Why I Want to Work in the Medical Field: Essay

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I have always been eager to help others. I am confident that I can become a successful radiation therapist because of my dedication to the pursuit of academic excellence and my desire to succeed. As an undergraduate student, I have become increasingly aware of where my career would be. Over the years of my work experiences, working in environments such as in-home care, hospital, or volunteering in the medical field have taught me what skills I needed to improve and developed.

Working in the medical field, I was exposed to a diversity of patients and different types of diagnoses with unmatched of my experiences, but with that opportunity, I was able to put myself to a lot of uncomfortable challenges which made me improve my skills such as communication, attention to detail, compassion, problem-solving, and time management. I've also established a trusting relationship quickly and improved to interact with a fully diverse range of people. I developed how to respond quickly, precisely, and appropriately during stressful and emergencies. I enjoy working as part of a team and feel good about my interpersonal skills that would be utilized as a radiation therapist. Also, being able to build a strong emotional bond with the patients, felt emotional, blessed, and joyful. I am responsible, caring, and supportive, have always put a smile on my face and give positivity to all my surroundings, and am ready to see my patients and my teammates.

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I've also volunteered on a mission trip to Panama to work in the medical field. The teams and I helped families and children who needed health care and provided medicines. At a young age, I was taught that it's important to help others. My parents told me that there are plenty of people in the world who are less fortunate than I am, and I wanted to make a difference. This is what motivated me to go on a mission trip. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made, and I wouldn't be who I am today without the experiences it gave me. It changes my thoughts, values, and lifestyle.

My dream is to make a difference in people's lives, I feel that the radiation therapist is the perfect profession to fulfill this. As my experience demonstrates I am a hardworking, intelligent and energetic individual, with the ability to take the initiative with new projects, work constructively with others, and handle multiple demanding tasks. I would make a positive contribution to the radiation therapy program while working to maintain its high level of achievement. I believe that my personality traits and skillsets are perfect for radiation therapists. With your help, I can make this dream come true.

To further expand my knowledge as a Radiation therapist, I will pursue BAS Medical Dosimetry, after completing an AA degree in radiation therapy. I want to keep growing and learning new things while improving my skills because I believe giving 110% of my ability and skills will be able to help my patients and my teams.

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