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The Crucible By Arthur Miller: Guilt And Power Of People

The Crucible is a play written by American playwright Arthur Miller in 1953 and takes place in the Puritan New England town of Salem Massachusetts. This play mainly focuses on and describes the true events of witchcraft during the years of 1692/93. During these years fear, hysteria, and panic defined the way people lived and acted towards one another. If the author was to write this drama in the years 2017/2018 he would have to change his view on society...
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Reflections of McCarthyism: Struggle for Rights in Miller’s 'The Crucible'

People cannot control their destiny but must live through the hardships and change their perspectives/personality to survive the hysteria. Mankind must persist through the failures and as long as courage drives ambition, their voice will be heard across the world. This power of inspiration is expressed during Mccarthyism, an era where Arthur Miller faces contempt with congress but persists on writing many plays to express his voice and make an impact on the world. In one of his many striking...
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Arthur Miller's Vision of John Proctor' Personality in his Novel 'The Crucible'

In the beginning of the play, Miller introduces the character John Proctor as an individual that remains unalterable with Proctor’s stance on honesty and integrity, unlike the narrow-minded Salem community. In Act I, Miller presents John Proctor as a bold man, standing up to hypocrites. Further on, Proctor argues with the Putnams and Reverend Parris due to bizarre accusations about witchcraft. Miller exhibits John Proctor’s indications that Putnam cannot chide the devil for his children’s deaths arguing. “I see none...
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Essay on Reverend Hale as a Dynamic Character of Arthur Miller's ‘The Crucible’

Dynamic characters are people who change over a work a literature, authors use dynamic characters to show change and progression throughout a work a literature. This can be used to get the reader more engaged and have more feeling for the characters. The author of ‘The Crucible’, Arthur Miller, has used this writing technique to make his characters much more interesting and make the reader continue to read on. One such character in ‘The Crucible’ is Reverend Hale, he is...
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Ghost Story Genre in Works of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was a renowned playwright who lived from October 17th, 1915, to February 10th, 2005. His literary career began when he was a student at the University of Michigan. He was the recipient of multiple Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, and the Praemium Imperiale Prize (“Arthur Miller”). Miller was also briefly married to Marilyn Monroe and was furthermore notorious for not “naming names” during the Red Scare, despite the repercussions (“Arthur Miller”). Arthur Miller worked hard to “[combine] social...
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John Proctor's Personality Transformation

Chaos breaks out in the town and rumors of witchery spread. Teenage girls let out savage screams and shake uncontrollably. Everyone is panicking and blaming one another. In ‘The Crucible’, a historical fiction play written by Arthur Miller, set in 1693 Salem, Massachusetts, John Proctor, a respected farmer, tries to get the truth out and end the witchcraft madness. Arthur Miller wrote the play about the Salem Witch Trials, which started when a group of young girls were accused of...
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Short Description Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller exposes the substance of relationships through the prism of a theocracy that holds superstitions, represses human instinct, and fails to acknowledge human frailty. Dynamic human experiences are the normal progression in the lives of individuals most evident in the nature of their relationships. In Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, a shift of power is portrayed through Abigail’s sly manipulation. The disintegration of an orderly religiously managed society into one that Is governed by chaos and hysteria is caused initially...
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The Crucible': Main Approaches in Linguistic by Arthur Miller

The Crucible is a play that was written by Arthur Miller in 1952. It is the play that preceded Death of a Salesman, his first success as a writer for which he won a Tony award and the Pulitzer Prize. The play is based on the Witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts where 20 women accused of being witches where hanged in 1692 This play by Arthur Miller was written to last, and it is part of the selective canon (texts...
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The Crucible By Arthur Miller: Unbalanced View Of Men And Women

In the play ‘The Crucible’ by author Arthur Miller, it is very apparent that Miller presents an overall unbalanced view of men and women. The Crucible is a play about the Salem witch trials that took place in Massachusetts and begins with a girl named Abigail. She performs witchcraft and once caught, accuses others of the small village ruled by the theology of witchcraft. She does this to murder the wife of a man called John Proctor, with who she...
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The Crucible By Arthur Miller: The Lie Of Elizabeth Proctor

Many people have been in a position where they don’t know if it’s best for them to lie or not for the sake of someone they care about, due to the fear of what the consequences may be. Elizabeth Proctor had been in that position trying to do what’s right to defend herself and her husband, but instead, it led to something else. The most significant choice in the Crucible had been when Goody Proctor lied in court. Unfortunately, Elizabeth...
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The Influence Of Society: The Crucible By Arthur Miller

“The Crucible,”(1953) is a play composed by Arthur Miller to allegorically comment on the behaviors seen in society at the time of his writing the play. Miller uses the word ‘crucible’ to depict a test of the most decisive kind or a severe trial however it is normally referred to as a vessel in which substances are heated to high temperatures, the impure elements being melted away to leave the pure elements behind. Influenced by Salem and McCarthyism, the playwright...
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Why Did Arthur Miller Wrote 'The Crucible'

The role of human behavior and motivations within the human experience has been a fundamental part of many texts which explore the depths of humans and their personal experiences. Arthur Miller’s dramatic allegory ‘The Crucible’ represents cold-war McCarthyistic America through the eyes of the village of Salem Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials of 1692. The play strongly represents the author’s own personal experience dealing with McCarthyism and issues such as fear, accusation without proof, jealousy, revenge, and power acquisition...
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Why Did Arthur Miller Name His Play 'The Crucible'

