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Journey to the Past: Descriptive Essay on Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Chapter 1 The Project


The world Hayden Bailey lives in is full of technology, advanced enough that citizens are able to travel through time and space. In fact, months are like seconds and years are like minutes, one year in the past equals to one minute in real life. This story is based on the facts of Lewis and Clark Expedition and a little bit of imagination. The story begins… Hayden Bailey, a black-haired boy who adores his denim jacket so much that he wears it every day, sat in the classroom quietly, listening to the teacher’s words. “This month you will be doing a project on Expeditions in the Past. Each student must write a journal for the expedition. The most outstanding work of each class will be presented in the library. This project would be due next month. ” The discussion began, the blacked-haired boy wasn’t involved in any conversation, instead he took out his laptop and planned out his next trip.

After school, Hayden sprinted towards his house, can’t wait to show his mother about his project plan. “Mom! I got something for you,” yelled Hayden, “I’ve planned out a trip to the past for my History project.” “Oh my boy, let me see, let me see,” Jelena, Hayden’s mom, shouted with excitement. Jelena took away Hayden’s laptop:

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition (May 1804 to September 1806)
  • Clark recruit men for the expedition in Kentucky 1803
  • I could join the expedition if I travel to Kentucky
  • Then I can write my journal during the expedition
  • I won’t have to research for every detail of the expedition because I participated in it

“This is awesome! Okay, you can get ready, and I’ll operate the time machine tomorrow, right after you take back from school.”

The morning breeze blows through the window, carrying a sense of excitement. Hayden stood behind the door, ready to go to school. “Remember, come home right after the class is dismissed, or the time machine will automatically shut down. Have a great day!” Jelena closed the door and hurried up the roof where the time machine settles. The machine is a ball of pure white marble with a ring of the glass window in the middle, it is the newest product of the Speed-X time machine collection, which Jelena Bailey herself designed. She put on her control glasses and started to operate the time machine, three clicks on the right, then one click on the left, words appear on the machine:

  • The machine will be fully charged in 8 hours
  • Your final destination: Kentucky 1803 Nov. 23rd

For the whole day, Hayden isn’t paying attention to the surroundings, all he thinks of is the adventure that is about to begin… After school, Hayden threw his backpack on the ground, then ran to his bedroom to grab his journal. “Hey, Hayden! Ready to start the journey? Everything is ready in the machine, your clothes will be changed automatically once you arrived,” said Jelena “Thanks mom, I’ll be back in about three minutes, love you so much!”

Chapter 2 A New Friend

Three seconds countdown before blast off, three, two, one, the journey begins. The black-haired boy sat on the sofa, with a seat belt on, traveled through time. Inside the time machine, there is a food bar, which makes all kinds of food, American, Chinese, and even Hungarian, also there is a controlling center right behind the glass window. Outside, was the scene that human fifty years ago could never imagine, thousands of planet Earth rotating around in different directions. Instead of floating planets, old buildings appeared in sight, while the speaker speaks up, “You have now arrived in Kentucky, America, November 23rd, 1803. You will be able to travel home anytime you want, the secret code is ‘Hey, Speedo’, have a great time in the past!' Hayden took out his notebook and wrote the secret password on the first page.

Hayden, now wearing a brown adventure coat, walked out of the time machine, looking for any sign of William Clark recruiting men for the upcoming adventure. Hayden saw a crowd gathering in the corner of the streets, he walked across the street and stood behind a boy, with blonde hair. The blonde boy turned around, and looked at Hayden curiously, “Hello? Are you here to join the expedition too? ” asked the boy, “I’m Jasper Allison, what’s your name?” “I’m Hayden Bailey, I’m lining up to join the expedition,” said Hayden, “That’s great! I’m here to join William Clark too!”

The two boys joined the expedition and started to prepare for their adventure. On the way to the market, Hayden and Jasper had a conversation on their thoughts about the expedition. “Did you know that this expedition is the first time Americans step on the western part of the land?” asked Jasper. “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the west,” said Hayden, “ I hope we can find wild animals and plants, we’ve never seen before!” “Thanks to President Jefferson, I can finally leave my town and explore the new land,” Jasper told Hayden.

Chapter 3 The Journey Journal

The sun rose from the east, bringing up the brightness between the trees, Hayden is already dressed up, sitting beside the table, thinking deeply about his plan. The bell on the tower rang, it is time to get ready for the adventure, he picked up his bag and went downstairs. At the plaza, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark counted the supplies and organized men. “HAYDEN! HAYDEN!” shouted Jasper, searching for the black-haired boy. “Jasper I’m here,” as he speaks, Hayden runs towards his new friend with excitement.

  • Dear Diary,

On the way to the west, we discovered dozens of rivers and lakes, we also found new species of plants, one of them is called a bitterroot. We found it hiding beside the stones on the ground. A bitterroot has fifteen dark pink petals, and we predicted that it grows in a dry environment. I drew a sample of the flower. Everything was perfect until Sergeant Floyd suffered a very severe appendicitis and unfortunately died. Lewis and Clark buried him on a nearby cliff beside the Missouri River. We wish you the best Sergeant Floyd.

