on canvas, 173 by 173cm. It is a symbolic piece; and Kahlo has clearly used the technique of symbolism, to convey the message of duality. She painted this like most of her pieces with a force of...
3 Pages 1180 Words

Portrayal of Mental Illness in the Works of Goya and Gericault

Having died only four years apart from each other, it seems inevitable that these two extremely influential artists would have had some striking similarities in their work, from their preferred media to their actual subject matter; the large host of struggles they faced led them on a surprisingly similar path, depicting their own mental illness through painting. My practical work is what has led me to writing this essay today. My work has gone from an exploration of sinister, nightmarish...
7 Pages 3178 Words

Mona Lisa Humanism

There are pieces of art that are forgotten, others simple to understand, but there are pieces that remain alive and are still creating dilemmas; this masterpiece is well known throughout the world, and although it was created 1503-05 it remains as one of the most visited pieces of art and one of the greatest of all times. This is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. This masterpiece is one of the most fascinating pieces in the world, and also...
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Mona Lisa Vs Girl with a Pearl Earring

Two well-known artworks will be discussed: Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Both paintings come from two well-known artists. One in the Early Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci the Italian Painter, and the other was Johannes Vermeer the Dutch painter of the Baroque period. Leonardo Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa and Johannes Vermeer painted Girl with a Pearl Earring. The two pieces depict several rich colors, but both paintings have two very different styles of artwork from different...
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Formal Analysis and Comparison between Two Paintings by Roger van der Weyden

Roger van der Weyden his known for his Flemish painting style and he was active during the 15th century. He was involved in the Northern Renaissance and was active in places such as Brussels, Florence, and Ferrara. He followed the footsteps of two great painters, Robert Campin, and Jan Van Eyck who acted as his role models at the time. However, what made his paintings unique and different is the use of color in both the outside and the interior...
5 Pages 2081 Words

Art in Medical Field: Analytical Essay on ‘La Columna Rota’ and ‘Henry Ford Hospital’ by Frida Kahlo

Some may ask themselves, how do we draw a conclusions between art and make it relevant to our professional lives? As a medical assistant we are able to give patients treatment options as well as give them resources to better themselves; one of which could include creating art. The art work “la columna Rota” and “Henry Ford Hospital” by Frida Kahlo have inspired many to channel their pain and suffering into creating art. There are many ways patients cope with...
2 Pages 754 Words

Nighthawks Painting Essay

Artwork, such as paintings, can be a very delicate thing to produce, imagine, and understand. Not everyone can make a wonderful masterpiece nor can we all make the same exact replica of one piece of art. Every piece of art is different and unique and that is the beauty of creativity. One creative artwork would be Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. It is a 1942 oil painting that portrays people in a downtown diner late at night. The period in which...
5 Pages 2051 Words

The Birth of Venus: Analysis Essay

Visual analysis of the birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli The famous Italian renaissance artist Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi A. K. A. Sandro Botticelli created one of the most prominent visual arts in the early renaissance era, The Birth of Venus. It is a beautiful artwork executed using tempera on a canvas and it portrays a distinct Greek-Roman mythological event, the arrival of the goddess of beauty and love, Venus. The painting was made between c. 1484 and...
2 Pages 756 Words

Analytical Essay on Mona Lisa's Origin

Mona Lisa, also called Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, Italian La Gioconda, or French La Joconde, oil painting on a poplar wood panel by Leonardo da Vinci, probably the world’s most famous painting. It was painted sometime between 1503 and 1519, when Leonardo was living in Florence, and it now hangs in the Louvre Museum, Paris, where it remained an object of pilgrimage in the 21st century. The sitter’s mysterious smile and her unproven identity have...
2 Pages 970 Words

Mona Lisa Analysis Essay

Mona Lisa portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci has been described. Visual description: Creation: The subject is seen from a frontal position and is situated on a balcony. Her face emerges against two particular regions out of sight: a civilized landscape and a fanciful one. Also, the fact that the eyewitness has a birds-ey perspective of this view, there is harmony between the figure and scene. Mona Lisa is wearing plain apparel which is particularly not...
1 Page 443 Words

