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How Has Symbolism Impacted on Education Through History

The exact date of the first cave art found is unknown but they are dated back to Palaeolithic times and said to be around forty thousand years old. There are around 400 sites recorded and among some of the oldest are the Magura cave in Bulgaria, 6300 BC to 3000 BC; Cueva de la Manos, Argentina, 7000 BC; Laas Gaal, Somalia, 9000 BC to 3000 BC; Lascaux paintings, France, around seventeen thousand years old; Serra da Capivara, Brazil, 23000 BC...
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How is Time Represented in Art?

The concept that I am delving into is Time, and how it is represented in art through the use of hidden codes and meanings. I am investigating how time can be portrayed through art, this question was born when I was walking around Beaudesert I saw how much time had changed everything in the town and how much people waste time. The artists I decided to look into further was Pink Floyd and Pawel Kuczynski, who both delve into wasted...
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Symbolism in Story Animal Farm

George Orwell uses a range of language features such as metaphor, characterisation and symbolism to convey his personal view of people involved within the Russian revolution, through his story known as Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a short story about animals who run a farm and the eventual downfall of its perfection. Though being a fairly simple short story, it is an allegory that lines up with events that occurred in the Russian revolution. Orwell uses metaphors to allow his...
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Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’

Symbolism is a concept people are exposed to everyday, whether they notice it or not. It is a device that is used in many different forms, from state flags to works of art to the lyrics of one’s favorite song. Many find symbolism to give such things a higher significance or importance, allowing them to become much more than their surface meanings. The symbolism in literature is no different. In literature, symbolism has been used to thoroughly amplify the meaning...
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Essay on Symbolism in The Alchemist

The informational book “How To Read Literature Like A Professor” illustrates the specifics of reading by showing the reader the different techniques and understandings of what the literature is featuring inside it’s text. One in depth idea of literature that it talks about in the book is “symbolism”. Symbolism (as shown in the book) is a general idea/meaning that can be interpreted in different ways (not one specific meaning) as it shows us different examples of text that uses symbolism...
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Religious Symbolism in Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoevsky is considered not only one of the most influential writers in Russian history but one of the most respected authors in all of contemporary literature. His most successful novel, Crime and Punishment, is heralded as a masterpiece and its literary influence is still felt to this day. Dostoevsky himself became very religious following his release from jail, and his influence from this can be seen in the many references, religious symbols and themes throughout Crime and Punishment. In...
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Symbolism in Siddhartha: Critical Analysis

What does the river symbolize? How significant is to Siddartha’s quest for enlightenment? Throughout the novel, there are many intelligent references to earth like elements to help the reader connect and understand Siddartha and the way he thinks. The entirety of the novel is about Siddhartha’s journey through life and finding oneself. The book takes place during the time of the Buddah and this gives Siddhartha a chance to meet him and to seek knowledge and to find enlightenment. Him...
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Critical Analysis of Symbolism and Mysticism in Pablo Picasso's Works

For my research paper, I decided to look into some of the occult symbology and mysticism found in some of Picasso’s works of the 1930s as well as his involvement in elite circles who practiced these ideas. Contemperaries like Carl Jung who also believed in some of these ideas wrote letters to describe their feelings on the meanings of Picasso’s paintings. There are a series of themes that show up over the series of his work that display his knowledge...
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