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The Attack on Pearl Harbor: Analysis of Contributions and Roles of Leaders during WW2

There were many important leaders during World War II. They all had a significant impact during the war. Also, they played essential roles. To start off. The first leader is Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was born in 1974. Later in his life, he became a member of the Parliament. Churchill impacted the lives of many people during this period of time. Before World War II started in 1939, he had warned about the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in...
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Critical Analysis of The Day Of Infamy by Walter Lord: The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

The Day Of Infamy by Walter Lord Yamamoto’s famous quotes: ‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.’ ‘A wise man would find a way not to fight this war” The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is arguably one of the most historical events to date. The book “The Day Of Infamy” focuses primarily on December 7th,1941 known as The Day Of Infamy. The Day Of Infamy begins on a still morning on the American base...
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Case Study: Role of Groupthink during the History of Pearl Harbor

Groupthink has become more dangerous today than ever before. With the emerging social media platforms, mob mentality has brought outrage daily. Groupthink and similarly mob mentality are not new concepts. The term groupthink was first used by William H. Whyte in an article in Fortune magazine in 1952 but it was Irving Janus in the 1970s who conducted the first research to aid in exposing groupthink. What is groupthink? “Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon whereby pressure within a group to...
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Reflections on What Would Have Happened if America had Joined the World War II Earlier

American, English Japan, China, German and many countries joined WWII, one of the biggest wars in the world. The fact is fascism was defeated, and the war ranged from Europe to Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, involving 61 countries and regions, more than 2 billion people, and an area of 22 million square kilometre. America as one of the powerful countries of antifascism made big progress in this war, and maybe without America the fascist could not be...
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The Last Straw, or Why the Japanese and Americans 'Grabbed Each Other by the Neck'

During the 1900s, there were lots of controversy between America and other axis countries. There is so many reasons why the Japs and Americans were at each other necks. First, the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor and this was one of the brutalist attacks that has ever happened. The Americans didn’t react fast enough and didn’t know what to do once it had happened. All they could do is try and fight for their country and their lives. At that...
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Critical Analysis of Groupthink during Pearl Harbor

Groupthink occurs within all body of workplaces and all stage no issue what profession you are in. If you are working with a chemical group of multitudes and a have one soul making the decisiveness for the better of the group. In this essay, I will give the reader a better understanding of what groupthink is and how it effects the outcome. Also, there will be some historical examples provided that reflect on the determination use of why group think...
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Research Paper on Causes and Consequences of Attack on Pearl Harbor

The United States was never gonna join the war, America’s job was to only supply Great Britain with money and equipment to fight Hilter and his Blitzkrieg. When the war started on September 1, 1939, it sent the world into chaos, the United States was safe from Hiter’s army and was not going to get involved, but that all changed on December 7, 1941, when the Empire of Japan surprise bombed U.S. ships at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. The...
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The Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Emergency Relief Program: Events That Helped Shape America

Two events that helped sculpt America into what it is today would be – the attack on Pearl Harbor and the New Deal Emergency Relief Program. These two events changed the landscape of America for decades to come, and will carry an impact far into the future. First, a brief reminder of what happened in Pearl Harbor. On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japanese planes assaulted the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory. The shelling murdered over...
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The Siege of Leningrad, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Stalingrad: Historical Analytical Essay

The Siege of Leningrad The siege of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) lasted from 8 September 1941 to January 27 1944, totaling 872 days. In the June of 1941 the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany, and in September the Germans were approaching Leningrad, attacking from the west and south. The people of Leningrad worked to build anti-tank fortifications to help the 200 000 Red Army soldiers defending the city. Hitler ordered the troops to stop the attack to prevent casualties,...
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Link Between Groupthink and Quality of Decision Making

