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Iconic Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb

Introduction Ancient Egypt has been at the forefront of archaeological investigation since Napoleon discovered the Rosetta Stone. From then on archaeologists have continued to discover new findings that all have iconic qualities. However, it cannot be denied that the most iconic discovery is Tutankhamun’s tomb. This discovery stimulated a widespread interest in Egyptian history known as ‘Tutmania’, an outcome that had not been witnessed before the twentieth century (Stevenson, 2019: 153). This sudden interest, stimulated by additional factors, enabled the...
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Electronic Discovery in the Legal Industry

Executive Summary Electronic discovery is changing the way evidence can be presented amongst both parties and the judge. In the early stages of civil litigation, the exchange of electronic discovery between two parties is a critical process that involves the deliverance of electronically stored information, also known as ESI. ESI is different than paper documents because the information is created, manipulated, communicated, stored, and utilized in a digital form. For this procedure to occur, it requires the use of computer...
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Significance of Discovery of Prosperous Assets of Diamonds and Gold in Southern Africa between the 1860s and the 1890s

The discovery of mineral properties such as gold and diamond in South Africa used to be a massive transformation in economic, social, and political landscapes. A huge monetary transformation commenced in 1867 following the discovery of diamond in Kimberley in view that it laid a solid basis for industrialization machines and alternate due to the fact prior to the discovery of rich mineral sources in South Africa, agriculture dominated nearly all life patterns as use of human hands appreciably played...
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Impact of Metagenomics on the Discovery of Microbial Natural Products

The advent of microbiology in the 19th Century is arguably the biggest factor shaping modern medicine today. While understanding infectious disease is often toted as the biggest benefit of this, the discovery of microbial natural products is arguably a much more impactful one. Much like the industrial revolution brought about products that were never imaginable, the “golden age of discovery” of microbial natural products provided access to hitherto untapped biosynthetic machinery and consequently a whole new era of natural products....
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Hernan Cortes' Impact: Critical Essay

The year was 1504. A cruel, greedy, ruthless, wild, and relentless man by the name of Hernan Cortes decided to set sail to The New World in order to establish a better life for himself after receiving an education in law and Latin in Spain. He left university at 19 in order to follow his interest in alleged tales of Christopher Columbus in the New World. In the New World, he worked with the governor of Hispaniola who would eventually...
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Essay on Why Is Science Important

The world is changing day in and day out. People ranging from children to adults of different socio-economic backgrounds realize the importance of science and accept the fact that science and life are inseparable. Nowadays, many parents will send their kids to get educated in a science school. Therefore, being science literate is a must. This is because science influences most aspects of our daily life and makes our life more comfortable and convenient at the same time. With the...
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Essay on Importance of Science

Science is valued in society for it provides an explanation of how the world functions and improves living standards. The influence of science has developed our world by increasing the fundamental knowledge that humanity gains through the applications that were discovered. These applications are not immediately implemented in our world however at one point in the future these discoveries will be eventually used. If scientists did not push to improve and have the desire to seek answers then the world...
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