Mona Lisa' and 'The Last Supper' as the Most Iconic Paintings of the Renaissance

Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ are two of the most iconic paintings in history, both painted during the Renaissance. It was originally such a portrait, but over time, its meaning has evolved, becoming a symbol of the Renaissance and becoming the most famous painting in the world. ‘Mona Lisa’ is probably a portrait of the wife of a Florentine businessman, her eyes are on her husband. It is a portrait of the wife of the wealthy Florentine citizen Francesco...
2 Pages 959 Words

Characteristics of the Mona Lisa

Clearly one of the most recognizable historical figures of the Renaissance, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was an Italian painter, polymath, architect, and inventor. Being a talented artist, he painted two legendary masterpieces that are still admired by the general public today; the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He also made other countless contributions to the development of the arts, science, and literature of the Renaissance; such as concepts of surreal inventions that inspired today’s technology. Probably one...
3 Pages 1149 Words

Essay on Impressionism: Vincent Van Gogh and Background of The Starry Night

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream,” Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh was an artist who shaped the way of art in the late 1800’s. He used his art to give things with little meaning a story. Even if one is unfamiliar with art and artists, Van Gogh is an artist that almost everyone has heard of. He was born March 30th, 1853 in the Netherlands. He didn’t...
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Johannes Vermeer Essay

I am in Delft a commune in the western Netherlands, where the Dutch post-impressionist painter Johannes Vermeer “ The Lacemaker” with oil on canvas in 1669, during the Dutch Golden. I’m here to take in the sights where Johannes Vermeer made this exquisite piece of art, most well-known works in the Western cultural era. Vermeer was among the amount of Delft painters. By painting “The Lacemaker”, Johannes Vermeer conveyed through pigmentation, to show his emotional response towards a situation. I...
2 Pages 1112 Words

Essay on Neo-impressionism: Critical Analysis of The House of the Deaf Woman and the Belfry at Eragny by Camille Pissarro

Introduction I chose The House of the Deaf Woman and the Belfry at Eragny by Camille Pissarro, which I viewed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This museum is filled with a lot of history and culture by different artwork done by diverse artists touching on a wide range of themes in the society. from the entrance, I had this excitement that could not go away especially when I set my eyes on the piece of art of my choice....
2 Pages 913 Words

Analytical Art Essay: Claude Monet and Woman With A Parasol

Who Is the artist? Claude Monet (Oscar Claude Monet/ Claude Oscar Monet) was born on a solemn day 14th Day of November 1840, Giverny, Paris and endured a life full of suffering till the golden old age of 86 on December 5, 1926. He was a man of plentiful talents, one that stood out was his everlasting love for painting. He is a man who has motivated and invigorated many artists to do what they cherish. Claude Monet had quite...
3 Pages 1218 Words

Garden at Sainte-Adresse Painting by Claude Monet: Critical Analysis

Monet spent the summer of 1867 with his family at Sainte-Adresse, a seaside resort near Le Havre. Claude Monet’s Garden at Sainte-Adresse initially appears to be a painting of leisure. The painting’s charming subject and brilliant colours disguise the more complex issues of pictorial depiction that Monet introduces (The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2000). Such that his piece does not only share the delight of looking–a passive or subconscious activity–but it also allows the audience to see–an act of devoting...
1 Page 475 Words

Artist Research: Oscar Claude Monet and Impression Sunrise

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated predominantly for their beauty or emotional power. I am going to be discussing about three of my favorite artists during the modern period. The work by these artists are very diverse and appreciated differently. Art has a variety of styles and behind each artwork that an artist produces, there is a distinctive meaning...
5 Pages 2368 Words

Comparing and Contrasting Guernica and 3rd of May

The two art pieces are historically rich in the reasons behind the painting, the reasons within the paintings, and how the paintings affect the societies where they were painted and across the world. Francisco Goya Francisco Goya Francisco de Goya was born on March 30, 1746, in Fuendetodos, Spain. He began painting as a teenager, he went to Rome and Italy to further his artistic studies throughout his lifetime. He spent some years of childhood in Saragossa, that is where...
1 Page 614 Words

