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Integrated Descriptive Linguistics

Teacher beliefs and practices relating to integrated descriptive linguistics teaching falls in to the class of communicative teaching (CLT) that continues to stay underneath constant analysis, primarily within the faculty|high|highschool|high school|secondary school|lyceum|lycee|Gymnasium|middle school} school context. there’s a tested tendency for EFL lecturers in Asia to think about descriptive linguistics teaching and CLT as dichotomous; additional analysis into the factors which will each facilitate and impede makes an attempt to integrate descriptive linguistics teaching with communicative work would clearly be of...
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The Usefulness Of Forensic Linguistics

Is language a distinctive feature when it comes to constructing yourself? Language allows speakers not only to communicate with others, but also to express who they are, where they come from, and who they associated with. “Language functions as a cornerstone in the construction of our identity and in the relationships we build” (Littlejohn and Rao Mehta 1). The process by which people construct and project their proximity to ideals, concepts, people, places, and namely their culture, is done both...
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Role Of Computers In Linguistics

As we all know that computers have a marked influence on linguistics.In the near future computers would be providing more help to linguists. Computational linguistics studies how computers are related to linguistics and also deals with techniques of computers that assist us in interpretation of language. To facilitate linguists to explore and interpret natural language with the help of computers. M To grasp/comprehend (by comparing with computers) more about how people understand the natural language. Use of computers in Linguistics...
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Verb Transitivity Of Malay Palembang Language (Systematic Functional Linguistics Perspective)

Abstract In language there is a metafunction, namely, Ideational; correlation of the usefulness of language in conveying experience in the form of expression and understanding of the perception of life that is carried out consciously called transitivity. This study attempts to analyze the transitivity process of Palembang Malay verbs with Linguistic Functional Linguistics categories. The research method uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative (mixed method). The source of the data collected in the form of a conversation in Palembang...
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Lexical Cohesion In Academic Writing: Abstract Of Applied Linguistics

Abstract The writings of Halliday and Hasan (1976) established the approach of cohesion in texts in discourse analysts. Depiction on this significant study, researchers have been inquiring cohesion in both monologic and dialogic discourses of different languages (Taboada, 2004; Angermeyer, 2002), genres (Tanskanen, 2006; Hoey, 2005), and registers (Hasan, 1984; Hoey, 1991). The purpose of this study was to introspect lexical cohesion in abstracts of research articles from the Applied Linguistics. The study was designed to : (1) analyze the...
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The Significance Of Statistics In SLP And Linguistics

No matter what you major in most of the time there’s always some type of math/statistics in it even if it’s just a little. I’m majoring in Speech Language Pathology and from what I knew before researching was that statistics does play a small role in this field. You wouldn’t think that though because what does statistics have to do with speaking? Well like I said, before researching I only knew that statistics plays a role with the diagnostics in...
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Dialect And Accent In Linguistics

One of my Chinese friends once complained to me worriedly that a Chinese ’19, who already has an offer from Goldman Sachs, said that he spoke English with a heavy accent, and that it might compromise his chances in the American job market. I shrugged and replied, “Well, then you may have to work harder on your accent. That’s how the market works.” However, on second thought, there was something wrong with my response. Because I want to major in...
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Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic and Archaeology: General Analysis

Anthropology is known as the scientific study which seeks to end the infinite curiosity about humans(HASKINGS-WINNER, COLLISHAW, 2011, p. 7). Anthropology does not focus on one research about humans, it is a broad study seeking why, when and how people appeared on earth as well as how they have changed and got distributed around the world. Anthropologists also want to know why there is variation between people in different populations. In Anthropology there are four fields used to study humans,...
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Linguistic Human Rights In India

