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Cosmetology Scholarship Essay Example

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Growing up, multiple female figures in my family all took and had careers in cosmetology. I would watch them and constantly tell myself that hair, makeup, and nails were the life for me. I remember being so intrigued by hair care that I asked for a mannequin head for Christmas at least 3 years in a row. Needless to say, my grandmother DID NOT spend that much money for something I would’ve probably destroyed. As I grew up my interest only grew stronger.

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In high school, I debated strongly on transferring to a school in a surrounding county that offered a cosmetology program. In the long run, I ended up remaining at Galax and deciding that maybe I should change my plans. After almost a year and a half of debating and thinking, I thought that I wanted to be a nurse. I kept telling myself that I needed a job that paid adequately and was much higher than that of a cosmetologist. Even with this decision my interest never lessened. In high school, I spent loads of money and time on makeup. I would watch tutorials, buy pallets, and practice in all of my spare time. I learned how to braid hair, curl hair properly, and watched tons of videos on hair care. Even with the interest, I still felt that I needed something with higher wages. Until one day, my teacher said something that stuck with me. She said, “When choosing your career path base it on what will make you the happiest, not the most money.”. After she said that I went home and reconsidered my decision. Although being a nurse has its benefits, It was not what I truly wanted to do.

I began to look for beauty schools and institutes near me. I kept telling myself that I would only do this if I could find a good school that would offer me success within a reasonable distance from home. I came across Paul Mitchell: the school, in Roanoke. After reading tons of good reviews and comments, I decided that this is where I want to go to further educate myself in this passion of mine. I want to get licensure in cosmetology, work in a salon, and hopefully eventually open my own salon. If successful, I have always dreamt of designing my own hair care and beauty product line. I feel that Paul Mitchell is a great place to start this journey.

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