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A definition essay aims to provide a clear and concise explanation of a specific term or concept. It goes beyond the simple dictionary definition by delving into the various dimensions and interpretations of the chosen subject. Through thoughtful analysis and detailed examples, a definition essay seeks to offer a deeper ...

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Social Issues

Domestic Violence Definition Essay

Domestic violence is a grave and distressing issue that affects countless individuals and families around the world. It encompasses a pattern of abusive behavior in intimate relationships, where one partner seeks to assert power and control over the other through various forms of aggression and manipulation. This abusive behavior can take various forms, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, economic control, and verbal threats. To truly grasp the magnitude of domestic violence, it is crucial to examine its nature,...
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Definition Essay on Loneliness

Attention Grabber: Everyone feels lonely from time to time when we have no one to sit next to at lunch, when we move to a new city, or when nobody has time for us at the weekend. However, over the last few decades, this occasional feeling has become chronic for millions. Introductory Remarks: In the UK, 60% of 18 to 34-year-olds say they often feel lonely. In the US, 46% of the entire population feels lonely regularly. We are living...
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Teamwork Definition Essay

Introduction The phenomenon: of teamwork will be investigated in this assignment. Teamwork will be limited to teamwork in general, International, and virtual environments. The subgenres of teamwork will be analyzed through the SWOT analysis, thus, teamwork strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats will be investigated. Discussion Teamwork in general According to my personal experience, strength is productivity. Because the workload is distributed between the members the final product gets a higher quality because one member has less work to do which means members can pay...
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Heroism: Definition Essay

What is the definition of heroism? What is a hero? Who are the people we make heroes of? Why do we need heroes, what is the purpose? What makes them so special? What happens when a hero falls, will another one arise? Zimbardo gives the following answer to these troubling questions: “I believe that heroism is different from altruism and compassion. For the last five years, my colleagues and I have been exploring the nature and roots of heroism, studying...
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Extended Definition Essay about Love

I. Introduction For years, queries about Love have been a part of man's life and humans have shown great effort to fill in the gaps of knowledge about love. It required the wisdom of the ancient Philosophers and even the minds of the modern ones. As mentioned by Manuel Dy in his Phenomenology of Love, the philosophy of man is incomplete without the philosophy of man as loving. And so various definitions of such word have subsisted from the seven...
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Definition Essay on Wisdom

Wisdom is one of the most elevated shapes of human characteristics. Through wisdom, virtues can be brought to life. The excellence of wisdom is that it isn't subordinate to the theories that are composed in books, or the educational programs within the schools and colleges. It isn't something that can be exchanged fair by talking around it. Wisdom is how life shapes us. It is almost the impact that we have upon our soul when going through all sorts of...
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Definition Essay on True Friendship

Growing up I never got to actually realize what a true friend is all I know is that when I meet people, I talk to them, then can’t stop but recognize each other. We then build memories and conversations to talk to the next day. Only then did I realize who my true friends were after I graduated Senior High School, we had a group called “Diamonds” and yes they are my true friends because we seek each other goodness...
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Definition Essay on Success

Intro Success is the combination of many small events that add up to a big event, and you can’t really explain it with words. It is something that happens on a daily basis, in a way that we’re not aware of. It’s not something we can be consciously aware of. In other words: success is the result of many small events that add up to a big event, and you can’t really explain it with words. Therefore: if you want...
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Definition Essay on Sense of Humour

I decided to do my project on the psychology of humor. I chose this topic because, like most people, I really enjoy humor, whether it be through conversation or a show or movie. I wanted to research how our sense of humor is developed and why it varies from human to human, the neurobiology of a “humorous” person, and the benefits of humor. Humor is the playful use of incongruity or alternative interpretations, a behavior that makes others smile, laugh,...
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Definition Essay on Racism

