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The Peculiarities Of Christian Worldview

Everyone has basic presuppositions that affect the way they think about and respond to the world and life. This is their “worldview.” For many people, their worldview is unspoken and shaped by circumstances and up-bringing. Others, thoughtfully, construct their own understanding. In whatever way, our worldviews are developed, they shape our choices, values and commitments every day. A worldview, according to Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias, is a lens through which we view the world that answers four basic questions:...
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A Christian Worldview: Love, Faith And Grace

What is a worldview? A worldview encompasses someone’s beliefs and values which build the footing for how each one of us live our life. It is like a looking glass, like how someone views the world around them, how they understand the way the world works, and why good and bad happen. A worldview is something not seen but believed and are used to understand why things happen for the good or the bad. Three essentials of building a strong...
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Christian Worldview And Its Essentials

When it comes to religion we have no idea where to start. What are the essentials to that religion as well as the worldview you have once you find that religion. Well I can help you when it come to Christian worldview and it essentials parts in this religion. The Christian faith is well known across the worldview and in my opinion the easiest one to follow. In this paper we will go over what I feel would be the...
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The Features Of Christian Worldview

Hidden Worldviews: Eight Cultural Stories That Shape Our Lives is a book by Steve Wilkens and Mark Sanford that is written to help Christians understand eight competing narratives within American culture that have significant influence and power both outside and within the contemporary church. The hope is that this book will help Christians understand these views and more fully integrate every aspect of life in line with a Christian worldview. Wilkens and Sanford show that worldviews in practice do not...
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Impact of Christianity on Education: Analytical Essay

Religious experience can generally be explained or characterized as an experience that someone has had, which they may feel has some religious importance to them. That reality of the experience will vary depending on the religious tradition that the experience is a part of. Religious experience is not the same thing as Mystical experience, even though they are quite close, not all of the religions qualify as mystical. The Beginning Of Christianity The beginning of Christianity started about 2000 years...
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Christianity Celebrations and Festivals

The United States is made up of many people, ethnicities, and political views. While the American people are one, there is a wide range of diversity within that whole. The great people that make up America differs vastly but come together to make up a country. The United States encompasses many cultures within itself. America itself has not actually invented a wide variety of religions and customs since its establishment as a country. The colonizers of the New World brought...
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Christianity Influence on Western Civilization

Christianity begins with a man named Jesus. Jesus was the son of God who came to the earth in human form to live and die for the purpose of giving salvation to people who believed and followed him. The New Testament of the Bible accounts for Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. It tells of the new covenant God gave to his people. Not all Jews excepted Jesus as the Messiah, however. Christians were adamant about reaching as many people as...
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Essay on the Hagia Sophia as an Example of Christian Vision in a Now Muslim Piece

Coming across Christian cathedrals, they are very detectable with the architectural style and depictable with the interior design. The Hagia Sophia was built in Istanbul, Turkey 537 AD by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. It was initially a Christian cathedral known for its famous massive dome architecture. It was rebuilt in 1453 by the Ottoman Empire and was decided to be converted to a mosque. Why don’t we see this act of architectural conversion in other religions, why didn’t the...
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Concepts of World Peace and Inner Peace in Christianity: Informative Essay

Peace has two concepts: world peace (the lack of war and absence of conflict), and inner peace (the lack of conflict with oneself and one’s community). To Christians both of these aspects of peace are important. They draw from the teachings of the Bible and interpretations of it by the Church to respond to the call of their sacred text to live in peace: using Jesus, the ‘Prince of Peace’, through the New Testament, as a guide to promote inner...
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From Inner Peace to Outer Peace: Critical Essay

Every religion around the world preaches the concept of being peaceful and shares the ultimate goal of obtaining peace worldwide. However, in order to achieve a sense outer peace, inner peace must first be attained. Islam and Christianity both place an emphasis on the importance of obtaining peace internally and externally. In the Qur’an and Bible, the message of peace is taught and understood by adherents, but its true meaning is open to interpretation. It is important to understand the...
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Helping One Another Is the Most Important Thing a Christian Should Do

