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Muhammad Essay Examples

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The Sayings And Doings Of The Prophet Muhammad In Hadith

Introduction In this essay, I will be examining whether the Hadith can be trusted as a historical source. The Hadith contains traditions that Muslims consider to be the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad, establishing it as a very important source within Islam. My...
4 Pages 1913 Words

The Ways Of Holy Prophet Muhammad

The ways of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is written by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hai Aarfi, disciple of Molana Ashraf Thanvi, and is published by Darul Isha’at. This book is based on the life of Holy Prophet (SAW) and his teachings. In my opinion, the main...
2 Pages 904 Words

The Attributes Of The Prophet Muhammad As A Teacher

“We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our verses, and purifying you, and instructing you in scripture and wisdom, and in new knowledge” (Al-Imran, 3:164). This verse verifies that Prophet Muhammad (Ṣallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) was sent as a...
2 Pages 1000 Words

The Migration Of Prophet Muhammad From Mecca To Medina

Introduction Muhammad was a religious, political and social leader of Arabic origin and he was also the prophet and originator of Islam. As per Islamic doctrine, Prophet Muhammad was sent to confirm and present monotheistic teachings that had previously been taught by other prophets before...
3 Pages 1547 Words

Mohammad As A Prophet And A Statesman

The life of Muhammad, considered as the last prophet by Muslims, has multiple dimensions. The most prominent role is that of a prophet but when we take a deeper look, we find that he was, in fact, a statesman who led his nation to a...
5 Pages 2493 Words

Islam And Blasphemy

This is the one of the major problem of Muslims facing nowadays every day anything related to this topic is come and hit our feelings very hard. This topic is closely related to the social and political challenges faced by Muslims in modern time. Topic...
4 Pages 1896 Words

What Is Welfare State Of Medina?

Background Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was forty years age when he started preaching Islam in Makkah. Your jihad began against the dominant and capitalist class, which kept the weak and the poor as their slaves. Rehmat-ul-Allah Alamin became the largest support of this weak and inferior class....
4 Pages 1996 Words

Attributes Of Prophet Muhammad As A Teacher

Introduction Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) was an ordinary human being who served as a great example to mankind. He was sent as a mercy to all mankind, not to a specific group or race. Muhammad, epitomized good moral character and behavior. He...
3 Pages 1247 Words

The Significance Of Prophet Muhammad's Lessons

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the role model of Muslims and therefore Muslims should in the best of their ability study and reflect on his life. Studying the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) should not be limited to acquiring factual information. Besides being aware of factual...
4 Pages 1622 Words

Attributes The Prophet Possess As A Teacher

INTRODUCTION IN the Name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful. Muhammad (S.A.W) was a very noble prophet whose outstanding character is beyond questionable. He possesses distinguishing characters in all areas of life. This writing will mostly be focused on the attributes the prophet...
2 Pages 1081 Words

Personal And Teaching Traits Of Prophet Muhammad

Surely Allah conferred a great favor on the believers when He raised from among them a Messenger to recite to them His signs, and to purify them, and to teach them the Book and Wisdom. For before that they were in manifest error. Al-Imraan 3:164...
4 Pages 1782 Words

Attributes Prophet Possess As A Teacher

Introduction A teacher is someone who helps, his/her students gain knowledge. An impact of a good teacher will leave an everlasting impression on anybody’s life. Almost every student regards their teacher as a role model in some point of their life. A good teacher should...
2 Pages 1071 Words

Reviews Of Non-Muslims About Islam And Prophet Muhammad

Introduction and History of Islam Since the day, man has brought about these current conditions world, he has been a searcher of congruity. Henceforth Allah SWT sent his sweetheart people, which we them as Prophets of Allah SWT, to tell people the best way to...
7 Pages 3232 Words

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