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Thomas Jefferson gave a proposal to Congress to have a secret expedition in the West. In his proposal, he stated that it was for, “economic reasons which could lead to commercial intercourse”. Congress approved and Jefferson was quick to begin planning for the expedition. The territory that Jefferson wanted to explore was owned by the French. Napoleon had lost many soldiers in Hispaniola and lost interest in America therefore decided to sell the land know as Louisiana, at its time,...
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Chapter 1 The Project Intro The world Hayden Bailey lives in is full of technology, advanced enough that citizens are able to travel through time and space. In fact, months are like seconds and years are like minutes, one year in the past equals to one minute in real life. This story is based on the facts of Lewis and Clark Expedition and a little bit of imagination. The story begins… Hayden Bailey, a black-haired boy who adores his denim...
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1620–1728: Puritanism Plymouth Plantation founded During the reign of King James I in September of 1620, nearly 100 mean and women boarded the Mayflower and set sail for the New World. These people were members of the English separatist church. The Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock, the place that would later become the permanent settlement of the Europeans in New England. Most of the settlers died off within the first winter and those who survived secured peace treaties with neighboring...
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While teaching a course on the History of Virginia, Professor George Gilliam of the University of Virginia’s Department of History, explained in response to the question of who really won the Civil War, “It depends on which era you look at and whose perspective you examine the issue from”. African Americans were freed from slavery and ultimately emancipation was achieved; however, today the legacy of slavery continues to impact US culture. Racial inequality in the states exists in every aspect...
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Jon Meacham’s ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’ takes a look into the life of the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. However, his story does not begin there, Jefferson was a well-known individual before his presidency. He was a man of culture, philosophy, and politics. Jefferson defied the original thinking of having to be either a person intensely knowledgeable on culture or just politics. Instead, he pursued both of these areas and created thought through looking at...
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Americans in the 1800s and early 1900s sought unconventional methods such as the use of botanical drugs, steam baths, cold water therapy, magnetic healing, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy for the treatment of ailments (Wharton, 2003). Doctors were not readily available and most care was provided by family in the home. The use of blood-letting, induced vomiting, purging of the bowels, and the ingestion of drugs such as calomel were the types of conventional treatments utilized during this era, which...
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