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Cosmetology Entrance Essay Examples

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My pathway is Cosmetology. One problem my industry faces is that it needs to change to help the environment. Meaning making their products environment-friendly. One solution would be by making more of their products all-natural or even vegan. I propose that to make cosmetology change to help the environment. Everyone should start to change the ingredients we put in our products. To better us and our environment. We all can do a lot of different things to help reduce harm in the world. Products used in the cosmetology field are harming the environment. By the ingredients and as well as the packaging. I found out about this problem when researching online, on how products in this pathway are harmful. When reading about the harm packaging does to our ocean and what the chemicals do to the atmosphere. “Products made without chemicals and toxins aren’t just better for you, they’re better for the environment.” (Bobbi Peterson 6) We the people need to educate ourselves on the good and the bad on our planet. My solution would be to use earthy ingredients and as well as packaging that is good for the environment. I believe this will help the environment with less harsh chemicals and toxins being used in the cosmetology field. This will affect people, such as big companies. Because they will then be competing with a business that will have organic and natural ingredients. And most people will go to the organic and all-natural side, helping our planet. We need to find alternatives for these issues.

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Different types of skills I have learned in my pathway are the different ingredients. As well as different chemicals and their value to this project. Some ways I can use these skills is by having a dedication to this project and as well as hard work. These skills are great for this type of project. Not everyone knows chemicals. So that these products can be natural and all vegan. Because we can use lots of different alternatives for these harsh chemicals. So in order, for the environment to be safer, we need to change the ways we create different types of products. Something you really want can be changed with a bit of effort. Our world is a beautiful place to live in, and we need to start being grateful and changing for the better. All these chemicals we put out in the atmosphere are just damaging it, not just our planet but us too

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