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On June 28 1919 on the sides of Paris and Europe crowded into the Palace of Versailles to sign one of history’s most hated and also the most significant treaties. Commonly known as the Treaty of Versailles, it was a way all the countries ended World War I, but not knowing laid the foundation for the Second World War (WW2). This all happened by a peace conference that lasted over a year, the treaty was disliked by every single nation that went there.

This TOV helped start WW2 as it had many little crippling effects towards Germany. They were forced to pay huge consequences because they were held to blame for the war which means caused life for Germans to become very hard and difficult. This meant they would help anyone who would get them out of this situation. Also, Germany was forced to give some of its land away which meant less space for factories to achieve stable living conditions. Finally, the TOV forced Germany to accept the whole blame for ww1 blame. These combined helped start WW2.

Another cause of World War 2 was certain ideologies that made countries act violently to get what they wanted. Some of the main long-term causes include when fascism in Italy the militarism of Japan which invaded China in the earlier 1930s and the Nazis taking over Germany. Hitler’s stupid actions led other nations to realize he had to be ended, while others were simply defending their land against invasion. When Hitler Invaded Poland was the trigger that caused Britain and France to get involved in the war and is seen by historians as the start of World War 2Totalitarianism throughout Europe

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Totalitarianism is when a person or a couple of people have total control over a country. Totalitarianism was going on in Europe during the 1920s. These government leaders all hated each other and didn’t like what each leader was doing with their country. The League of Nations tried to resolve the problems but the League of Nations tried but they could not resolve the international problems that were happening around the world. The tensions between European countries became so high that there just had to be another World War to solve differences.

The economic downturn can always be proven to have created WW2. The hyperinflation hit Germany hard in 1923 and facilitated the early development of Hitler’s attacking streak. The ensuing Great Depression helped to create conditions, such as widespread unemployment, and a fatal rise to prominence. This is proven to be another reason for WW2.

There was footage in WW2 that showed women in Australia driving tractors, welding, harvesting hay, and butchering meat. For the first time, women were never considered to do this because it was a male occupation, Before WW2 these trades were considered too challenging for them, as well as working in factories, shipyards, and farms. It was extremely rare for women to work outside their home. As the war progressed, and it soon became clear that women would have to take a more active role in the workforce.

Throughout ww2 approximately 8,600 Australian people surrendered to Germany and became prisoners of the Germans. There were 7,110 Australian soldiers that surrounded North Africa and Greece. Approximately 1,470 airmen and a small number of sailors. Prisoners were held in over 40 camps throughout the war. Extending from Lithuania to the Rhine the Officers and men were held in separate camps.


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