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Jesus Christ And And Paul

According to the New Testaments perspectives, the overall basic teachings and accomplishments of Jesus of Nazareth were a way to follow the Torah and to praise one God, but in a more inward and loving way, incorporating Jesus as the true son of God. (Module Notes,2020). The general theme of Jesus’ teachings was the kingdom of God and the standards of conduct that would prevail in the lives of those who followed the standards that are the will of God....
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Jesus Christ And Leadership

Throughout the four Gospels, there is evidence of the different types of leadership styles that Jesus used. The style would change often between each interaction and encounter Jesus had with other people. By looking at each interaction Jesus had, we see his leadership style to be of the servant type. Servant leadership focuses on service to others. Each author of the four Gospels talks about a different type of leadership style that Jesus had. The four Gospels tell the story...
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Jesus Christ: Who Was He?

Jesus, who was he? To start I would probably have to begin with his birth. He was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He was the son of God, as well as the virgin Mary and Joseph. After his birth, he was visited by three wise men who each gave him a gift. gold, frankincense and myrrh. These items each had a significant meaning relating to Jesus Christ: Gold represented the kingship on earth, Frankincense, symbolizing deity and myrrh symbolizing...
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To What Extent Was Jesus Responsible For The Division Between Messianic And Orthodox Judaism?

Introduction Throughout history, Jewish citizens have gone through a great deal of turmoil. From being able to identify with a nationality completely different to their race or ethnicity to have the ability to claim a unique culture and religion, Jews have always played an essential role in international affairs. Judaism, the world’s oldest monotheistic religion, is rooted in a promise that Jehova made with Abraham declaring Israelites as his chosen people. They believe that God will send his son, the...
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Image of Salvation Essay

The main basis of chapter 5 is to introduce readers to one of the core theological issues—salvation. McGrath (2017) points out that salvation is not assured to any religion and is used in the general context to imply liberation or emancipation. However, there is an obvious difference in understanding of its nature and goals among various religions. The current text is basically in line with the Christian approaches to salvation built upon the New Testament themes. The concept of the...
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When Altruism Isn't Moral?

My connection with Jesus started when my parents baptized me at a Catholic Church. I can not see Him but I feel his presence when I pray to Him. He is always there for me, even when I sin against Him. Jesus is my leader and he guides me onto the right path to Him. I want to devote my life to Jesus because I want to join Him in heaven. He is my savior and my role model. Jesus...
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The True Meaning of Christmas for Christians

Christmas today is happily celebrated by millions of people for whom its religious meaning is not very important. For many people, Christmas is just a happy holiday when they exchange gifts, eat lots of good food and go to parties. But for the Christian community Christmas means much more than this. For most Christians, the most important part of the festival is not the food or the parties, or the presents. It is the fact that they are celebrating the...
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The Person Of Jesus Christ

The topic that I chose was the person of Jesus. This topic interests me because when the question arises of “Who is Jesus?” oftentimes its Christians that describe him as the son of God. Though such a statement is true, it does not fully explain who Jesus really is. So, while Jesus is the son of God, He is also God the Son. It is the second part of the statement ‘…God the Son…’ which gives the real clue to...
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Three's A Crowd: Jesus In The Abrahamic Religions Of Islam, Christianity And Judaism

Religion has always served as an important aspect of human history by influencing the development of culture, instruction, and civilization everywhere. There are numerous religions that are followed around the world which have several variations of practices and beliefs. However, although there are many existing faiths, three in particular prevail today. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all monotheistic religions that comprise over half of the world’s population. Together, these theologies are united by the fact that they are labeled Abrahamic...
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Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity Essay

Religion has always been an important topic in almost every society on Earth. Many religions have similar and contrasting thoughts on certain issues, such as life after death and issues of morality and ethics. Buddhism and Christianity are two religions known worldwide, with 7% of the world practicing Buddhism and 31% of the world practicing Christianity. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is considered to be the Savior of the world in the religion. Buddhism is...
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Jesus And Buddha Shake Hands

Both the Christian religion and the Buddhist faith are based on the principles of love. If Buddha and Jesus were to meet I believe they would not try and convert each other but rather shake hands and smile. The parallels between the two faiths are impressive. In this essay I will outline the two faiths with their similarities and differences. Topics covered in this essay include life after death, suffering, and morality which is good and evil. My belief is...
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Narrating the Death and Resurrection of Jesus in The “Gospels”: Comparative Analysis of The Gospel of John

The “Gospels” which are better known as the good news biographies of the teachings concerning Jesus Christ. These biographies have been passed down by “oral tradition”. Which include stories of Jesus’s miracles, healings, parables, teachings and death/resurrection. (Lecture 2). Each Gospel proclaims a different interpretation of the Christian message using Jesus of Nazareth as a spokesperson for the evangelists’ position.'(PBS, Frederiksen). All four gospels offer a rich plurality of portraits (Lecture 2). History offers us little direct evidence about the...
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Reflection about the Love of God

Christian fraternity is the equal love of all, a kind of close friendship. Christianity believes that everyone is created in the style of God. There is an image of God in the soul of the human being, so it is necessary to love everyone without distinction. “Love is as if you have already”. This is the command of Jesus. The love of the Lord Jesus Christ is not unconditional, but first loves the most miserable, the least lovely person. Christianity...
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Passion Of Christ From Judas’s Perspective

