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A Comparative Research on The Three Sections of The Thirteen Colonies: The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

The Thirteen colonies was a new world for oppressed people to go for new opportunities for a better life. The thirteen colonies are seperated into three different sections: the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.These colonies might have been vastly different, but they actually do have some similarities. The New England Colonies were located in the north parts of the thirteen colonies. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire were apart of the New England Colonies. On June 12th, 1630, eleven...
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The Context and Influence of Concordant Proclamation of The Thirteen Colonies of The USA

From the time our generation landed in Jamestown, we have been respecting your acts and regulations. During those times, many inappropriate actions both sides have taken. However, your recent actions of the Molasses Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend Act, the Tea Act, and Coercive Acts cannot be tolerated by the colonists. These actions have led us to revolt against your will and will not be condoned because of it suppressed our natural rights. The colonists and I...
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The Social Background of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch preliminaries of 1692 occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. Generally speaking, 141 individuals were captured as 19 were hung and one squashed to death. Scientists portray the Salem witch preliminaries as a progression of court preliminaries that were planned for indicting people who had been blamed for black magic. Earlier hearings of the Salem witch preliminaries were done in a few unique towns. The real preliminary was led by the Court of Oyer and Terminer arranged in Salem town....
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The Geographical Difficulties in Cultivation the New England Colonies

Northern America proved to be a challenging country for early settlers in its geography. From mountains west, to the sharp winters consumed by infertile land brimming with trees in the New England Colonies. Colonists trudged through the lands to create success for themselves. This essay will explore what it was like for early settlers to establish anchored settlements in the New England Colonies from a geographical perspective. The New England Colonies (New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) are...
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Why Was Virginia the Best Colony to Live in

Having the warmest climate out of all colonies, Virginia had the greatest spread of diseases than colder settlements in the northern colonies. Virginia was one of the most successful colonies for being rich in tobacco and to the people, it was like gold to them. But Virginia has experienced hardships that led to fruitful and productive aftermaths. The Colony of Virginia has also substantially benefited its economy from its large growths of tobacco crops. Virginia was one of the most...
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The History of Salem Witch Trials

Have you ever heard of the town of Salem? It’s a town located in Massachusetts that started the Salem witch trials. Several horrifying things occurred during the time in which the trials were happening. The trials occurred all the way from February 1962 to May 1963. This event was one of the many significant events of the first colonies. The effects on individuals that were involved were very severe. One example including a lady by the name of Abigail Hobbs....
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The Reasons of Many Colonists Dying in Early Jamestown

The American colonies were established by people who fled British religious persecution. The British government is deeply involved in colonial affairs, and people are beginning to worry about losing their freedom again. After failing to establish a colony on Roanoke Island, Jamestown was known as the first of 13 colonies. It was founded by the London company in 1607, mainly to make money. As we all know, Jamestown is a port and commercial center. This is where people come to...
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Causes of the Salem Witch Trials

Samuel Parris left the room full of anger. Despite the tax problems he was facing from the visiting Salem village, he now has another difficulty for his daughter of 9, and his niece of 11, have both been diagnosed by the doctor to have been bewitched by someone. The past couple of days, Elizabeth and Abigail have been acting very strangely. Parris heard them scream bloody murder, heave things across the room, make strange abnormal sounds, and find them in...
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Settling in Virginia as a Chance to Improve the Colonists' Way of Life

Out of the 13 original colonies, the Virginia Colony might just be the one that offered the most opportunities for settlers/colonist wanting to leave their homeland. These colonists have many different motives for leaving everything behind, but some had no choice as their economy was getting worse. Other settlers such as Pilgrims and Puritans wanted to be able to practice religious beliefs freely. Thankfully Virginia offered these needs and so much more, with its unique geographical feature’s colonist were able...
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