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Essay on Importance of Science

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Science is valued in society for it provides an explanation of how the world functions and improves living standards. The influence of science has developed our world by increasing the fundamental knowledge that humanity gains through the applications that were discovered. These applications are not immediately implemented in our world however at one point in the future these discoveries will be eventually used. If scientists did not push to improve and have the desire to seek answers then the world would not have created multiple advances that will allow people to live a sustainable life.

The beauty of science is that there is no end; there is always something new to be discovered or to go more in-depth into a discovery already made. The universe is vast, and it is exciting to know that there are many unknown discoveries that are just waiting to be known by humanity. Within a scientific community, scientists collaborate and contribute to making their ideas stronger. Through the process of peer review, it creates a community of people within the same field and level of understanding to join and validate experiments or strengthen ideas that are made.

Science has a unique role in the world, it provides knowledge and functions as a benefit to society that could not be answered through other forms. The process of research in the medical field has improved health almost worldwide. The developments of antibiotics and vaccines allowed people to have a longer life expectancy and provided a better understanding of how chronic diseases and other illnesses function. Science is valued in the medical field because it provides solutions to health challenges and there is still a need for research on diseases that are still causing havoc to millions of people such as HIV/AIDS, obesity, TB, etc. By understanding the DNA doctors are able to detect illness earlier, target specific genes, and understand how diseases function. Science matters because of the important role it has that bringing scientists and doctors closer to better treatments.

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Science improved human life; through history, humanity progressed forward for improvement. Technology that made life easier and increased the improvement of science and research. Advanced technology provided the possibility for humanity to understand the world around us. The telescope gave us the answer that the Earth is not at the center of the universe but rather that it eclipses around the sun. biotechnology improved medical science and engineering bringing us the possibility of humans going into space.

One of the complex challenges the world faces is global warming; with science, we are able to provide evidence that global warming is real and not a hoax. Scientist knows that gases are leaking from the melting ice caps and are being contributed into the atmosphere which causes heat to be trapped. The planet’s temperature is rising, and many scientists and the scientific society agree that it is an issue that must be handled. The effects of global warming cause more damage to people. People forget that everything is connected; our actions may appear small but in the long, there is more harm than good.

Science's role in society is valuable; there are murky areas that cause people to question the ethics of science but for the most part, it gives us sustainability.

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