Racism has become one of the most important issues around the world in the past few decades and still affects millions of people. This issue brings division among different cultures and also affects those who are already going through economic stress or other issues, thereby placing people in possible life-threatening situations. This ongoing problem of racism has been reported in various forms and affects individuals whether they are adults or children. All across Europe, this issue causes the denial of...
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Definition Essay on Poverty

In this paper, I will be discussing poverty and the policy of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). I am focusing on poverty because _____; and I am analyzing TANF because it is one of the primary ways in which the United States Federal government attempts to address poverty directly. Overview of Poverty Poverty is a large-scale global social problem that directly relates to the basic necessities of life and the consequent well-being of individuals. Among these needs are the...
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Definition Essay on Peace

World peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. Christianity and Judaism are both monotheistic religious traditions that promote world peace through many religious organizations, aiding the development of peace in the world, sought in the principal beliefs of both religions. Christianity and world peace are centered on the New Testament which underlines the importance of inner peace that leads to world peace and how adherents need to adhere to God to...
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Definition Essay on Optimism

Most people believe that optimism and pessimism are the opposite of each other, but they're really not. They are actually two distinct ways of viewing the same situation. Optimism is often defined as “expecting the best” and is strongly correlated with happiness. Some people think optimism is just a state of mind, or that it can be learned. Others believe that optimism is a personality trait, like introversion or extroversion. And still, others think that optimism can’t be learned at...
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Definition Essay on Music

Music expresses our emotions. It is an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions. Most music includes singing or playing musical instruments, such as the guitar, piano, drums, or violin. Music plays a huge role in every society. Throughout most of the world and for most of human history, music-making was a natural activity and everyone participated in it. Music is an art form that unites pitch, rhythm, and...
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Definition Essay on Mercy

I have read 87% of the required Pentateuch reading with decent comprehension. Throughout the reading of the Pentateuch, much has been revealed to me about God’s plan and character. Most notable, is his unrelenting and unfailing mercy. In all of the narratives and laws that we have read through, and all the sins done by his people, God was -and is- merciful. Before reading these 5 books, I knew of God’s mercy, but I didn’t understand the true extent of...
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Definition Essay on Justice

If I have to give my personal definition of the word “justice”, I would say that justice means equality, fairness, and entitlement to our rights. That means, whenever we make a decision or do something, the result has to equal and be enjoyable for both agents and receivers. Moreover, in the political sector, the government has to rule equally between minority groups and majority groups. For instance, the majority group gets special health care, the minority group has to access...
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Definition Essay on Integrity

Doing the right thing is always easy! Said no one ever. Protecting morals and maintaining integrity can be a challenge especially when facing a large opposition. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a complex rape case is debated in the county court of Maycomb, a small county built around racist, anti-black folkways. The defendant, Tom Robinson, is a black man making it harder to appeal to an all-white jury in a case with a white plaintiff. A white lawyer,...
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Definition Essay on Hope

Introduction The concept of hope has been studied and researched by philosophers, theologists, clinicians, and nurses. The concept has been found to have different meanings, conceptions, and interpretations in various disciplines including nursing. The human-to-human interaction theory by Joyce Travelbee defines hope as an integral concept that is directly linked to good patient health outcomes. Since it is thought to be central to all healing, it triumphs over despair, hopelessness, and suffering. Therefore, nurses have an integral role in reducing...
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Definition Essay on Good Parenting

In this essay, I would first start by introducing the essay and defining what parenting style encompasses. I would explain the importance of a good parenting style by referencing to the impact of the child, in both a positive and negative manner. With this, I mean in what ways a child can grow to become if the child grows up with either a bad or a good parenting style. After a brief explanation on the topic, I would explain what...
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Definition Essay on Feminism

Feminism was and is still today, one of the most dominant and impactful cultural movements that has taken place. The main objective of feminism is to have equal rights with men, maybe it be politically, economically, personally, or socially. Feminism has gone through many phases (the first wave of feminism, the second wave of feminism, and the third wave of feminism) because it was a newly found concept and was still growing to accommodate the different kinds of oppression faced...
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Definition Essay on Faith

