Language Organs And Grammar Gene

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With scientific evidence about grammar gene, it is now possible to detect the gene deficiency well in advance to manage it. For a new born child, there could be a screening process that could identify the genetic deficiency earlier. The results could provide with a sense of relief or inform people about their deficiencies (Bates, 1993). This could help them decide if they need to work hard to improve their language skills and grammar and if they are already good at it, then they could use this as their strength and further advance in it.

Information and facts about the left hemisphere and the language organs will help to understand more clearly the language process involved and how it differs from language-based learning disability and normal achieving children. A study was carried out by Feagans & Short (1984) to study the developmental differences in language comprehension between disabled and non-disabled. He recommended that when children are developing language abilities, noting down the changes happening in brain and then using this information to help modify the language ability of those disabled, would help improve the conditions of the disabled.

Speech impairment in depression, schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar in terms of alogia, blunted affect, stuttering, poor content, etc. With the help of knowledge of language organs and cognitive brain techniques, it is possible to understand these deficits in speech communication and improve the diagnosis (Cohen et al., 2012). A computerized analysis of speech can be carried out to detect what causes speech impairment.

With the help of gathered information about functions of brain, it is now possible to identify the pattern of impairment (Bates, 1993). For example, an adult who has an injury to the temporal lobe of the left hemisphere would be expected to demonstrate some degree of impairment on language and verbal memory.

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With the help of language organs, researchers have been able to identify the symptoms of child disabilities, what is it that causes the inability to decode, integrate, and organize what is heard and the inability to use sounds, words, and sentences in meaningful contexts (Bates, 1993). In my opinion, based on these symptoms, we can know what the child is suffering from and not get frustrated by child’s inability to do simple things which are quite normal for the other children.

Along with the variety of tests available to assess language abilities for children like the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-4 or Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language and with the help of cognitive brain techniques, we can find whether an individual has the ability to grasp a language quickly (Freedman & Manly, 2015), this then could be used as a starting point to learn different languages and look at it from a career point of view. It would also help to compare an individual’s performance to other normative data available (Freedman & Manly, 2015). For example, to assess the change in language functioning in a Spanish-speaking individuals, it will be accurate if the performance is compared to norms collected from other Spanish-speaking individuals.

There is a lot in this chapter that grabs your attention with the illustrative examples, various anecdotal evidence, scientific evidence, it covers a wide range of different topic within one subchapter. In fact, it does act as an introductory chapter, if an individuals want to know more about language organs and grammar gene. Pinker has provided us with insights about the complex and important character of human i.e. language.

It is a well-researched, effectively written, and highly readable chapter titled Language Organs and Grammar Gene that is a must-read for every Psychology Student according to me.

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