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Obtaining a Hungary Scholarship as a Step to Achieve Career and Personal Goals

In the words of the Dalai Lama, ‘’the prime purpose of us humans in this life is to help other people, and if you cannot help them, at least do not hurt them’. I have always wanted to be a social service provider for as long as far back as I can remember. To say nothing of, I have been, on numerous occasions, tasked with the responsibility of taking care of countless patients. Also, I have been engaging in environmental...
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Getting a Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Follow My Passion for Math

Currently I am a student at Diablo Valley College, and will continue to matriculate here until I am able to move on to a four-year university. My favorite subject is math. I’ve loved math since elementary school. In fact, I am considering mathematics as my chosen field. I am confident I will be successful in the future. I will focus and go the extra mile to be my best. One aspect of that success consists of the ability to reach...
1 Page 528 Words

Why Do I Deserve a Scholarship

I believe I consider myself a suitable candidate for Opportunity Funds Program because I am a determined and industrious student who will devote herself to efficiently taking advantage of the prospect that the scholarship will offer me. Having the belief that my passion for learning is fascinatingly allied with my desire to help others, not only do I excel as a student in my studies, but I also seek unique ways to see and connect with the material through real-world...
3 Pages 1359 Words

250 Word Scholarship Essay

Getting into college can be difficult for someone who can’t afford it. I am one of these people which is why I am hoping for a scholarship. A scholarship can be very helpful so I can able to go to college and try to become what I want to be. In college, I want to major in psychology. I love psychology because I think that it is an interesting subject. In the field of psychology, I can study to be...
1 Page 247 Words

500 Word Essay on Why I Deserve a Scholarship

The scholarship is a commitment to learning. Scholarship means academic study or achievement or learning at a high level. A good scholar is willing to spend lots of time on important reading and study, as they know the lasting benefits of a learned mind. Learning should be lifelong and continuous. In relation to NJHS, this is the academic side of the school. The ideal NJHS member should be diligent and careful about their schoolwork and should rise to meet all...
1 Page 549 Words

Essay on Why I Deserve a Scholarship (250 Words)

Since High School, I realized that money is the prime challenge, and my only drawback to getting a quality education and leading a decent living as my insolvent family could never afford enough to nurture my merits and talents. I am 29 years old now and I still could not complete my Bachelor’s Degree and finally had to drop out after struggling hard with study and job simultaneously. You should know that financing a Full-Time study by doing a Part-Time...
1 Page 262 Words

Scholarship Application to Get Opportunity to Study at Garden International School

What do you think a four-year-old child does all day? A common assertion would be: to play. However, at the age of four, I was told that helping others and serving the community is a substantial part of life. I had hence spent countless weeks bonding with people at old-age homes and orphanages rather than playgrounds. My name is Zuairia Shahrin and I am applying for a scholarship to aid me throughout my study in the world-class Sixth Form A-Level...
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Scholarship Essay to Obtain Scholarship and Admission to Study Management and Leadership

Growing up in a developing country (Nigeria), a chance at education was one of the greatest privileges one could have. As a child, when my father drove me to school, I would see children hawking on the streets. This hurt me badly and led me to organize mini lessons for my age mates in my neighborhood. I taught with complete enthusiasm and joy seeing my students were happy to learn. At that young age, I was drawn to become a...
1 Page 580 Words

Scholarship Essay Get an Opportunity to Study MSc Nutrition and Public Health Management

My desire to contribute to efforts aimed at addressing health inequalities especially in rural areas initiated from awareness of malnutrition and poor health condition of my students which affected their participation in class and academic performances. Most of the students drop out of school as result. This scholarship offers me an opportunity to study MSc Nutrition and public health Management. This platform will equip me with the knowledge and skill required to improve population health of school children and productivity...
1 Page 490 Words

What Impact Would This Scholarship Have on Your Education: Essay

I am writing to apply for Computer Technology Grants to assist me in my transformative experience of completing Computer Technology at Eastern Illinois University. I would like to tell more about myself which may help you to decide on a scholarship. I completed my Bachelor’s In Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering which is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University Hyderabad, India which is the most renowned university in the country. I aspire to complete my...
1 Page 482 Words