The play the “ Crucible” is written by Authur Miller and was published in 1953 as a response to what is known as the “communist scares” in America in the 1950s. The definition of a crucible can be defined as a severe test. Although it also can be defined as a container that can withstand high temperatures, it is often used to melt and change the shape of metals. In the play, the definition of a crucible is used as...
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Portrayal of Willie Loman in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman': Character Analysis

Throughout history, literature and the way people interpret literature has changed dramatically. Different genres of plays including romance, action, and even heartbreaking tragedies that touch the reader’s heart have been shared for thousands of years. One of the most popular genres would be tragedies. A tragedy, as described by Aristotle, is a story that follows a protagonist who, over time, causes his own downfall because of his tragic flaws. However, times have changed and the way that critics interpret tragic...
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Arthur Miller’s Ideas about ‘The American Dream’

Arthur Miller himself once stated that the play is tricky to categorize because none of its characters stand up and make a speech about the great issues which he believes it embodies. This is also a problem for anyone who would attempt to develop a clear idea about what messages Death of a Salesman attempts to deliver and consequently it is often advised that exploring any inconsistencies or complications is more beneficial than trying to explain them. As with any...
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Essay on Arthur Miller's Play 'Death of a Salesman': Portrayal of Willie Loman

Yes, I think ‘Death of a salesman ‘ by Arthur Miller is a tragedy. In this play characteristic, we can say it’s a modern tragedy.’Death of a salesman ‘ by Arthur Miller’s play is based on a middle-class family’s dream-broken story. American sellers have always dreamed of a comfortable, economical financial situation; a life without debts for themselves and their families, but this dream will end their life. In this capitalist society, the lifelong dreams of middle-class parents are reflected...
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Arthur Miller's Path to American Theater

Arthur Miller was born on October 17, 1915, in Harlem, New York. The early years of Miller’s life did not go smoothly. Still, while having many problems with his grades, Miller was very athletic playing many sports including football, at which he excelled; he also ran track. Miller portrays this in one of his shorter works, Danger: Memory!. The two main characters in this play look back on their lives and regret much of what they did. They wonder if...
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Essay on Arthur Miller: The Person Blacklisted by Hollywood

Thesis statement: The play, ‘The Crucible,’ was written by American author Arthur Miller in 1953. The Crucible is set against the backdrop of the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 when a group of girls thought to be demonically possessed in the strongly religious Puritan village of Salem accused a series of local women of practicing witchcraft. This led to widespread hysteria, a trial was set up, and multiple people were sent to the gallows after being found guilty of practicing...
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Essay on Arthur Miller: 'Why I Wrote 'The Crucible'

‘Admitting one’s own faults is the first step to changing them, and it is a demonstration of true bravery and integrity’ – Philip Johnson. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, staff, students, and guests, and welcome to the Caloundra State High School open day. In this presentation, I will be educating you on Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’. Specifically, how through this story, the writer assists in the theory that ‘Maintaining personal integrity comes at a cost’. In this symbolic piece,...
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Essay on Arthur Miller Themes in 'The Crucible'

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play set in the 1600s that tackles some very important themes relevant both in the time it was set and the period in which Miller wrote it. The play is about a town called Salem which is driven into hysteria and madness by suspicion and fear. Miller uses this true story of the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for government persecution of suspected communists during the 20th century, while also himself putting...
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Informative Essay on Arthur Miller

Miller’s book, The Crucible, is about many young women in Salem, Massachusetts being accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials in the 1690s. There is a lot of chaos that goes down between the people being accused, and the accusers themselves. The whole entire village in Salem goes into hysteria. At the end of the book, 19 villagers have died, and over 200 arrested. Arthur Miller himself was accused of communism and “un-American” things during McCarthyism in the 1950s....
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Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' Difference from Its Classically Tragic Ancestors

I think Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a salesman’ is a tragedy and it is a modern tragedy. Arthur Miller’s play ‘Death of a Salesman’ is based on such a dream-breaking story. An American salesman has always dreamed of financially comfortable and debt-free living for himself and his family, but that dream ends with his life. The lifelong dream of the common middle-class and lower-middle-class fathers of this capitalist society is reflected in the children’s dream of success. But his ability...
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Reputation In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

The Crucible story lands in a village called Salem where people believe that the devil resonates there. People in Salem were prosecuted even when they were all probably innocent and their deaths were all due to false accusations to people’s ridiculous belief in superstition not questioning if there is a cause behind it. The people of Salem believed in the devil and witches should be hunted out. The Crucible faces a tough decision to protect their reputation some of the...
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Reverend Hale as a Dynamic Character in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'

In the play ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, Reverend Hale makes an internal change throughout the story by shifting his opinion from being convinced the witchcraft was real to making the realization that it was all a ploy for vengeance towards other characters in the story. From the beginning when Hale was introduced, he gave a sense of authority when he came into a room. Hale was sent in from the town of Beverly to inspect the supposed hysteria passing...
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Timeless Theme In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

The Crucible is a play written in pre-modern times, which is still relevant in the postmodern era. Arthur Miller wrote the play during the time of the Red Scare, in which multiple people were being convicted of communism without evidence or proof. The increase in the use of social media and the easy access to the news can start chaos and spread fear, like in Salem. The Crucible has timeless themes that are still applicable to our lives, 60 years...
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The Crucible': Danger of Making Assumptions

In the play, ‘The Crucible’ Arthur Miller writes about a fire and its representation of hysteria and a crucible to depict that in times of hysteria, making assumptions will only create additional chaos and paranoia by leading one further from the truth. The concept of fire through symbolism and a biblical allusion demonstrates that assumptions will only lead one further from the truth. In Act One, when Goody Putnam mentions the death of all her children but one, she justifies...
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