Hayden Bailey September 1st, 1804

  • Dear Diary,

We built a fort near the Big Hidatsa Village where the natives live, I found out one of the main goals of this expedition is to make contact with Native Indians. We spent this winter meeting the natives and gave them peace medals and traded goods. The best thing about the native tribe is that one of the native women, named Sacagawea, agreed to lead us through the unknown land! Time flies, I’ve been on the expedition for half a year! Every sample of new species, notes on soil and climate, and freshly graphed maps were already sent back to President Jefferson, hopefully, we will get a response from him very soon!

Hayden B. January 3rd, 1805

  • Dear Diary,

We walked along the Missouri River and arrived at Yellowstone! Mom took me here once and this place is completely different from the one I’ve been to! Thanks to Sacagawea who took us here, we saw wild buffalos, deers, elks, and antelopes. The most significant thing was Captain Lewis being chased by a Grizzly Bear, he could’ve died if the man from our group didn’t kill the bear. Jasper and I also tried to feed the deers, but we failed because we were scared they might attack us. Thinking about mom, I miss her signature hamburger and my breakfast smoothie, in the expedition we can only eat buffalo meat or fish. Nevermind, I can wait until the end of the expedition, and order some meal from the food bar!

H. B. April 30th, 1805

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  • Dear Diary,

The past few days are exhausting, we had to borrow horses from Sacagawea’s tribe to go through the mountains. As we reach the Lemhi Pass, we saw the endless Rocky Mountains and figured out that there are no direct passageways to go through. On our way through the mountains, there were no animals for us to hunt, with the freezing temperature on the mountains, it was a total nightmare! I wish I can call my time machine, but I have to finish my project! Let’s hope my project will be presented in the library.

Hayden Bailey August 19th, 1805

The team went through the mountains successfully and arrived at the Shoshone Tribe, where Sacagawea’s brother lent them horses, but they don’t know what lays behind the mountains.

Chapter 4 The Most Dangerous Part

The team’s next obstacle is the Lolo Pass where 200 miles of snowy tracks laid firmly on the ground. As they went through, they were dehydrated and suffered from frostbites. To survive the team had to kill four baby horses.

  • Dear Diary,

After we left the Lolo pass, we arrived at a prairie called Weippe Prairie. We stayed in the tribe for a month, and the natives showed us the route to the Clearwater River, so we could reach the Pacific Ocean. In this expedition, I figured that the natives helped us so much, we were not able to pay them back. From the tribe’s horses to the guidance from Sacagawea, we could never make it without help from them!

H. B. October 25th, 1805

  • Dear Diary,

Our team arrived at the Pacific Ocean, where we could see the blue horizon far away. We built a fort to get ready for our returning trip. I planned out a list of things I could do, either I should travel back home now, or I could finish the trip. And I chose to stay, to add the ending into my journal. Maybe there will be another discover on the way back home! Who knows?

Hayden B. November 16th, 1805

Chapter 5 The Perfect Ending

  • Dear Diary,

We are finally back to Missouri, on the way back we definitely found new places and streams, which we added in our maps. We found a total of 126 new species of plant on this expedition and provided detailed notes on plants, animals, and natives. I am so glad we finished our expedition and discovered a lot.

Hayden Bailey September 22nd, 1806

St. Louis, Missouri 1806 AD September 23rd

After Congress awarded the team with double pay and public land, Jasper said, “Goodbye my friend, I will never forget this journey.” Hayden nodded his head and walked in the crowds. “Hey, Speedo,” shouted Hayden, the time machine appeared beside him. Hayden hopped into the machine and pressed the largest button that says ‘HOME’ on the control center.

Three seconds countdown before blast off, three, two, one, the journey begins. Hayden sat back into his sofa, enjoying his breakfast smoothie made by the Food Bar. There are thousands of planet Earth rotating outside the time machine, one to the left and one to the right. All of the planets stopped, and the familiar sight appears on the window. Skyscrapers, flying cars, and white clouds, Hayden Bailey is back home! He ran downstairs into his bedroom, where he organized his journal for his project.

California, America 2053 AD

“And the most outstanding project goes to —— Hayden Bailey,” said the History teacher. Hayden walked to the front and accepted his award and the unstoppable applause, nothing else can describe the glorious smile on his face, but the word SATISFIED.


Back of Book Summary

Time machines are the most popular way to spend a vacation in the 2050s, people either travel to the past or to the future. Hayden Bailey, a black-haired boy planned out his next trip and went on board. This isn’t a vacation, but a mission to complete his history project. Through his journey, Hayden joined Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the west, where he wrote a journal about the unexplored west. How do students work on their projects in 2053? What is it like to travel via time machine? Will Hayden be able to survive through the expedition? Or will he suffer from terrible diseases? All the answers will be revealed in the book...

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