Comparative Analysis of Portrayal of Animals in European Paintings

This essay will be describing the difference of Animal in European painting in between The poultry-yard (Melchior D’Hondecoeter) and A lion attacking a horse (George Stubbs). Interestingly, the two-painting focused in the past, which explain many meanings, on many animal techniques in European painting. Before we come to discuss the difference between those two paintings, which must comprehend profoundly why artists like animals to be used in many paintings. According to ‘John Berger’s reasons for looking at animals, animals are...
3 Pages 1456 Words

Relationship of Landscape Paintings with My Definition of Art: Reflective Essay

In the book “Believing is seeing: Creating the culture of art”, Staniszewski considered art in many aspects. There are some here: (1) Art, like photography and popular culture, is a field of representation that is unique to modernity, and it is meant to augment out understanding of cultural creations both different and including our own. (2) Art is an original creation, produced by an individual gifted with genius. This creation is primarily an object of aesthetic beauty, separate from everyday...
4 Pages 1844 Words

Comparative Analysis of Themes in Art: Ophelia and The Awakening Conscience

The paintings being compared and contrasted within this essay include Ophelia and The Awakening Conscience, both of which can be found in the Tate Modern Museum, located in London, UK. Ophelia was created by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt between 1851-1852 using oil paint on canvas, with the dimensions coming in at around 30in x 44in. The Awakening Conscience was created by William Holman Hunt in 1853, who also used oil paint on canvas to create his masterpiece with dimensions...
7 Pages 3409 Words

Analysis of The Balcony by Edouard Manet

Édouard Manet is known and celebrated today for being pioneer of the Impressionist movement in 19th Century France. He was born in Paris in 1832 and grew up in an affluent family with ties in politics. He was expected to pursue a career in law, but instead decided to explore the world of art. After years of training with Thomas Couture in Paris, he began his art career. Through his years of work, he produced many famous and well-known pieces...
2 Pages 1108 Words

The Scream’: Critical Analysis Essay

Symbolism is an artistic trademark that uses its imagery to represent either fear, anxiety, happiness, or a different variety of emotions through lines, shapes, colors, textures, spaces, and forms. At first, it was a literary movement but starting in the late 19th and most of the 20th centuries more artists were starting to adopt the concept and it became the biggest trend in post-modernism art. Symbolism can incorporate a combination of realism, surrealism, naturalism, and romanticism (Heller, 2018). Artists use...
3 Pages 1430 Words

Realism in Esteban Murillo's 'The Young Beggar': Critical Analysis

Art is subjective. It can have an infinite number of interpretations influenced by the viewers’ feelings and experiences. Undeniably, the painting by Esteban Murillo, ‘The Young Beggar’, is one of his most recognized artworks because of the great emotional impact it has on the viewer. The painting can emit loneliness, sadness, poverty, but it can also issue other feelings depending on the viewer. ‘The Young Beggar’ is a criticism to the European society. The responses are shaped by the art...
2 Pages 771 Words

Reflections on Realism in Painting

Realism is a basic creative way for the literacy art. And the main point is that the artists who draw realism paint, they observe the life, the scene, the stuffs in the daily life and draw the real situation of them. They draw the real people with nothing change in the real life to show people’s characters, and also it stands a very significant place in the history, because through the realism paints, you can see the things in that...
1 Page 480 Words

Analytical Essay on Painting: American Portraits throughout Time

After visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, three paintings particularly caught the eye. With a focus on the development of American portraits from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century, the first painting that stood out was Paul Revere, by John Singleton Copley, created in 1768. The next portrait is Self-Portrait, by Ellen Day Hale, which was painted in 1885. This painting represents the development that American artists were undergoing through the nineteenth century. Lastly, Woman In a...
5 Pages 2104 Words

Critical Analysis of Painting: The Road to Versailles

The Road to Versailles, Louveciennes: The Morning Frost The painting that I chose for this analysis is The Road to Versailles, Louveciennes: The Morning Frost by Camille Pissaro. This painting was done in 1871 when Camille Pissaro lived in the Parisian suburb of Louveciennes. Pissaro completed several other paintings depicting this same street during different seasons while they lived here. The medium of this painting is oil paint on canvas, and the finished painting is twelve and seven-eighths inches by...
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