Brain's Ability To Acknowledge Different Advertisements

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This article introduces a study on using EEGs to assess the brain's ability to acknowledge different advertisements. Electroencephalography, or EEG, has been used to examine the effects of advertisement and placement marketing on the brain. It is important to process the users’ awareness when they view a branded product during a movie, show, or video. Studies have found many things, including, that the alpha band located in the posterior parietal cortex (PPC) is connected to the spatial attentional shift of altered sensory modes. However, the alpha and beta bands located in the occipital region are linked to preparatory attention.

When viewing advertisements, the activation level of the theta band is how the liking of the advertisement is judged. The brain processes music and speech in the temporal lobe. The left hemisphere examines speech and the right examines music. This study wants to know that if brand placement is everywhere if it is a popular form of advertising. In 2011, 71 brands were in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the audience did not like it. One study found that when brand placement is featured in the background of something that is unrelated to whatever the viewer was watching, there was a negative evaluation. In the present study in this article, it examined the classification of branded products based on they benefited and how significant they were to a program, which they stated as, when the non-integrated brand placement contains the inclusion of the brand’s logo and the products before, during, or after the program, but when the subjects of the program are not in any way related to the benefits of the branded products.

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The article gives an example of this when an alcoholic beverage manufacturer sponsors a singing program, which is not related to the logo or the product, it can still be included in the program. This study also looked at the cognitive processes for representation and sound by means of the consumer’s awareness, preferences, and what they like to purchase towards brand placement. The researchers separated the representation of brand placement into representable brand placement (REBPL) and non-representable brand placement (NREBPL). This study also described speech sound brand placement (SSBPL) as the demonstration of the brand logo and product information in the program with speech sounds saying the brand name. The study also said that musical sound brand placement (MSBPL) was the exhibition of the brand logo and product information alongside music. In this study, to test the effects of brand placement on what the viewers’ preferred, in which brain activity indicators were used, they used the representation or sound of brand placement as the independent variables. They hypothesized that representable brand placement will show higher outcomes on the temporal and spectral EEG dynamics on what the viewers liked and disliked when there is more music in brand placement, there will be higher effects on the temporal and spectral EEG dynamics of what the viewers liked and disliked, and more representable brand placement with more music will have more interaction results on temporal and spectral EEG dynamics of what the viewers liked and disliked. The results of the study found that in the behavioral data, the viewers’ attentiveness for NREBPL was higher than the REBPL and SSBPL was higher than MSBPL. This suggests that auditory information establishes the content of the video and allows the viewers to evade difficult steps in visual processing. The study found that representable brand placement had more effects on the viewers’ temporal and spectral EEG dynamics. The study also found that when brand placement had music, it was more probable to affect the brain activity in the viewer. The study concluded that the N1 breadth of SSBPL was greater than MSBPL. The study found that when the brand placement was with music, it has a bigger effect on the viewers’ brain EEG activity and that more representable brand placement had a higher effect on the viewers’ brain EEG activity in the right occipital region. When the viewer saw a 3D scene, there was more stimulation of the BA 30 than viewing scenes that were up close, objects, and pictures of faces.

All in all, the study used EEGs to look at the electrical activity in the brain and they used multiple stimuli. The study in this article says that the researchers proved all of their hypotheses’, which I mentioned earlier. I think that the takeaway message from this article is that various types of advertisements can have many different effects on our brain, which most of the time we are not aware of.

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