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Social Issues

The Coen Brothers and Morality on the Example of ‘No Country for Old Men’

The Coens frequently test the morality of their characters in their films to see whether their principles will come before a temptation of the criminal or immoral variety. These temptations are primarily of the monetary variety, however, but also encompass the duality of justice and loyalty to one’s companions, friends or family. The consistent presence within this theme is the Coens punishment of the characters who stray away from their morals in the pursuit of these temptations laid in front...
2 Pages 868 Words

Attractiveness of Antiheroes on the Example of Shrek

Have you ever known a human who possesses the noble qualities of a hero? Probably none. Heroes embodied with noble qualities such as selfless, brave, strong, and many more to point out which is a long way from the truth and that sends out that solely the perfect can acquire those. An everyday person would by no means able to relate to these heroes who had been completely pure of heart, who simply save the day and always knew what...
1 Page 633 Words

Reflections on Whether Globalization Is Diluting Musical Individuality of a Culture Using the Example of K-Pop

Just like society, music will experience evolution. Said evolution may manifest itself through factors such as the ability for the world to be globally connected. Through this inevitable evolution and connectivity, the loss of cultural meaning may be a consequential factor for some genres of music, however, this may not reign true for all genres. The possibility for redefinition or emphasis of cultural facets within music is still achievable. Pop music is generalized category which includes music that adheres to...
4 Pages 1685 Words

Harmful Effects of Violence in Films on Audience on the Example of 'A Clockwork Orange'

The most remarkable changes in humans’ collective exposure have been the introduction of mass media. The introduction of media has been an increasingly and rapid form of communication between human beings. The uses of radio, television, film, video games et cetera, has become an ever so present thing in humans’ lives and holds a great value in all aspects of societies across the globe. Although these forms of media were not created to cause harm to others, through the mutilation...
5 Pages 2395 Words

Destructive Nature of Isolation on the Example of Frankenstein and Grendel

Isolation can damage both our physical and mental health. As humans, we are hardwired to interact with others. When one is isolated from others, the brain begins to act in strange ways to preserve its sanity. The author of ‘Frankenstein’, Mary Shelley, uses the monster to develop the themes of the destructive nature of isolation, drawing one towards violence to fill the void of loneliness. When Victor Frankenstein is successful in bringing back the dead, he fears his creation and...
1 Page 632 Words

Positive Interconnection between International Trade and International Relations: Example of India and Pakistan

Does trade reduce conflict, or conflict reduce trade, or both, and why? It is an open secret that in the 21st century sometimes impossible to avoid war. Where every country is against the war, violence and vehemence, trade comes for help. In international relations, it is worth to mention to establish peace everywhere, because of the consequences of the war are always victims suffers the pain of bereavement. As a spineless and constructive tool, it creates the peace, stability, and...
1 Page 399 Words

The Necklace as an Example of Realism: Analysis of Characters

Perhaps the most famous Realist novel by a French author is Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant was called Madame Bovary in Miniature, and tells the tale of a misfortune of discontented middle-class young lady. The Necklace gained this universal fame specifically because of its well-crafted twist ending. It has also drawn the attention of other-than French public (especially Americans) because of its parable-like format: a well-fractioned plot and a clear moral message. The central...
2 Pages 842 Words

Madame Bovary as an Example of Literary Realism

Literary realism is a part of the realist art movement that started in 19th century France and lasted until the early 20th century. It began as a reaction to the romanticism and the rise of bourgeoisie in Europe and it sought to convey a truthful and objective vision of contemporary life. Realism emerged in the aftermath of the revolution of 1848 that overturned the monarchy of louis-Philippe and developed during the period of the second empire under napoleon iii. As...
2 Pages 751 Words

The Film 'Hidden Figures' as an Example of Reinterpretation of Heroes by Modern Media

A hero is defined as a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities (Oxford, 2019) However this definition doesn’t characterize a hero by their skin or gender, yet since the beginning of time the heroes in our stories have been depicted as supreme white men. These are the stories of superior white European men being the natural masters of the world, showing strength, bravery and skillfulness in order to overcome the dangers of nature to...
2 Pages 904 Words

Dubai as the Best Example of Instant Urbanization and Spectacular Urbanism

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, and it is one of the seven emirates that the UAE form. Dubai is the second largest emirate after Abu Dhabi with a population exceeding 1.3 million which makes about 32% of the UAE population (Al Awad, 2008). However, it is ready to expand twice as much if you add the man-made islands: Waterfront, Three Palms, World, Universe, Dubailand, as well as many other construction projects taking place in the desert. Dubai is...
3 Pages 1302 Words