How Would Scholarship Money Impact Your College Career: Essay

I was excited to read about the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and would certainly like to apply for it. My application is conditional upon being awarded a scholarship, and I sincerely wish for a full-study scholarship. Growing up on the outskirts of Beijing, I have witnessed how economics has changed the life of local citizens. For the past decade, my hometown – Daxing – has transformed from an agriculture-intense district to a place where medical factories, food processing plants, and the...
1 Page 456 Words

How Would Scholarship Help You: Essay

I am applying for the OMV master’s scholarship program in petroleum engineering at the University of Leoben (Montanuniversität Leoben). Currently, I completed my undergraduate (BS) studies in Geological Engineering at the “BUITEMS” institute in Pakistan. I believe my chosen profession will enable me to fulfill all my desires to help others and to continuously enhance my knowledge and technical skills. Throughout my life, I have participated in extracurricular activities including valuable volunteer experiences. I have striven for academic excellence, always...
1 Page 591 Words

How Can a Scholarship Help You: Essay

The reason for the chosen study for a Master in Teaching is because of the passion that I have to be a teacher. By pursuing a career in teaching, the impression I can make on individuals continues to the next generation, through students, I can shape the destiny of the country. For a child, his/her first experience with socializing outside will be their school, such as following routines or rules. These are one of the few crucial facets of education...
1 Page 514 Words

Community Service Scholarship Essay

I am currently enrolled in a post-graduate diploma in Project Management at The University of Winnipeg, Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education. I am thoroughly enjoying this program and feel very grateful for all the support that I have been receiving from my peers and instructors. In December 2018, I came to Canada as an international student to study in this program, however, in June 2019, I received my permanent residency based on the Express Entry program largely due to my...
2 Pages 703 Words

500 Word Scholarship Essay

I am applying to your master’s (Taught) course in Cancer Biology for the September 2020-Full Time Semester. After getting my undergraduate degree in Biology-Animal Sciences from the University of Guilan (Rasht, Iran), I was accepted into the Biology-Genetics program to get a master’s degree from that university in 2010. I worked on my thesis, titled ‘Expression of HDAC11 mRNAs in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of chicken (Gallus gallus) during prenatal and postnatal development under the supervision of Dr. Farzam...
1 Page 520 Words

Motivation to Apply for the 2018 Plum + Grander Scholarship

Before I tell you about my gymnastics career, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. I started gymnastics at eight years old after watching Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin at the Olympics. They were the two gymnasts that inspired me to start artistic gymnastics. Three years after I enrolled in gymnastics, I started competing. Starting competitive gymnastics made me love the sport even more. Though I rarely made it to the podium, I...
1 Page 485 Words

University of Sheffield Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Strengthen My Academic Career

Being an academic cum martial artist, I always endeavor to improve myself in comparison of who I was yesterday. I’ve never lost my enthusiasm for learning new things and exercising the innovation of novelties throughout my life. I have completed B.Sc. (Hons) in Green Technology and have secured the First class with an overall GPA of 3.79 out of 4.00. I was selected in the top five students to participate in the Japan-Asia youth exchange program at Kobe University, Japan....
1 Page 499 Words

My Motivation for Scholarship at London School of Economics and Political Science

Currently I’m persuading my course in BSC Business and Management. I intend to pursue my further studies in marketing. My area of interest is on how people react and take action in aggressive and intense business environment. Choosing Bargaining and Negotiation as a course for my summer school at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences will help me in developing my area of interest and will increase my understanding in negotiations. People negotiate daily, often without considering it...
1 Page 436 Words

Merit Scholarship: Ways to Get it, Eligibility, Application

Many students look for different ways to fund your college tuition depending on their families income level and others. The best way to manage the cost is by aiming at a scholarship or a grant which are need based aids. Especially when you are a high-achieving student and may not qualify for a financial aid, the merit scholarship comes into picture. The best part about getting a scholarship is, you are not required to pay it back. This article addresses...
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Achieving My Career Goals with Your Scholarship Program

I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy(PharmD) program at University of Health and Allied Sciences Ho, Ghana. My educational goal is to acquire a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy which will enable me pursue a career as a pharmacist and pharmacotherapy practitioner. After becoming a pharmacist, I plan to specialize in pharmacotherapy, the use of medicines in the treatment of diseases, conditions, and symptoms. My interest in the pharmacy profession is rooted in my desire to be involved...
2 Pages 1065 Words

Women's CFA® Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Achieve My Career Goals

