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Essay on Reason for Creation of Mankind by Allah, the Purpose of Life and the Consequences of Losing It to Someone

Knowledge of the purpose for which Allah created mankind may answer many questions that the atheists raise in order to confuse people, and by which some Muslims may be influenced. These issues include the idea that Allah created mankind in order to put some of them in Paradise and the others in Hell! This is a mistaken notion. It is not for this purpose that Allah created mankind and brought them into being. As Allah says in Qur’an: “And I...
3 Pages 1317 Words

Quran, Prophet Muhammad And Great Women In Islamic History

Introduction Early Islam produced many prominent female leaders who would inspire and influence their contemporaries. Among the earliest Muslim women, the most influential were Muhammad’s women because of their closeness to the Holy Prophet. The Quran describes the women of Prophet Muhammad as the ‘mother of believers’. Indeed, the autobiographies of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad are set of excellent examples, which explains the importance of women in the development throughout Islamic history and in which they hold a...
6 Pages 2796 Words

Drugs And Alcohol Abuse In Quran

Introduction This is the main thing which is facing by Muslims in current social challenges. Muslims are facing now many of problems but it is first and main problem around them. The Holy Quran which is the book of Allah and only Muslims read this book. According to Muslims all the things which are written in this book is all of Allah and we took Islam so we are Muslims and we all about of Allah. Allah asks in this...
4 Pages 1782 Words

Authentication Of Digital Image Based Holy Quran Using Arabic OCR & String Matching

ABSTRACT Data Integrity is one of the primary concepts in information security. Through this project users will be able to authenticate digital Holy Quran copies (Image based) found on the internet. Manually this could take a lot of time and the users who have not memorized the Holy Quran would not be able to detect any tempering. This software has two major Phases: (1) in this phase, OCR system is used to extract text from input (Digital images of Holy...
6 Pages 2859 Words

An Analysis On The Formation Of The Quran And Its Modern Applicability In Muslim Law

ABSTRACT ‘It must be recognized that in any culture the source of law is the God of the society’ -R.J RUSHDOONY As India is a nation made up of various religious traditions, it follows the idea of personal laws that indicate distinct laws for different faiths. This paper mainly speaks of Al-Quran-based Muslim law that is believed to have existed from eternity by the Islamic society, subsisting in the very existence of God. The Sharia prods humans to be the...
6 Pages 2507 Words

Analytical Essay on the Qurān: Five Pillars of Islam and the most Important Muslim Practices

Islam is an ancient and highly notorious religion that began in the Middle East and has spread rapidly around the world. It has attracted a following of 1.9 billion and is the second largest religion in the entire world. What do Muslims believe? The term “Islam” literally translates to “surrender” in Arabic and exhibits Muslim belief that humans are to surrender to Allah. They believe that Allah is the one true God and his will is made known through the...
2 Pages 827 Words

How Quran Glorifies Nature

Definition of Nature in Western Perspective and Islamic Perspective Nature in Cambridge Dictionary is defined all the animals, plants, rocks, etc. in the world and all the features, forces, and processes that happen or exist independently of people, such as the weather, the sea, mountains, the production of young animals or plants, and growth. Generally, nature defines all the creatures in this world that processes system in its unit. On Saturday, October 22, in the year 4004 BC at six...
5 Pages 2461 Words

Men Who Contributed To The Islamic Era

Abstract In this research, I chose to write about Abu Bakr because of his outstanding work during his life and his contributions to Islam. Abu Bakr Abdullah ibn Uthman was a close friend to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as the primary of the Rashidun Caliphs. Initially a wealthy and regarded businessman. Abu Bakr afterward got to be one of the essential changes over to Islam and broadly contributed his riches in support of Muhammad’s work. He was among...
4 Pages 1855 Words

The Beliefs Of The Quran-only Movement

Innovation has always lingered within and around the growth of Islam. This innovation has created minor and major deviations from the straight path. One of those is the Quranists. According to Salih, “These new groups are currently neither well organized nor influential and probably will never be, but their rising number is significant because it reflects the deepening cracks in the Islamic structure.” (Salih, pg 1). Quranism is the dire belief that The Holy Quran is the only source of...
3 Pages 1518 Words

The Progression Of Western Tradition In The Bible, Quran, Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey

The books read in Search are historical texts that laid the foundation for societies, ancient and modern. The western philosophy of society is illustrated throughout the texts. The common themes that link them shows the moral compass that was valued, then and now. Western tradition is sewn deeply into the texts of the Search course to guide one according to the norms of the time. Whether it is to be honorable, loyal, or any other moral characteristics of ancient western...
4 Pages 1714 Words

Comparative Study of Ethical Concepts of Hinduism and Islam Based on Bhagavad Gitā and Quran

Ethics deals with right and wrong behavior of human beings. All the religions hold ethical component, often these can be derived from the supernatural guidance. Philosophers from decades believe that religion is necessary to lead life ethically. According to Simon Blackburn, there are those peoples who ‘would say that we can only flourish under the umbrella of a strong social order, cemented by common adherence to a particular religious tradition’. 1 Apart from this, as per the statement of P.V....
4 Pages 1822 Words

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