INTRODUCTION The geographical location of the Indian sub-continent and the various historical forces have brought into the land people with different ethnic origins and varying culture based on religion, language and philosophy of life. Linguistic diversity is one of the marked features of the Indian society. There are well recognized regions within the Indian having distinct languages of their own. During the British rule, the territorial units were organized on considerations of administrative efficiency and as such they were multi-lingual...
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Linguistic Peculiarities And Values Of The Gospel Of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas is one of the most famous apocryphal works to have been found for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it was mentioned by a number of early Christian writers such as Hippolytus who quotes it in his arguments with the Naassenes and also may have been utilised by the Manicheans which makes it an influential book. Secondly, unlike most other Christian writing, Thomas consists only of logia (sayings) associated with Jesus along with occasional elements...
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Words As A Very Powerful Device: Quotes And Sayings

Words are a very powerful device, and none more so than the ones that the bride and groom will say during their wedding day. This doesn’t just mean the vows that they have taken, although this is probably the most important words that will be spoken during the wedding. This also includes the bride and groom wedding speech, delivered together or individually, as the first official speeches the bride and the groom will be giving as married individuals. Even so,...
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A Contrastive Analysis Between Indonesian And English Prepositions Of Place

Introduction A Human cannot live without social, we always need people to communicate with each other, therefore, we have language as the tools for interactions. Kentjono (1982) said that ‘Language is a system of a sound symbol which arbitrary, used by a social group to work together, communicate, and identify their self’. While Cambridge dictionary state that language is a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular...
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Cross-Linguistics Between Vietnamese And English In Bilingual Participants

Abstract Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 2 million Vietnamese-Americans. There is a shift in the relative language dominance from the first language (L1) to the second language (L2) of immigrant populations that have come to the United States (Tang, M.G., 2007). Maintaining the Vietnamese language provides a critical means for transmitting cultural values across generations and within the ethnic community, which promotes emotional and social balance in self-perception and identity. The Vietnamese language differs from the English...
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Natural Language Processing And Its Applications

Abstract Natural Language Processing is a branch that is mainly involved in the field of Artificial Intelligence and deals with the study of mathematical and computational modelling of various aspects of natural language and the development of wide range of systems. NLP researchers aim to research on how human beings understand and use language so that appropriate tools and techniques can be developed for the computer to understand and manipulate natural languages to perform the desired tasks. In this paper...
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First Language Acquisition Theory (Interactionism)

Introduction Our group has decided to look into Susumu Kondo’s case study titled “First Language Acquisition: A Case Study of a Japanese-Chinese Bilingual Child” from a publisher; who published about this case study in 2007. As stated in the titled, Susumu Kondo focused more on a bilingual child’s first language acquisition through interactionism with people around the subject that he chose to look into. His subject was his nephew, Kenta, aged 2.5 years old who’s a Japanese-Chinese bilingual child...
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The Crucible': Main Approaches in Linguistic by Arthur Miller

The Crucible is a play that was written by Arthur Miller in 1952. It is the play that preceded Death of a Salesman, his first success as a writer for which he won a Tony award and the Pulitzer Prize. The play is based on the Witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts where 20 women accused of being witches where hanged in 1692 This play by Arthur Miller was written to last, and it is part of the selective canon (texts...
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The Sources Of Actions And Sayings Of The Prophet

ABSTRACT Imam Al-Bukhari who was a Persian Islamic scholar was born in the city of Bukhara somewhere around 810 AD and passed on around 870 AD around Khartank a village of Samarqand. His real name was Muhammad Ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Mughirah ibn Bardizbah al-Jufi Abu Abdallah al-Bukhari. He has with the title Amir al-Mu’min in the field of Hadith. This is a title he earned at an early stage in life because of his enormous knowledge in the...
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Linguistic And Literary Analysis Of The Poem Blackberry Picking

Blackberry Picking forms part of Seamus Heaney’s first published collection and it is dedicated to Philip Hobsbaum (Heaney, 1999). He was one of Heaney’s tutors at Queen’s University Belfast. The main theme of many of Heaney’s poems was growing up and he took inspiration from his childhood and nature. (Seamus Heaney, 2020). Blackberry Picking appears to explore the optimism of life, having hope and anticipation as children, followed by disappointment as you get older. Religious connotations appear in the poem,...
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