Early in my academic pursuit, I had an unusual understanding about Life that results are a function of choices, especially as it bothers around the allocation of scarce resources, hence my interest in finance and investment. Owing to the investment knowledge gap that exists around the globe, particularly in Africa, I seek to expand my knowledge on how best available resources can be effectively managed, while considering the attaching risk factors, in order to achieve optimum asset allocation, that would...
1 Page 452 Words

Restrictions on the Use of Scholarship Money

Earning a scholarship straight and clean is a tough affair. You go through all the hard work and struggle, with all of your dedication, motivation and sheer will to earn clean money to help you in your educational expenses. Just like you, the institutions that provide these scholarships to you equally know the importance of scholarships to you. To make sure that the funds provided to students don’t’s reach the wrong hands and the students make the most out of...
1 Page 461 Words

Scholarship Essay to Get Mother Clarice Baldwin Scholarship

Like most scholarship questions, I had to think long and hard about how to answer this question. In my belief, I should be considered for the Mother Clarice Baldwin Scholarship because I am a strong academic student, I am in good standing with my church, and school is more than just a waste of time for me. I finished my high school years as a second honors student with a GPA of 3.6. This was difficult for me because I...
1 Page 578 Words

Scholarship Essay: The Opportunities I Get with This Scholarship

My name is Shaprie Miller. For starters I would like to say I am very thankful for getting this opportunity to be a candidate to receive this scholarship. This is a great opportunity for myself as well as my family, which means I would benefit from this greatly! People are not always given an opportunity such as this and again I am very thankful. I am a great candidate for this scholarship for various reasons. I would be the first...
1 Page 601 Words

Personal Statement to Get Tetley and Lupton Scholarship

A good education is the best hope that any individual has at achieving their desires in a modern setting. The three most important aspects of my life are working at one of the most prominent financial institutions in the world, imprinting a lasting legacy for succeeding generations and aiding in the solution of several national and global financial predicaments. It is my belief that getting chosen to benefit as one of the Tetley and Lupton scholarship opportunities would enable each...
1 Page 557 Words

Scholarship Essay to Obtain Community Foundation’s Scholarship Opportunities

My name is Jack Brown and I’m currently a student enrolled at Jamestown Community College, where I’m currently working on obtaining my associate’s degree in business. I will then be attending Binghamton University in the Fall 2019 semester. During my experience with continuing my education, my goal is to attain a career where I can use my accounting skills combined with a strong analytical business background to help formulate informed decisions in the world of business. Before I decided to...
2 Pages 749 Words

Scholarship Essay to Get Scholarship Granted by UC Berkeley

As an architect and urban designer of my generation, it is my responsibility to be active in sustainable development in this rapidly changing climatic conditions to promote livable spaces. Participating and excelling in many extra-curricular programs has enhanced my ability to engage in an active role in improving the school as well as the community involved. I believe selecting MRED+D will successfully challenge my work-ethic and skills in finance and development which are important for my profession. Education and Professional...
1 Page 533 Words

Scholarship Essay to Apply for Intake 41 Scholarship Program

My name is …. who was taking diploma course in the major of banking and finance at Kaplan Higher Education Academy in 2018, I am currently enrolled in my first trimester as a full-time undergraduate student. I am honored to have an opportunity to apply for the Intake 41 scholarship program. I am very grateful to the school for giving us such an opportunity to get financial support and the management team for helping me during diploma study. I believe...
2 Pages 1034 Words

Scholarship Essay to Get A MasterCard Scholarship at Edinburgh

I need financial help to attend college in the UK because I am a low-income student. I am the 1st child to attend college. Although my parents gave me much support, I received limited financial help because of low family income. My father, who was the bread weaner of the family, passed away. To reduce family burden, I took out student loans, enter competitions to pay for my tuition. Meanwhile, I am working 45 hours per week off-campus to support...
3 Pages 1192 Words

Scholarship Essay to Study at University College Dublin

I have chosen to study at University College Dublin for various reasons. Known for its world-class academics and faculty with the likes of Mr Andrew Keating and Mrs Mary Lambkin, UCD facilitates a rich and stimulating learning experience. Studying at Smurfit Business School would provide continual development of intercultural communication, strategic thinking and many more, thus enabling the graduates to make sound marketing decisions when they enter Alongside that, UCD’s career development team will develop my professional life by bringing...
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