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Orsanmichele: The Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance Orsanmichele is a building located in the Italian city of Florence, north of the Arno River, and currently serves as a church. Being known primarily as the Church of Orsanmichele since the 1340s, it is surprising to believe that it was not always situated for religious purposes but had commercial intentions in its original construction. Over a period of time, the building underwent a transition from an open loggia for the market towards...
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Due to the fact that different periods showed social classes in countless ways, social classes show the style of art from different periods. This remains true even though the Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance use different styles and ideas to show the middle class. The social classes were represented differently by the people and styles. In the time of Early Italian Renaissance art, the social classes that were peasants, middle class, clergy, and nobility. Each class meant something different, so...
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Florence was known to be found during the time of 59 BCE, during that time the original function of it was a place for colonies meant for soldiers coming from Rome. During this time the city was also shaped as a rectangle shaped garrison town with streets formed in patterns of rectangular blocks. Being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, this city is famous for its tourism today as it attracts many tourists with its many works of Renaissance art,...
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When it comes to the subject matter of the paintings, Renaissance artists replicated biblical stories through their portrayal of society while realists and impressionists capture society as it is. Renaissance art is idealized. The representation of nude figure was central to all Renaissance art as well as iconography of biblical and mythological female characters. Emphasis on the humanity of Jesus and Mary is shown through iconography such as the Holy Family or the Madonna nursing the Christ Child, which is...
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The English Restoration period and the Italian Renaissance period are highlighted by many unique characteristics. Two great examples that portray the similarities and differences of these time periods are Belton House, designed and constructed in the 17th century by William Stanton and others in Lincolnshire, England (Harwood, Buie, et al.), and the Villa Rotonda, designed and constructed in the 16th century in Vicenza, Italy by Andrea Palladio (Harwood, Buie, et al.). The land for Belton House was acquired by the...
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Art is a very wide discipline that is used to convey messages in current communities or remind people of how things used to be some years back. Through art, the current generation can learn the culture of earlier generations. The future generations will also be able to know the culture and religions of the present generation by studying the art pieces which are being created by the present generation. Artworks of earlier civilizations are currently preserved in various museums around...
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People travel all over the world to see the paintings of Raphael. Even for those less familiar with art, his name is a recognizable one. He makes up the third person of the beloved trinity of the Renaissance, along with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. His creative output is unique from the other two in its immensity, spanning from detailed sketches and life-like portraits to exquisite altarpieces. One of his most outstanding works is his painting the Transfiguration. To best...
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