“Helping others is the most important thing a Christian should do”. In this essay I am going to discuss whether helping one another is the most important thing a Christian should do; I am going to discuss both sides of the argument and I will discuss what the strongest arguments are to conclude. Firstly, some people may agree with the statement because people like Christians believe in the 7 principles of catholic social teaching and it educates that human dignity...
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Profanity and Influence in Modern Music: Christian View on Secular Songs

Perhaps you have had this conversation with a close friend. Maybe you have run across this Secular vs. Sacred argument on online forums or social media. Regardless of background or context, many people have been confused by this topic and are perplexed by the lack of clear, undeniable facts. In my research, I have discovered that as there are very few actual facts to answer the question, the journey to a conclusion has been long and difficult. The sides are...
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Mapping the Worldview Transformation in the US Constitution

Within the Holy Bible the role of government is outlined several times for in 1 Peter 2:13-14 it states, “submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution; wether to a king or one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right”. This passage speaks on individuals given authority by the Lord to uphold justice on earth while maintaining morality and eithics. Natural law is...
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Similarities Between Shinto and Christianity

Without a doubt, an individual desiring to understand the profound and the strict has filled in as the drive for the continued extension and movement of strict correspondence. Thusly, when an individual ponders the sum and scope of the world’s religions, it isn’t stunning to find that there are excesses of strict rules that have been shaped. Remembering this, this examination thinks about the limits of strict investigation that has been formed. Especially, in this investigation there are similarities between...
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The Core Values Of The Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

The Abrahamic faiths of the twenty-first century in America include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These monotheist traditions were all born in the Middle East and have slowly intertwined with one another throughout history all the way up to the twenty-first century. When Abrahamic faiths were first conceived into the world, the traditional values, morals and practices have radically changed throughout time and they have adjusted to what society deems to be acceptable in the twenty-first century. Starting with the oldest...
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Women In Judaism And Christianity

When comparing religions, people may claim that many of the laws of certain religions are unfair and unjust, this is seen often on social media and the way Judaism is portrayed on television, books and movies; women are portrayed as if they do not have any worth. They are looked down upon and forced to follow laws that do not seem fair since men are not forced to follow such laws. However when looking closer, it is evident that women...
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Afterlife In Christianity And Hinduism

Christianity and Hinduism are very different religions and practiced by very different people. First, while Hinduism is monotheistic, they believe that many gods make up one Brahman. The gods are all equal to each other, but Hindus typically favor one over the others. Christianity is also monotheistic, but he is the only one who is worshipped. There are not multiple gods that create him. Also, Christianity is practiced by mostly westernized countries. Hinduism is primarily practiced in India and southeast...
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Hinduism Vs. Christianity

The Hindu religion is a very complex subject that combines standard beliefs and mythology. This religion has undergone through many changes but certain areas of Hinduism remains the same. Hinduism has produced popular concepts, such as karma, yoga, and reincarnation, that state this religion can help thousands of people to discover harmony and reach enlightenment. The religion also has been known to have the caste system and a low view on women. Hinduism attracted my attention due to its views...
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The Differences Between Hinduism And Christianity

Religions is the set of ideals, feelings, dogmas and practices that outline the relations between character and sacred or divinity. A given religion is described through specific elements of a community of believers: dogmas, sacred books, rites, worship, sacrament, ethical prescription, interdicts, and organization. Hindu is a majority religion in India and Nepal. It’s the oldest religion within the international and has approximately 900 million followers from the two countries and all around the world. There may be some close...
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Hinduism & Christianity

The early roots of Hinduism have been traced back over 4,000 years. It is one of the top three largest religions in the world, with roughly half of the population residing in India. Scouring through numerous articles, the fact that is repeated throughout is that Hinduism does not have a concrete founder. This paper will be describing and evaluating the Hindu religion from the perspective of the Christian worldview. Also this paper will address present the history of the religion,...
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Death Rituals In Hinduism And Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity are two religions that have an abundance of similarities and differences in rituals and are practiced by people all over the world every day. A ritual is usually an activity that consists of various action performed in a certain order. Religious rituals differ from everyday rituals, such as brushing one’s teeth, in that they’re more formal and are done with a higher and more transcendental goal. There are six main characteristics of rituals that can be seen...
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The Importance Of Biblical Worldview In Christianity

