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An Essay on Preparing for a Career in the Computer Industry as a Computer Engineer

Since 1936, computers have been one of the most important machines ever created. Computers are the staple of society as they can do anything such as solving math problems to finding people the love of their lives. Computer engineering is a subpart of engineering that puts together the two fields of computer science and electronic engineering which are used to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering, software design, and hardware-software integration instead of...
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Steps Taken to Fulfill My Dream of Becoming a Pharmacist

Adversity, determination, ambition, and drive, just a few words that describe me. Though I may not excel in many things, these are words that I’m proud to be described as. Throughout my life failure has been a common theme, however, with failure comes learning and with learning comes growth. At a young age a love for pharmacy was instilled into me. The past few years have been challenging, but also exciting as I’ve continued to learn and grow, always coming...
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A Look at Modern Computer Programming

Computer programming is the way toward planning and building an executable PC program for achieving a particular processing task. Programming includes assignments, for example, examination, creating calculations, profiling calculations’ exactness and asset utilization, and the usage of calculations in a picked programming language (generally alluded to as coding). The source code of a program is written in at least one dialect that are comprehensible to developers, as opposed to machine code, which is legitimately executed by the focal preparing unit....
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My Dream of Becoming a Pharmacist

The pharmacy has been my dream since I was a child. It is a helpful necessity for all people. Although the path to the pharmacy is a rigorous way it is a worthy one. Regarding me, I chose this path for many reasons such as an interest in science, a difficult family situation, helping people. Firstly, I love science like chemistry, anatomy, biology, and mathematical applications. When I studied these subjects, I felt invigorated by how challenging the material is....
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Cyber Security Statement of Purpose

In 2006, I graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a Bachelor`s degree in ElectronicElectrical Engineering. My interest in Cyber security was ignited in my third year at the University when we were introduced to TCPIP networking. In this course module, I learned how to use an Access control list and encrypted passwords to prevent intruders from accessing networks. This was where my curiosity and interest in network security started. For the past 15 years,...
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Business Manager Career Choice

My chosen area of graduate employment aspiration is to work as business manager in the retail sector. In the role of business manager I will be in charge of designing the business strategies and managing everyday operations to ensure company’s efficiency, profit and success. Being a business manager requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills which are vital for this role and stupendous teamwork is essential for any business success. The job of a business manager requires both excellent written and...
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Career as a Nurse

According to the article Career One Stop ‘Registered Nurses’, “assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nurse care plans, and maintain medical records” (2017). This description of service provided by nurses is the jest of what this profession encompasses. I plan to enter the field of nursing, more specifically, an emergency department registered nurse as my career choice. The care and service an emergency department nurse, also known as ED nurse, provides “is a specialty area of the...
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Reflections on Career Development

The first section of the report will look to analyze career development with respect to a particular theory. While the second and third sections are personalized interpretations and analysis of my long-term career prospects and a thorough analysis of the career options worksheet respectively. Analyzing a Leader The hospitality leader, whose career that is going to be analyzed for this report is Amanda Wills. Amanda Wills is the former director at Virgin Vacations and she has been credited to a...
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My Career Development Journey

This essay aims to illustrate my career development journey within a theoretical framework which I will reflect on, using two career theories discussed in the duration of career psychology module. This theoretical re-telling will incorporate ways in with my career choices were made and how they developed and continue evolve through different stages of my life, the role played by my family, environmental conditions I was exposed to and the influence of others around me. Throughout this essay I will...
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Main Elements of Choosing a Good Job

In my eye, a great occupation is created by three basic elements: high salary, a satisfaction of a worker and professional environment. They are a formula for everyone, especially internships. They can consider making the right decision for their future career and their own cash flow. If we can make an effort for everything we need and we want, a high salary is the only choice for us to live a stable life. What do we go to work for?...
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Job of an Athletic Director and Why I Want to Achieve It

The athletic director (AD) reports directly to the president of the school. In this role the AD serves as an administrator over functions of an athletic nature. The program can encompass several sports in either the NCAA or NAIA championship programs, the coaches, assistant coaches, athletic trainers, sports information, and student workers. The athletic director provides administrative direction and oversight for all aspects of the school’s athletic program with special attention to recruiting athletes and developing resources for the area...
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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Opinion Essay

As children, we all get asked the universal question, what do you want to be when you grow up? At 6 years old I would say without any hesitation and no restraint an Artist. Since I, carefree as they come, inevitably recognize the beauty of using my hands to produce something new. However, Growing into adulthood, I saw my previous views on life were in fact not what people expected. Living in an imperfect world makes creative minds shunned and...
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Why I Want to Be an EMT: Essay

When it came around to 14-year-old Shaquan’s turn to recite a section of Langston Hughes’ “Let America Be America Again”, he timidly struggled to verbalize more than a few words at a time. Seeing him embarrassedly tear up about his reading ability while surrounded by his fellow 8th graders, I began reading with him, walking him through each word. As he read with me, his natural confidence and outgoing personality seemed to return to the timbre of his voice, and...
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Vet School Essay

In April 2019, I spent 5 days gaining work experience at a local equine veterinary practice; I gained invaluable insight into the day-to-day running of a veterinary practice. Whilst there I witnessed a wide range of procedures ranging from taking blood, x-rays, ultra-sounds, laser surgery, nerve blocks, and kissing spine surgery. Witnessing these operations and procedures fascinated and intrigued me and only heightened my desire to one day carry out similar procedures myself and gain more experience and volunteer in...
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The Common Reason Of Being Fired

In this paper I am going to identify and explain the top five reasons an employee is fired and the top 5 characteristics of a successful individual and how those characteristics pertain to your dream career. According to Doyle. A (n.d.) the top five reasons why an employee is fired are (1) misconduct; (2) poor performance; (3) under the influence; (4) absenteeism; and (5) lying (para. 2, 5, 6). Apart from the reasoning’s of why an employee is fired there...
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Why I Want to Be an Esthetician: Essay

