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Does Suffering Achieve True Happiness?

In “What Suffering Does,” David Brooks explains how suffering is a necessary and useful part of life. In our culture, everyone’s goal in life is to be as happy, but real joy is not possible without the risk of pain. When discussing the past, people tend to focus more on the difficult situations they encountered because that is what identities are formed through. Some people are taught how to end their pain, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Difficulties...
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Happiness And Suffering: Happiness Action Plan

Set reasonable goals In the pursuit of happiness, we need to set reasonable goals in accordance to what we value in life. According to desire-fulfillment theories, achieving these goals will then bring about pleasure (Benatar, 2006). Achievement of these goals can also directly contribute to feelings of endorsement, one of three faces of happiness (Haybron, 2013). In response to this, some may instead argue that we should eliminate desires, including desires to attain goals. Since no desires that we have,...
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Concept of Suffering in 'Nectar in the Sieve' and One 'Hundred Years of Solitude'

By portraying the lives of subsistence farmers in India, ‘Nectar in the Sieve’ is full of unshakable depictions of unspeakable suffering. Even in the best circumstances, Rukmani’s family has an unstable sense of security and is long enough to eat. When plagued by disease or agricultural failure, they do not have the resources to support them, and when they are expelled from the land, they have no other way of making a living. In order to cope with the disasters...
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Sufferings and Evil as Presented in Candide: Analytical Essay

A Humorous novel Candide, printed in 1759, is the till date best-known work by Voltaire. It is a savage censure of philosophical positivity as upheld by the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz—that uncovers a universe of terror and sin. ‘Candide’ is a narration about the journey of Candide, who walks the world over, going starting with one setback and then onto the next, at the same time he feels that his passivity towards life is being tested. Voltaire’s Candide was...
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Meaning Of Suffering in The Book Of Job

When you get a cut you learn what suffering is. We are introduced to the idea that suffering is being in the state of mind that deals with pain. Everyone is destined to suffer one way or another. Suffering can come in many ways- physical or mental. We cope with suffering by changing our thinking and resisting the pain. Yet, the only way we can surpass suffering is by positively responding to it. By knowing to correct our mental state...
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Suffering Of Human Beings In Iliad: Because Of The Gods Or Is It A Consequence Of Human Action

In this paper, I explore the controversy of why human beings suffer; is it because of the gods or is it a consequence of human action? The former is something that I believe in; however, this seems untrue in the Iliad and the Odyssey. As a practicing Hindu, I believe in polytheism; for me, the gods are all knowing and are responsible for maintaining the moral order. Those who do bad deeds are punished and those who do good deeds...
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Suffering In Buddhism And Christianity

Suffering is strictly the response to something – physical or mental – that occurs to a person. Yet, faiths worldwide have sought answers to this phenomenon, in hopes to decipher; why humans suffer and its necessity to life. Eastern faiths such as Buddhism cite that it is due to human’s attachment to material objects (Littlefair, 2017); whereas, Western religions, such as Christianity state suffering is inevitable due to sin, free will and humans needing to be tested for their second...
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Concept of Suffering in Viktor Frankl 'Man's Search for Meaning'

Summary In Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, he talks about suffering, he describes psychological methods, he often wonders why people who suffer from a multitude of torments did not commit suicide already, and how could they find life worth living. Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist, and neurologist who was a long-time prisoner as he experiences real daily torture talks about his own experience being in a concentration camp, it stripped him bare naked and just left him his existence, he...
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Suffering As A Catalyst For Self Improvement in The Odyssey

One of the most common translations of the First Noble Truth of Buddhism is “existence is suffering”, implying that to exist, to be alive, brings on pain, loss, grieving, and suffering. Reading Homer’s Odyssey and analyzing the characters, one thing is evident – human suffering is constant. We might not see it, but it takes place in everyone’s lives, everywhere. Reading the Odyssey constantly made me question the value that suffering brings into out lives; does it do something for...
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Selfishness And Suffering In The Short Story The Shawl

Selfishness has been a problem for a very long time. For instance, bullies stealing lunch money are selfish, the jocks who won’t let the newbie on the field, those stuck-up rich kids shown in movies, and especially the popular kids. All of mankind can be selfish, no matter how hard they try not to. There are many people in history who conquered land or businesses for their own personal gain. And those people hurt others around them because of their...
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Why Does God Allow Suffering

There are so many questions people have when it comes to faith. Questions that even lead people to give up on their faith. One of the most asked questions throughout history is “Why does God allow evil and suffering.” This is a question that stops people from even following God. There is so much evil and suffering throughout the world today, so if God is so powerful and so mighty, why does he not just stop it? How can God...
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Understanding The Suffering Concept

Suffering as we know it is an emotional agony that runs deeper than physical pain. All through the world almost every living individual will endure suffering in any event at least once in their life. When there is joy, there is pain waiting to happen and as humans we try to avoid the pain. People are constantly looked with hardships throughout their life, and alongside those hardships come emotional distress and torment. Humans endeavor to comprehend the reasoning for suffering,...
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The Features Of Social Suffering

What is social structure? Social structure is the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. Social structure is often treated together with the concept of social change, which deals with the forces that change the social structure and the organization of society. There are many inequalities deeply woven into the very fabric of a society. They can be observed across institutions such as legal, educational, business, government and health care systems, and...
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Suffering As The Concept Of Modern Society

Suffering is an important concept in the end of life care which diminishes quality of life and it tends to be widespread in terminally ill patients. Dame Cecily Saunders coined the concept of ‘total pain’ and outlined some of the various physical, psychological, emotional, existential, social factors contributing to suffering. While these factors may contribute separately to suffering, a synergy often occurs among them. As a result, when one dimension of a person is threatened, this can provoke or add...
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How Suffering Can Save People

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” This brilliant quote by Friedrich Nietzsche reflects how Christians view suffering as something that can be beneficial. This essay provides an in-depth explanation of how suffering follows the example of Jesus, how fortitude helps with the acceptance of suffering, how suffering can save people, and how suffering can help people go to Heaven. Followers of Christ make voluntary sacrifices and confront inexorable suffering because in...
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Mental And Physical Suffering In Catholics

Suffering in the catholic church is meant to give us an opportunity to love God, to give God glory, to merit glory, and to participate in his work of redemption. The catholic church is helping people ask for God’s guidance when we are suffering. “When things go well with good people here, and ill with bad people, a great uncertainty arises whether good people receive good so that they might be stimulated to grow into something even better or whether...
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What Suffering Does With The Person's Soul

Have you ever lost someone you love? Have you ever felt the desire to not keep living? Events happen throughout our entire life. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. There are some moments which is too difficult to deal with that feeling we have inside, it is hard to cope with such a thrill and keep struggling with this emotion is our unique option we have left. Suffering, feeling that make people do crazy things,...
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