Sufferings and Evil as Presented in Candide: Analytical Essay

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A Humorous novel Candide, printed in 1759, is the till date best-known work by Voltaire. It is a savage censure of philosophical positivity as upheld by the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz—that uncovers a universe of terror and sin. 'Candide' is a narration about the journey of Candide, who walks the world over, going starting with one setback and then onto the next, at the same time he feels that his passivity towards life is being tested. Voltaire's Candide was subjected to different outrages of the mid-eighteenth century, most outstandingly the overwhelming Lisbon earthquake, the episode of the awful Seven Years' War in the German states, and the out-of-line execution of the English Admiral John Byng.

At the opening of the novel, Candide is compelled to leave the castle in light of the fact that he has been discovered kissing the baron’s girl, the lovely Cunegonde. The youthful and innocent Candide, educated in this hopeful theory by his coach doctor Pangloss, who asserts that 'all is for the best……. in this most ideal all things considered,' (Arouet) initially believes in his tutor’s theory but as he realizes the hardship of life, devil of war and poverty, the duplicity of the church he starts to suspect that thesis. The other evils he and his partners has to deal with include; battle, rape, burglary, wreckages, earthquakes, and slavery.

As Candide and his companions travel Europe and South America, they witness and even in some cases experience untold instances of evil conduct.

Not long after literally being kicked out of the castle, Candide witnesses a fight between two nations that outcomes in absolute slaughter and aggressive violence, including assault. While getting away to Holland, he and James (Candide’s friend) somehow meet Dr. Pangloss, who is himself in a bad physical state. From the ever-hopeful philosopher, Candide discovers that his previous home in Germany has been burnt down and that those inside have been slaughtered by the Bulgarian armed force. So, they both travel together. Pangloss has lost part of his nose and one eye to syphilis and still keeps on arguing that all is going great, in spite of such a misfortune.

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James, Pangloss, and Candide begin for Lisbon. The ship they are using for the voyage is destroyed in a storm off the bank of Portugal. James is suffocated to death, yet Candide and Pangloss swim to shore, where they arrive without a moment to spare to encounter the earth-shaking of 1755. Not exclusively are they gotten in Portugal amid this catastrophic event, but they additionally turned out to be trapped in the Inquisition. The leaders of Lisbon, both mainstream and religious, choose to put down the population whose evil brings terror, and Candide and Pangloss are among the blamed. Pangloss is sentenced to be hanged, however, Candid is just saved by the return and intervention of Cunegonde. Pangloss might have died.

Candide, Cunegonde, and an elderly person escape to South America, where they are robbed by someone.

Despite the fact that these encounters step by step dissolve Candide's idealistic conviction, he and his colleagues show a hunger for survival that gives them trust in a generally critical timing. When they all started together to live a simple life on a little ranch, they find that the mystery of bliss is 'to develop one's greenhouse,' and not in thinking some earth thesis.

Hammering at the last nail, the novel by Voltaire brutally parodies science, theory, religion, government, and writing.


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