Groupthink is a psychological state that occurs in a group of people. These people somehow desire to have order and a certain understanding in the group. Sometimes, this results in irrational or wrong making of decisions. This could even result in pathological disagreement in the group, mainly in decision-making. That is why it becomes a major factor in many poor made decisions. It is basically that “loyalty requires each member to avoid raising controversial issues“ (Janis, 1982) in a group....
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The Heroes of Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese began bombing Pearl Harbor. At the end of the second wave of bombing, the United States had “five sunk battleships and eight damaged. Three destroyers, three light cruisers, three smaller boats, and 188 aircraft were destroyed. The casualty count was 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians and 1,178 people were wounded” (The History Place, 1997). I believe these numbers would have been higher if it weren’t for heroes like Samuel Fuqua, Peter Tomich, Doris Miller,...
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Overview of USS Utah's History as a Battleship

Resilience and adaptation are terms that can certainly be applied a ship that started an eventful timeline as a Battleship, and ultimately morphed into the one of the first training drones used by the US Navy, as is in the case of the USS Utah. Understanding the history of the USS Utah will give senior enlisted leaders a sense of understanding of adapting to the needs of mission, and putting the needs of others above self. This essay will discuss...
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Similarities between D-day and Pearl Harbor: Analytical Essay

There are similarities between D-day and pearl harbor one of the main similarities was that they were both surprise attacks on countries which meant both of the defender countries had very little to no preparation to fight against the attackers. Pearl harbor was an ambush on the American navy and D-day was a surprise attack on the Nazi-occupied Part of France. Another similarity between these invasions were that the attackers had to cross the water to attack. In pearl harbor...
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Franklin Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today I’ll talk about FDR’s Pearl Harbor address to the nation. Before attacking Pearl Harbor or even before World War II. The Empire of Japan’s goal was to conquer all the islands in the Pacific and eventually conquer the entire Pacific fleet. Before attacking Pearl Harbor they have conquered Manchuria, Inner Mongolia (which is present day China), Korea and Tonkking. The reason why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is it would destroy the American fleet making...
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Analytical Essay on WW2 In The Pacific Ocean: the Pearl Harbor Attack

Japan started most of the pacific world war but Japan lost the war because of many reasons. 3 of the main reasons that ww2 in the pacific started was due to japan having no resources, japan wanting to expand their country, and the Pearl Harbor attack. One of the reason ww2 started in the pacific was due to having no resources. Back then 90% oil and ¾ trade stayed in America. So that Japan couldn’t get it and use it...
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The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor in Darryl Zanuck's ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’

Released in 1970, ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ depicts the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. From its conception, it was intended to be as unbiased and historically accurate as a film adaptation of history can be. Drawing material from two books by respected historians, the film allows us to view the event from the perspective of many key figures, as well as lesser known but important actors. ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ was the brainchild of Daryll Zanuck, producer of...
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History of Pearl Harbor and Reflective Essay on Our Trip to Pearl Harbor

One day, about 5 years ago, my mom and I took a trip to Hawaii. We visited two islands Oahu and Maui. Our adventure started in Oahu. My mom had planned something every day, to my dismay. Most of the excursions were bus tours and one or two stops at small local shops around the island. I don’t remember much of these bus tours, but the only thing I do remember was from these tours, if I’m being perfectly honest,...
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Reflections on Whether the United States Would Have Entered World War II Without Pearl Harbor

Would the U.S. have entered World War II without Pearl Harbor? It’s a very serious question that hasn’t been discussed for too long. Many questions could stem off this one question such as, would there be a significant difference in present day if World War II did not occur or how would it have affected certain things back then. There’s so many questions to be answered. Many will be answered in this excerpt, there’s so much information to be shared....
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Analytical Essay on Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor

America tried to stop Japan’s expansion, Clues in ads came out to warn America. A large number of bomber planes attacked, and caused PTSD, and large amounts of death and damage. Japan’s Unstable During the 1930s, Japan, having already annexed Korea in 1910, sought to further expand its empire, particularly to gain resources. Japan couldn’t have done an attack more monumental than the one at pearl harbor. Even before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the country has already attacked China. The...
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Was the Japanese Internment Justified: Argumentative Essay

Japanese American families are given a number to wear on their jackets as armed American soldiers order them to leave their homes. The young children hold tight to their parents’ hands. They are filled with feelings of fear and uncertainty as their families are put onto trains and buses that will take them away from the homes they have established to live in guarded, fenced prison camps. The United States government sent Japanese Americans to prison camps because of fear...
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