How Is Inappropriate Language Used In Adverts

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For my written task I will be talking about the language and taboo and the inappropriate usage of language in advertisements and how those advertisements affect people in general. In my opinion I think that there are many advertisements that influences us either in a good way or in a bad way, I think that advertisements have a high power of influencing the society and sometimes it is good but other times it is bad. Young aged people usually get easily influenced by advertisements as they are not thinking deep enough or do things just out of curiosity. I think that having inappropriate taboo language makes this worse for our generation because not only teenagers get influenced by this, it’s the smaller children like the age of 5-10 year olds that get influenced so quickly because they are so curious about everything. Once they get influenced by these words they learn so quickly as they are young in age.

Inappropriate language has been used in many advertisements in America, for example this advertisement that I have shown. It has an inappropriate form of addressing a problem, the problem that it is addressing is a problem about feminism and gender inequality. As I have done my research about this topic of advertisements I have also came to a conclusion in which game advertisements have the most bad/ inappropriate language compared to other companies that have advertisements of their own.

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There are also many fashion industries that have inappropriate language/ way of showing racism. In my opinion I think that this is not a good thing as fashion industries gain a lot of attention and many customers worldwide, so having these kinds of adverts affect a lot of people. They may get offended and that also may lead to the fashion industry having a decline in the customers and also the profit that the industry has/ business. There are of course many industries that have adverts that are problematic or they are inappropriate towards some areas of the audience that is viewing the advertisement or product.

As I have said, they obviously gain/ attract attention of medias, celebrities, people in general from all over the world and they make this problem a huge deal than it was or sometimes this is a good thing because there are problems that are undercover, that are not a big deal to the society but should be talked about in the society. One example is this dunkin donut advertisement where it is very racist, where the woman is covered in charcoal in which I think is a racist act towards the 'black' people.

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