God is not dead. God has existed from the beginning of time and will continue to exist for eternity. His existence is not defined by human understanding. The Psalmist talks about how God has existed from “everlasting to everlasting” (Psalm 90:2, English Standard Version). This terminology means that God has always been and always will be. Understanding these concepts is essential to the understanding of a biblical worldview which is foundational to the Christian life. A Christian should base everything...
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Catholic Social Thoughts And Principles

Catholic social teachings are integral to human life, as one cannot live without love, and love does not exist when we are isolated (W. Wright, 2018). Catholic social teachings teach us about economic, political, personal and spiritual factors in our lives. Catholic Social Teachings (CST’s) provide a different way of thinking, being and seeing the world in its entirety (CSSA,2019). Catholic Social Teachings allow us to maintain a special connection towards Christ’s heart and the church, the teachings allow us...
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The Essential Facts On The Establishment Of Christian Faith

Christian faith is a movement that has its base on Jesus of Nazareth as the source. He was the one sent by the creator to redeem humankind. Different individuals scrawled the bible as the moral conviction guide. Universally, religion has many members. The faithful notions have their foundation on the birth, his occurring and living again of the anointed one (Harnack, 2006). The person writing on the past events consider the initial start-up of the belief by a few folks...
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Theological Ideas Of The Christians In The Party Alternative Für Deutschland

The German political atmosphere has changed over the last years. Many people talk about a Rechtsruck – a sudden shift to the right. A new party appeared within some years: Alternative für Deutschland – An alternative for Germany (AfD). It was successful with slogans like those shown above. Yet, the members of the party resist to be classified as xenophobic and right wing. Surprisingly, the party also attracts Christians. Echter published a brochure with empty pages to answer the question...
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The Streams Of Spirituality In Christian Tradition

There are many streams of spirituality in the Christian tradition each of these has a slightly different emphasis and all offer ways to more deeply live one’s commitment to God. For example, the Franciscan way emphasizes poverty and simplicity and the Benedictine, the rhythm of life and obedience. Ignatian spirituality emphasizes finding God in all the aspects of our daily lives experience, it is all about finding God. All these spiritualities harmonize with different sacraments, all having a different form...
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Suffering In Buddhism And Christianity

Suffering is strictly the response to something – physical or mental – that occurs to a person. Yet, faiths worldwide have sought answers to this phenomenon, in hopes to decipher; why humans suffer and its necessity to life. Eastern faiths such as Buddhism cite that it is due to human’s attachment to material objects (Littlefair, 2017); whereas, Western religions, such as Christianity state suffering is inevitable due to sin, free will and humans needing to be tested for their second...
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The Rituals Of Monotheistic Religions: Islam, Christianity, And Judaism

The Oxford dictionary defines monotheism as “the doctrine or belief that there is only one God.” The central values of family, charity, and respect for others are shared by three monotheistic religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Although each religion has a different perspective on teachings and beliefs, they all have one thing in common; their belief in a single deity. The three monotheistic religions have developed and adapted ritual over the course of time. This has happened in many ways...
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Christians And Muslim Rules Over Each Other

There is an inclination to aspect at the complex relationship of the Muslim-Christian relations over the prism of recent events alone. Any account of Muslim-Christian relations, on the other hand, should consider historical events as well as processes in instruction to position current improvements in their appropriate context. Muslims were well treated under the rule of King Roger as compared to Christians were in Umar’s rules. Roger took the advice of Muslim during his time. His closest advisor was Muslim....
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Convictions Of Contraception In Christianity, Islam And Hinduism

Contraception is a typical thing that most of individuals in our general public all think about and use. For the individuals who aren’t mindful of what contraception will be, contraception is a wide range of techniques to forestall origination (getting pregnant). Contraception strategies are incredibly normal and in our present period it is regarded typical to utilize a technique for contraception instead of none. However, to certain religions it is considered ‘wicked’ or ‘naturally underhanded’. The issue these days is...
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