The word feminine has different meanings to different people but to me, it means being able to show a soft and sympathetic side while at the same time demonstrating strength. I feel as though the definition of the feminine has changed over time as it was used back then to somewhat degrade women and make them feel as though they shouldn’t be outspoken or independent. Women are becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient because we now have more choices and freedom....
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My Thoughts About The Psychology Career

Nowadays, more and more news stories about people committing suicide because of depression or psychological problems. The mental illness problem becomes more and more serious for all the countries. However, The mental illness problem becomes more and more serious for all the countries. However, there is a shortage of doctors in the field of psychotherapy. So, I am pursuing a degree in Psychology because I am passionate about the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those...
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The Career Profile Of A Sports Agent

Some people go through life wondering what their calling consist of. Some people know from beginning what they were born to do. I happened to be a part of the first group. Growing up I had many different passions, but when I graduated High School, I couldn’t quite figure out what I really wanted to do. It took years but I later found out that my purpose in life is to serve. I currently serve my country in the US...
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Career Choice Reflection: Reasons And Prerequisites Working In Border Service

In this essay I will discuss why my goal is to work for the Canada Border Service Agency. I will discuss everything from basic requirements in order to apply for the job, and what it takes to become a Border Service Officer. Along with what Border service officers really do on a day to day basis. Basic Requirements needed in order to apply To become a CBSA Officer you must meet some basic requirements. You must be a Canadian Citizen...
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Astronomy As A Career Path

When you look up into the night sky you can spot thousands of stars, the moon and maybe other planets like Mars and Venus. This is the working place for astronomers and astrophysicists. Their job is it to solve the secrets of the universe, collect information and try to answer important questions (Department of Astronomy University of VIrginia) like “ Where do we come from?” and they try to find out the concept of the universe. But many people are...
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Why I Want to Become a Medical Assistant: Essay

Sociological Autobiography My name is Samaya Afzali and I am a Muslim Afghan American who was born in Hayward, CA. I am the middle child in my family and have four siblings. They consist of two older sisters a younger sister and a younger brother. I currently live with my two parents my mom and dad and three of my siblings. My main goal for the future is to enter the medical field and specifically go into the field of...
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Investigated Career Choice

I am currently a high school student aspiring to receive a career in Civil Engineering. Ever since I was a child, I have always bombarded myself with certain questions. Who builds these roads? Who builds these bridges? How did someone manage to build these large infrastructures? From this curiosity, I discovered Civil Engineering. Henceforth, I have decided to be a civil engineer because this occupation fascinated me and allows me to help the society that I commune with. Although this...
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Importance, Need And Application Of Career Education In The Curriculum Of Pakistan

A high-quality careers education and guidance system is the most imperative dimension of helping young people emerge from school, college, university or training well equipped, groomed and ready for the world of work. They need to know what they can expect in the employment market, and to have confidence that they will be able to take their place there. Good careers education and guidance also make a significant contribution to social mobility and social justice. One way we can help...
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Why I Want to Become a Radiologic Technologist: Essay

“Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education”. -Martin Luther King Jr. I was looking at my life to date and the education I am currently receiving from Summit High School. The career that interests me most would be the medical field. I am interested in the medical field because it has always excited me to learn about different body organs. I also love working with and helping people. The medical field covers a large area. I am interested...
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How Professions Are Affected By The Digital Society

Impact of digital society has not only benefitted an organization but has an impact on society, culture and politics. Next are some examples of such impacts. Education to Electronic-Education – previously everyone encountered teachers and being physically present in a classroom, nowadays students tend to learn long distance from home or in their spare time. Allowing them to progress at their own speed. This shows that soon the need of a physical teacher could be replaced by a digital library...
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Why I Want to Start My Own Business: Essay

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) 10 August 1995 in Dhamai, a small village in Punjab, India into a Sikh family. My father works in the corporate sector a high position. My mother is a housewife. I have one elder and one younger sister. My elder sister is a teacher at an engineering college and my younger sister has completed her bachelor’s degree in “Computer Applications”. My grandparents also live with us. My grandfather is a retired headmaster from a government school...
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The Factors Influencing The Career Choice

Choosing career is most important phase in a student’s life. These days it is very common to find students who are confused or ignorant about their career path. Career planning is no longer an event that just end with the decision of the right university or college. It expands until we get the satisfied job. (Anon., 2019) So, factors that affects one making career choice and set targets; are discussed below: Childhood Fantasies What do you want to be when...
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STEM Career Interests

Literature Review All over the world, youths have consistently varied in their levels of STEM career knowledge, their career interests and their intentions of pursuing a STEM career. STEM career knowledge is believed to define a student’s familiarity with a particular STEM career, varied considerably based on the learning institution’s STEM career guidance. The level of STEM career knowledge a student has directly affected his/her wishes of pursuing a STEM career in the future (Compeau 2016; Zhang and Barnett 2015)....
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Why I Want to Study Business: Essay

I am applying to study for a business degree in ….. As I grow up seeing my grandfather taking care of our family business of olive lands and how my father took the lead to study business and management professionally I became committed with a keen lifelong interest in business and I also became more aware of the importance of how the world of business and commercial are affecting our daily life. In fact, the world of business is changing...
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Choosing a Career Based on Money or Passion: An Essay

Money is undeniably vital in life. You can’t pay your bills and nourish your family on just love and passion, and this a cruel truth. When we are talking around career development, we are talking about people who are prepared to win less in arrange to contribute in their expertise improvement and network, which in turn helps them to gain much more afterwards. Further, I am of the belief that happiness derived from money is frequently short lived. The day...
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