This paper aims to focus on the topic of ethical faith integration. The use of this skill is important in order to avoid any potential legal and ethical issues when considering integrating faith into practice. Every individual has different views on whether or not integrating faith in practice is possible or if is it rationale. Practicing faith in communities can be accomplished in many ways for individuals with any religion. This skill is an important technique needed in the social...
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Definition Essay on Cyber Crime

Cybercrime also called PC crime, is the use of a PC as a tool to further illegal ends, together with committing fraud, trafficking in infant pornography and highbrow property, stealing identities, or violating privacy. Cybercrime, especially via the Internet, has grown in importance as the PC has grown to be principal to trade, leisure, and government. Because of the early and full-size adoption of computer systems and the Internet in the United States, most of the earliest sufferers and villains...
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Definition Essay on Courage

In a constantly changing world, the word ‘courage’ is always in conversation. I personally, don’t have courage in the areas I wish I had, whereas others do. I see others succeeding because of their big brave decisions and yet what good change is happening in the world? None! The human condition is used to fear and doubt, and the definition of courage has become twisted. Issues such as Global warming have become worse because people are afraid of society’s backlash....
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Definition Essay on Beauty

Beauty is Beautiful You! Beautiful, Beauty, lovely: Beauty is the meaning of happiness, strength, and self-confidence to recognize the actual beauty of success. It reflects a person's true attractiveness. This is usually related to a person's appearance and body. Beauty defines as Anything that makes us happy and captures our hearts is lovely. Beauty is a source of information in this world. A beautiful thing is a thing that, to some extent, has a lovely quality of beauty. Beauty is...
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Definition Essay on Ambition

Not one person in this world is genuine without ambition or is indifferent to success and recognition. Anyone who gives an impression of not caring about advancement, or the need for others to grant recognition, has developed a self-defense mechanism to protect themselves from potential failure or rejection. Such people are most likely to have been hurt in the past, rejected by others they loved or wished to impress, being denied the recognition they openly sought or secretly craved. This...
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Definition Essay on a Person

Self Assessment: Big 5 Personality Model The majority of selection processes will analyze a variety of things, including what you have accomplished in life, what you know, and the way you behave. Since 1993, the business world has improved its selection methods by introducing The Big 5 Self Assessment Personality Model. In the study of psychology, The Big 5 Personality Model is an assessment of personality that examines different types of personalities based on five general categories or characteristics. This...
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Definition Essay about Trust

Introduction Defining a trust can be a difficult task due to its broad and flexible concept yet one may be able to recognize one. The definition of a trust is in two ways, the general way defines a trust to be an arrangement under which one person is bound to hold or administer property on behalf of another person or for an impersonal object and not for his own benefit. The second way to define trust is in accordance with...
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Definition Essay about the Internet

The internet is very prevalent in society, everything from our PCs, to self-driving cars; the internet is used by everyone: Young, old, and everyone in between. However, the internet is in its early phases, and it is far from being fully developed. The internet is only a system, that provides data and information, and it needs, a strong reliable connection, so, that the provider can provide the internet, through, a reliable connection, to a consumer. One of the main ways...
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Definition Essay about Perception

Perception derives from the Latin word ‘perception’. It is the organization, identification, and interpretation of information in order to understand the presented information. Each perception is influenced by our five senses that go through our nervous system for example what we see before we start communicating with a person will very much affect how we are going to speak with them. All of us see the world just a bit differently, even if we look at the same image, we...
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Definition Essay about Peer Pressure

The neuroscience working on the development of the adolescent brain has existed for some time now and will progress much more in the near future (Steinberg, 2010). It’s a period of an individual’s lifetime, somewhere between childhood and adulthood that includes major changes socially, psychologically, and physically (Ernst, Hardin & Pine, 2006). Some studies show that adolescents should experience a linear development of their way of thinking and an increase in their maturity due to the development of their prefrontal...
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