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Napoleon and modern history of Orientalism in Said’s Orientalism Said suggests the Egyptian Campaign 1798 of Napoléon I as the beginning point of Orientalism and emphasis on the important wok of the Description de l’Égypte that he believes is the birth of the modern view of the Orient :“the Orient was reconstructed, reassembled, crafted, in short, born out of the Orientalists’ efforts. The Description became the master type of all further efforts to bring the Orient closer to Europe, then...
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Edward Said is one of the most prominent literary critics of the 20th century. He was born in Jerusalem in 1935 to a Christian family. His family never took a certain place as a permanent resident. They were moving from place to place (between Jerusalem, Lebanon, Cairo and United states), therefore, he was a multicultural person. As a teenager, he was expelled from Victoria College, thus, his family sent him to America to study in Mount Hermon and eventually, he...
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Peoples and places around the globe are continuously re-invented, re-produced and re-created as tourism marketers create powerful representations of them (Salazar:2009). As a result, these different ways how people and places are being represented has a huge impact or rather plays a big role on how the tourists imagine and form views and expectations about their future destinations. However, the use of Orientalist representations and images by tourism promoters especially through advertising has created orientalism discourses of the Eastern countries....
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Lyrics in Aladdin Before the change of lyrics to the film’s VHS release in 1993, the original lyrics were “[…]Where they cut off your ear If they don’t like your face It’s barbaric but hey—it’s home!” (Aladdin: The Complete Script”). Tracing back to Said’s Orientalism, these lyrics allow all Orient societies to be characterized as the same barbaric regions: That all Eastern societies are evil, and one should fear for their limbs and lives. The author of The New York...
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Edward Said a cultural critic and social commentator, believed to be highly significant and at times a controversial figure. His book ‘Orientalism’ one part of a trilogy of books is one of his most famous pieces of work and is also highly significant in post-colonial literature having made such an impact causing large numbers of new studies based on it (Kennedy, V, 2013). Said was born in November 1935, in Talbiya, West Jerusalem which was then British mandate Palestine. His...
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Despite its emergence as a scholarly practice almost three centuries ago, Edward Said’s insights into the relationship between knowledge, power and practises of domination in his 1978 publication of Orientalism remain relevant in understanding contemporary relations of development. While the explicitness and expression of orientalism has changed since Said’s understanding forty years ago, the indissoluble knowledge-power relationship which provides the basis of orientalist ideology remains relevant in informing contemporary relations of development. This relationship is particularly insightful in understanding relations...
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