Essay on Main Characteristics of Developing Countries Using the Example of Zimbabwe

Economic development can be defined as improving the quality of life of the country’s citizens. When there is economic development, there is provision of food, shelter, clean water and medical facilities. According to Gillis et al. (1992), economic development involves structural changes in the structure of the economy. The extraordinary development of information technology has led to the development of other countries, such as the United States of America, where workers work fewer hours at companies such as Google and...
2 Pages 1015 Words

‘Hidden Figures’ as an Example of How a Film Can Really Change Audience’s Mind

The power of cinema is incredible, but it is certainly overlooked. A key element to a successful film is its ability to raise awareness, awaken interest in social issues but more importantly change the way viewers perceive important topics. Often, we find ourselves ‘in the story’, helping characters make decisions – rooting for them when they make the right decision and cringing when they don’t. We get emotionally involved, we identify, and like Taraji P. Henson’s character in Theodore Melfi’s...
3 Pages 1187 Words

Rome's Eleven Aqueducts as an Example of a Successful Water Supply System

There is no need to talk about the importance of water and its place in human lives. Every live being require to consume water for one of their primal needs: thirst. However, importance of water does not end with one primal need, it is a pillar stone for our entire system. A blacksmith needs it to cool forged goods, a farmer needs it to produce agriculture goods, a pot maker needs it to shape pots during production process, etc. This...
6 Pages 2883 Words

An Essay on Natural Disasters and Their Impact on Economic Growth, Using the Example of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Natural disasters have always been one of mankind’s major fears and fascinations, due to their associated human and economic losses. Natural disasters such as the Kobe Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake, and the Japanese Tsunami have been able to grab the attention of man towards the act of examining the impact and consequences of these events, as they have instilled fear in him that such large-scale devastating events are becoming more frequent and severe. The...
3 Pages 1259 Words

An Essay on the Importance of National Parks with Joshua Tree National Park as an Example

National parks are America’s most scenic and historic places for public use. Today, national parks are commonly used as public resources for a variety of usage such as; recreation, education, scholarship, the preservation of endangered landscapes, natural communities, and species. National parks are also known as an area of land or water that is protected for the use of the public and the conservation of the environment and wildlife. National parks play an important role in helping to protect the...
3 Pages 1270 Words

The Effects of the Internet on Education on the Example of Personal Experience

I strongly believe that the Internet is very important for modern education. A number of positive effects that it gives create a favorable environment for high-quality, comprehensive and comfortable education of the modern generation. I am going to base my position in this essay on the example of personal experience and how the Internet has influenced me personally as a student. I strongly agree that the Internet has made me a better student in many aspects. There are many advantages...
3 Pages 1162 Words

Female Genital Mutilation as an Example of Human Rights Violation in India: An Essay

“Culture must not be accorded the status of a metanorm which trumps rights”, – Philip Alston, ‘The Best Interests Principle: Towards a Reconciliation of Culture and Human Rights’. The legal approach towards cultural practice in the name of preserving cultural pluralism has so far been in congruence within the relevant social understandings of the cultures within which they are practiced. The respective morality of these practices has been left for the sole discretion of dominant and prevalent notion of a...
7 Pages 3320 Words

Essay on the Evolution of the Political System in China Using the Great Leap Forward Campaign as an Example

The Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) campaign was launched to transform the agrarian economy of Republic of China into socialistic economy with an aim to bring rapid growth but, in contrary resulted in famine and disaster. It was introduced by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) under the chairmanship of Mao Zedong. In an attempt to surpass the Soviet Union and the United States the China’s economy ended up with great recession and political struggle (Jung and Cheng, 2019). It plagued...
4 Pages 1985 Words

Philosophy of Leadership in the Army by Personal Example

Leader is a definition in itself, the one who through the ages and in any discipline has managed to lead a group towards victory. The leader’s philosophy, without a doubt must know and share all the ways to achieve success. Leaders always know deep down that victory is the value that makes those who follow them spiritually grow, and through it the individuals have overcome their initial limitations. Leader is the most valuable figure of the deck because with their...
2 Pages 792 Words

Reflections on Whether Britain Is the Perfect Example of a Democratic Country

A democratic country is seen as a country where the power is held by the people, whether directly or indirectly. The UK uses both direct and indirect democracy. For example, it uses direct democracy through citizens’ juries and public petition and uses indirect democracy, also known as representative democracy, through constituency MP’s. Many people view Britain as an example of a democratic country due to its democratic features in its political system, including elections, rule of law, and protection of...
1 Page 526 Words

