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During the constructive cycles of the US, two men from two different commonwealths (one from Massachusetts and another one from Virginia) jointly played a critical business in establishing the country that came to be, came 'amigos', turned into 'bitter adversaries', either 'amigos' again and together broke on the same day. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia and John Adams of Massachusetts are the men we' re talking about and their lives were like fascinating. They first met at the alpha of the...
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The challenges of public administrative leaders today are not so different, than the challenges from the days of the Founding Fathers. Leaders often are challenged with integrating the appropriate principle into important decisions that will ultimately have an effect on the American people. In the past there were exemplary models of statesmanship such as: Patrick Henry and George Washington, to which they applied a Christian philosophy into what they did and how they came to make important decisions. They did...
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John Adams is an HBO miniseries based on the book John Adams by David McCullough. The miniseries was written by Kirk Ellis and directed by Tom Hooper. The original release date is March 16th-April 27th, 2008. This miniseries portrays John Adams and the events that transpired in colonial times with the Thirteen Colonies and their mother land, Great Britain. The first two episodes show the events of the Boston Massacre and the time when they decide to break off from...
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John Adams Morgan Exploring the biography of the world-famous personnel is one of an excellent way to reach your success. It means different people have their unique life stories. Actually, most of them have passed a very difficult and poor lifestyle in many aspects. But, at last, they have won life. Today also we have selected one of such character who won the world in a few important fields. Sometimes, he is a sportsman. However, he is a businessman in...
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Introduction Some of the many benefits that historical films offer is that they allow for better memorization through visual associations and are able to grasp attention spans longer than pieces of text. Unfortunately, historical films are often partially fictional and sometimes are missing key historical figures and events in reenactments, but they can still be effective in teaching history when viewers do their own research in order to contrast the accuracies and inaccuracies depicted and analyze the choices directors, writers,...
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In the book “A Magnificent Catastrophe”, Edward Larson explains the election of 1800. In the book Larson describes how the election was dirty and deceitful. He describes all the events in and around the election. The election was between John Adams, a Federalist and Thomas Jefferson a Republican both were friends but later became rivals on ideas of how the country should be running. Larson talks about how dirty each side is playing to win the election. The campaign was...
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The upcoming United States presidential election seems to make headlines of every news station because of the constant drama, name-calling, and blaming. It is as though everything is “breaking news”. Tensions rise, parties split, and it makes a great news story. Elections can cause a nation a great deal of stress. Twenty-first century elections are not the only to possess this style, however. Today’s generations can certainly learn from the Presidential election of 1800; famous or infamous, history provides succeeding...
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Joseph K. Ellis addresses the various number of obstacles that the revolutionary generation faced at home and abroad, as well as how the founding brothers' relationship influenced the new nation after the fight for independence from Britain in 1776, in his book ‘Founding Brothers’. Joseph Ellis is an expert writer and American historian who focuses his works mainly on the early stages and development of the American nation. Of which, ‘Founding Fathers’ is one of his most successful works of...
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‘A Magnificent Catastrophe​’, written by Edward J. Larson, explores a story that not many people would know of. The events that were the 1800 presidential election, and possibly the most catastrophic presidential election to date. It follows John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of the founding fathers of America, as they race to take the presidential seat in the White House. Although history can already tell us that Jefferson was the one that took the term, there was a lot...
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If there is one thing all Americans can agree on, it is that the government is slow acting. Too slow acting, almost like it doesn’t do anything, and when it does something, it is not the right thing (even till this today). The easiest answer to the problem of the government's inefficiency is to place the blame on a person or branch of the government, such as the President, Congress, or Senate. However, what most Americans either do not remember...
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It took many different people, and different kinds of people for that matter, to make the American Revolution possible. Some you have probably heard of but others you may have not. These people made separate contributions that impacted the revolution differently and created what history is known for, which is cause and effect. An example of a few of the various acts that people did to support the revolution includes fighting in the war, boycotting goods, creating awareness towards specific...
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