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Most people believe that optimism and pessimism are the opposite of each other, but they're really not. They are actually two distinct ways of viewing the same situation. Optimism is often defined as “expecting the best” and is strongly correlated with happiness. Some people think optimism is just a state of mind, or that it can be learned. Others believe that optimism is a personality trait, like introversion or extroversion. And still, others think that optimism can’t be learned at all.

Optimism is based on an expectation that good things will happen, while pessimism is based on an expectation that bad things will happen.

For example, there's a difference between hoping to win a new car in a lottery and expecting to lose your job. Both hopes and expectations play a part in how we view the world around us, and these constructs can change our behavior and even alter the way we make decisions.

Optimism is an essential part of being an entrepreneur. Optimists believe that you can do anything, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. They are tenacious and never give up.

Optimists can achieve so much more in life than pessimists. They are more likely to enjoy better health, earn more money, and live longer. Optimists have brighter personalities, are happier, and cope better with the trials and tribulations of life.

Optimists tend to be more effective leaders and communicators as well. This book presents a wealth of scientific research backing up these assertions and provides practical advice on how you can be a more positive person and create an optimistic outlook for yourself.

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The human brain is designed to pay attention to what could go wrong, but some people are more pessimistic than others. Some people take the world’s problems more personally, and they think that they can solve them.

What if the pessimists were right? What if pessimism was a catalyst for change? The world would be a much better place if pessimists were in charge.

As a species, we are the most pessimistic of all animals. We are the only creatures who can contemplate the inevitability of our own deaths and the futility of our existence and conclude that life is not worth living.

Given how many people commit suicide, it's probably true that optimism is not, in fact, an innate human characteristic. Are some people just born pessimists? Is it something that is learned? Or does this pessimistic worldview simply result from the way we think about our lives?

Being optimistic about the future is more than an outlook on life; it is a mindset that can help you achieve success. For example, a study conducted by Seligman and his team showed that individuals trained in optimism were less likely to become physically ill than those who were not optimists.

Optimism can also be useful in your career. Studies have shown that optimists are more likely to get hired and promoted, and they even make more money on average than pessimists do.

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