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The Odyssey Essay Examples

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The Role Of Women In The Odyssey By Homer

The Odyssey is an ancient Greek epic poem of Homer. It is the continuation of the Iliad, the other Homeric epic poem. In the Odyssey, we can see the journey of the heroes and the literary representation of the ideal woman. It can be said...
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Penelope Character Analysis In The Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey is a story of the homecoming of Odysseus after the Trojan War. Odysseus left his wife, Penelope, and their young son, Telemachos, almost twenty years before the telling of this story to fight in the Trojan War. His absence places Penelope in a...
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Odyssey By Homer: Voyage For A Culture And Equality

Homer’s The Odyssey is a book that’s based primarily in ancient Greece, which means that Greek culture is a prominent part of the storyline. Characters in the story can be seen portraying these cultural values such as Xenia and praying to the gods. This story...
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The Influence Of The Odyssey By Homer

Homer’s The Odyssey is an interactive poem that has influenced literature since it was written in the 8th century BCE. In addition to establishing many conventions for future Western epic poetry, the story interacts with the audience on multiple levels, transforming it from a simple...
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Major Themes Trust And Hospitality In The Odyssey

The Odyssey is an epic poem that contains numerous themes that bring significance to the different characters. Odysseus is an Ancient Greek hero involved in the Trojan War. Two main themes are Love/Trust & Hospitality. While Odysseus is gone to war, he experiences hospitality in...
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The Role Of Gods In The Odyssey

The role of gods in The Odyssey was to use their powers to help or hinder the lives of people. When using their powers, it determined the events that would later occur in this story. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, he shows...
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Cunningness As The Main Theme In The Odyssey

If the Iliad is concerning strength, the Odyssey is concerning cunningness. This distinction becomes apparent within the initial lines of the epic. Whereas the Iliad poem tells the story of Achilles, the strongest hero within the Greek army, the Odyssey focuses on a “man of...
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