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Westward expansion is a significant chapter in American history. It depicts the nation’s growth as people moved westward. This helped in shaping new territories and forging a united identity. In this essay, we will look into the core facets of westward expansion. This ranges from its catalysts to its enduring ...

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The Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion: Analytical Essay

Question 9: (10/7/19): John Gast’s 1872 painting “The Manifest Destiny” was used to entice Euro-American settlers to move westward in the Americas. What activities did the painting suggest settlers should pursue in these western lands? How were Native Americans portrayed and impacted by the Manifest Destiny. John Gast’s 1872 painting titled “American Progress” is an allegory for Manifest Destiny and the modernization of the new westward expansion by the United States. A woman named Progress is the main image in...
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Death of Indigenous People and Westward Expansion: Analytical Essay

The U.S. drive west that spanned roughly over 30 years displayed how committed the settler, and the U.S Government was in regards to settling the frontier. The greatest tools that was exploited with winning congress following the war was railroad building expansion program. The railroad, in essence, is what this country needed at the time to help re establish unity among the populace. With Union Victory, the south was ruined and the railroads gave way to opportunities of colonization and...
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Link between Westward Expansion and American Dream: Analytical Essay

The American Dream is an opportunity to succeed and have a better life. The American Dream is freedom and equality. It’s a way to get better rights to live a life where their choices are their own choices. It is also new opportunity to attain jobs, better pay, and a better lifestyle. This dream gives people fair immigration processes, safe working conditions, voting rights for men, and women. The American Dream is a way for people to gain nice private...
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Analysis of Canada’s Westward Expansion and Development

For many years, this land was known as British North America. Now it is called by one name. Canada. Canada used to be a country with a small population until there was a revolution. It was the Canadian Pacific Railway. One astonishing fact is that the Canadian government gave the CPR company over 25 million dollars and 25 million acres of land to build the railway. It is stated that the Canadian Pacific Railway had a positive impact on Canada’s...
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Analysis of Factors Facilitating the Idea of Westward Expansion

Prior to the Civil War, creations such as the steel plow fostered economic change, endorsing higher profits for wheat and corn, hence boosting the Southern industry. Although all seemed to progress during this time, the South re-entered their deteriorating substandard society following the events of the Civil war, annihilating their once-prosperous economy. As slavery continued in the South, the North industrialized, constructing numerous amounts of factories and further developing acts, such as the Homestead, to facilitate westward expansion. Technology, government...
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Critical Analysis of “When the Mississippi Ran Backwards”: Representation of Westward Expansion

“When the Mississippi Ran Backwards” refers to a fascinating historical work, meticulously researched and produced by Jay Feldman. The book explores the series of the most powerful earthquake in the history of America, which resulted in the reverse flow of River Mississippi. In the last desperate rebellion, the earthquake united the Indians. The book uncovers a seamy murder that changed the course of the 1812 War. The book revolves around three stories that culminate in the ground shaking, changing the...
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Critical Analysis of “With a Pistol in His Hand”: Westward Expansion of the United States

“With a Pistol in His Hand” gives an account of the story about the cultural conflicts between the North American and Texas Mexicans along the lower Rio Grande Border during the 1900s in South Texas. The book describes how Texas Mexicans resisted and defended themselves from the cultural domination of the Anglo Texan as a result of the westward expansion of the United States. The author, Americo Paredes, focuses on the corrido of the legend Gregorio Cortez. A corrido is...
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The Gateway Arch As a Monument to the Westward Expansion: Analytical Essay

The Gateway Arch How much money do you think it takes to build a monument? The Gateway Arch cost $13 million to build overall, but only 25% was paid for by St. Louise’s funds. Clearly, it was very expensive, but it has many purposes for St. Louis and its culture. In St. Louis historical past, the Gateway Arch played a significant role due to the obstacles in building it, its symbolism as a monument to the westward expansion and it...
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Black Codes, Corruption of Politics, and Westward Expansion: Analytical Essay

Introduction: In the period between the Civil War and the Great Depression often referred to as Reconstruction and then the Gilded Age, many expansions were made in innovation and everyday life. The United States started to lead the world in industrialization, it was a time of massive political and social changes, and it was a time of relative prosperity. But, the people that benefited the most by massive margins were white wealthy business owners so much so that the effects...
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Essay on American History from the Colonial Period to the Civil War: Westward Expansion and Market Revolution

The Market Revolution was a period of monumental economic transformation and considerable technological advances. Innovations had now opened land West for settlement that made it far easier for large factories to sell their products in small cities. Westward expansion and the Market Revolution deeply affected the lives of all Americans. There was a shift from an agricultural economy to an industrial market system that forever changed the production of goods and services from the traditional to the mass produced, mass...
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The Concept of the American Wilderness

The American wilderness includes the geology, history, old stories, and social articulation of life in the forward rush of American development that started with English pioneer settlements in the mid seventeenth century and finished with the affirmation of the final western regions as states in 1959. This period of gigantic movement and settlement was especially energized by President Thomas Jefferson following the Louisiana Purchase, offering ascend to the expansionist way of thinking known as ‘show predetermination’. A ‘wilderness’ is a...
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The Rapid Expansion of the United States in the 19th Century

The 19th century was very important for the history for America. It saw the rise of populism, Jacksonian democracy and the creation of the ‘Manifest Destiny’, invented in 1845 – an idea that the United States is destined to expand and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent. The rapid expansion of the United States intensified the issue of slavery as new states were added to the Union, leading to the outbreak of the Civil War. The...
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Reflections on Why American Expansion Was Unjustified

In the American Constitution, the foundation of the country, it states that a person has the right to believe what they choose. The essence of the constitution was to protect those who chose to believe something different than the minorities. So, for Americans to impose their way of life onto people who were on their own land is unconstitutional. I feel that the American Expansion was unjustified both domestically and internationally because Americans forced their religion and culture on the...
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Discursive Essay on the essence of Manifest Destiny

The United States was growing in its influence on nations all over the world but originally exerted their way of life and beliefs during the colonization of America. This exertion continued to the twentieth century but took another form over time. Now, America’s influence on other nations’ economies and societies, although very similar to Manifest Destiny, became known as American Imperialism. Manifest destiny was a term coined during the sixteenth century of America, which led to further the expansion of...
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