500 Word Essay on Career Goals Example

I believe that building a personal and professional network that is both strong and reliable is one of the most critical assets to possess. From my experience, I have discovered that the secret to building strong networks is helping others without expecting anything in return. This results in impactful, strong relationships that not only present great opportunities but also build on personal growth. In addition, by interacting with people who are more knowledgeable in various fields, I have gained invaluable...
1 Page 515 Words

Role of Kings in English Reformation: Example of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Was the Kings a great matter cause for the English reformation? Albert Frederick Pollard was the chair of the history at the London University College for 28 years and written over 500 entries on the Tudor period. His many years of knowledge of the Tudor period make this source more reliable. However because this book was written so long after the matter, some of the information could be inaccurate, which could make it less reliable. Also, some of his work...
6 Pages 2805 Words

Problem of Commercialism in Harry Potter Books: Example of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter is a popular book that has been criticized for many in the literature industry and from others. But not only that they also said that gives a bad message to the children to get in a commercialized culture that is nothing is enough. They think that you can not be a fan of Harry Potter without the official merchandise and other products. Parents and kids are spending a lot of money on these products, that is useless in...
3 Pages 1388 Words

Virgil’s Aeneid As a Great Example of Literary Epic

Virgil’s Aeneid is one of the most renowned classical literature that exists. Moreover, Aeneid can be considered as a “literary epic” . While the ambition behind Aeneid is still being debated by scholars, one of the ideas behind this literary work is the “national greatness of Rome” . Just like Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Virgil’s Aeneid also contains a lot of aetiology along with inclusion of Latin customs and cultural values etc. Virgil or Vergil based his Aeneid mainly to Homer, but...
5 Pages 2214 Words

Example of Reflective Essay on Learning Experience

Introduction Before starting the course OB & HRM, I expected to develop my proficiency in the understanding of the human factor in organizational structure. On the basis of the lectures, tutorials, and study material, I forecasted that I would have to deal with interesting issues regarding organizational behavior and human resource management. This included –but was not limited to– questions such as “Why do humans change their behavior when entering an organization?” and “What kind of behavior will benefit an...
6 Pages 2588 Words

Educational and Career Goals Essay Example

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” was a question that was often asked when I was little. My answer would always be different when asked because I never really knew what I wanted to be, or what I wanted to do. I was asked a similar question when I was entering college such as “What do you want to study?” or “What career do you want to pursue?” It took me a while to figure out...
3 Pages 1578 Words

The Combustion Or The Burning of Fuels, as an Example of Oxidation and Reduction

The combustion or the burning of fuels, is perhaps the most common and obvious example of oxidation and reduction. Combustion is also that process which converts the potential energy of fuels into kinetic energy (heat and light). Most fuels (gasoline, diesel oil, propane, etc.) are compounds comprised primarily of carbon and hydrogen. These hydrocarbons represent an excellent source of potential energy which is released as heat during the combustion process. A common example is the oxidation of propane, the fuel...
1 Page 562 Words

The Ford Motor Company as an Example of Sustainability

The issue of sustainability is a relatively new development in human history. Before the industrial revolution, resources were ample, and the idea of pollution was nearly nonexistent. However, once manufacturing was developed the need for raw materials increased exponentially. At first this was not such a huge problem, but over time the resources depleted. Fast forward to the present and you will realize that the need for sustainability is immense. Unlike companies of the past, those of the modern day...
2 Pages 898 Words

The Importance of Mass Communication on the Example of the Watergate Scandal

Nowadays, when you are thinking about the relationship between these two words, the first sense that flash in your head is probably President Trump and Twitter. The man who posts all the thoughts and decisions on twitter, even faster than ‘Fake News Company’ CNN reporters. Lots of people nowadays are saying that the media and the news company are the fourth power of the politicians, in my opinion, it is partly true. The TV show presented by Netflix, also shows...
3 Pages 1148 Words

Plagiarism as an Example of Violation of Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the use of exact words and ideas of other people or another author without giving proper acknowledgement to the owner. It is also defined as the use of another person’s works, ideas, theories, strategies, and interpretation without permission from the author or person. This act of dishonesty is a serious offense in school communities, that could possibly result to expulsion or suspension. It can be diverse in its extent based on its amount. Student commits plagiarism by just...
4 Pages 1871 Words
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