One of Twelve Apostles, Judas had initially been Jesus’s right hand man however has grown related of cult about personality surrounding Jesus, feeling their overgrown his teachings. His political along with interpersonal disagreements to Jesus set plot about play within motion (Theatre). Judas has been the inherently compelling character. He betrayed Jesus however why? Was he jealous, unbelieving or within on plan? Is his head regularly chewed on through Satan within few icy pit somewhere or has he being rewarded...
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Who Is Jesus Christ and What Is His Mission to the World: Essay (200 word)

Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world today. It has over one million missionaries ready to do God’s word by preaching to the sick, offering food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, and clothing to the poor. Missionary work is hard and requires Christians with a good heart to do it. Additionally, they also encounter challenges like ridicule, a hostile climate in an unfavorable environment, and pests from remote areas. Also, they believe that God...
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The Life Of Jesus Christ

The life of Jesus Christ was very crazy, yet it was amazing with all of his works. Some people think that Jesus and God are two different people, but really they are the same guy. Jesus was an important man that everybody worships today or that we want to believe. He is a man of faith and loyalty. Jesus is the “I am” and he is the son of God. Jesus’s life was truly an eye opener for many believers.There...
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Jesus And Religion In The Book Of Mormon

Lucy Mack Smith, or the lovingly nicknamed, Mother Smith was a key figure in the restoration. Her influence impacted so many: the early saints, those who were against the church, her family, especially Joseph, and the church members of today. She portrays an amazing example of faith in all aspects of the gospel, but very notably in the Book of Mormon. Her life and the trials she went through were guided by her testimony and hope in God. She was...
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The Resurrection Is the Most Important Belief in Christianity: Essay

Introduction In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth and He created man in His image. He put Man to sleep and created out of his rib, a woman as a helpmate and companion for Adam. As we know they were only forbidden to eat from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. They ate and then realized that they were naked. The realization of physical nakedness is the first time they appreciate their own vulnerabilities. God said if...
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The Role The Crucified Christ

Introduction For many years, the artist has used and still use several forms of artwork as a way of representing their ideas, skills, and educating the community. For many years Corpus has and is still regarded as the most extended lost masterpieces. Historically, Bernini cast three distinctive versions of Corpus. One of the artworks destroyed amid the French Revolution. One of the artworks owned by Spain’s royal family that had an official collection. The third artwork went missing while in...
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Baptism And Jesus In Art

Christianity and art have always been intertwined. God creation of earth was a work of art, as was his creation humanity. The first mention of art as a craft in the Bible is in Exodus 31. In this the Lord is instructing Moses to fashion a tent for the ark of the covenant. God mentions several artisans whom He chose to create “artistic designs” to decorate the tent. The Lord says, “In the hearts of all who are skillful I...
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Jesus Christ: Christian Cults And Sects

Crafts by Christ on the Cross The Good book asserts that man’s acknowledgment with God depends totally on Christ’s work on the cross, totally separated from man’s works for God (Lady. 2:16,21; Rom. 3:19-26). Along these lines, man gets God’s acknowledgment as an unconditional present by confidence alone (Eph. 2:8,9). In spite of the fact that sparing confidence is confirm by works in the life of the adherent (Jas. 2:16-24), they are viewed as the product of salvation (Lady. 5:22,23),...
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Why Jesus Christ Is Considered To Be A King?

Can you imagine going through life being constantly scrutinized and subjected for every mistake you have ever made? Kanye West is the prime example of such an instance, and has put all of his faults and weaknesses in the forefront of his new project, ‘Jesus Is King.’ He accepts any wrongdoing and acknowledges that one can change and follow a new way of life, if they follow the ways of Jesus the Messiah. Through this transition, he highlights the importance...
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Jesus Christ And Christianity

Over centuries, Christianity has practised principal beliefs into their everyday lives. These beliefs are often drawn from both sacred texts and core ethical teachings. A majority of Christians share the major beliefs, however, there are degrees of difference of these beliefs and how they are lived out in their everyday lives. The many denominations of Christianity have different beliefs that can impact the lives of how adherents choose to live. The humanity of Jesus Christ is shown throughout history in...
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Re-establishing The Church Of Jesus Christ As The Key Pillar Of Influence Of Any Society

INTRODUCTION How would society be if, in the next 40 years, societal values and norms remain uninfluenced by the ambassadors of the Church of Jesus Christ? And where would society be in the next 40 years, if believers intentionally permeate the strategic ‘spheres of influence’ with the commitment to properly and effectively disciple people with biblical values and standards of the Kingdom of God? One only needs to gaze at the wretched state of the Church and be able to...
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Jesus Christ: A Theological Introduction

“Theologies are yet to fathom the implication of the “globalization” of the church”. [1: Kärkkäinen, V.-M. (2016). Christology: A Global Introduction (Second Edition, p. 143). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic: A Division of Baker Publishing Group.] Ford stated that “in every generation Christian theology is faced with the task of articulating the intuitions of the biblical tradition about the significance of Jesus Christ in a way that engages its own cultural context.” Plainly suggesting that worldviews of how Jesus Christ...
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Jesus: Who He Was And The Significance Of His Actions

In the Bible, there was a very influential figure that made great change throughout the New Testament. Furthermore, this man continues to make great change without a physical form to look up to. A man who questioned the morals of the time and challenged people to think how they were spending their lives. This man’s name is Jesus, the Son of God. Throughout this essay, we will be talking about who the Son of God is. Why he was taken,...
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How Can A Believer In The 21st Century Have The Mind Of Christ

Introduction The 21st century is the period after the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and is the period we currently living in. The believers inthe 21st century face many challenges and distractions that affect their relationship with Christ. These can be in the form of daily life challenges, distraction through social media, television, government policies and regimes, and the different types of religions around the world and emigration. Therefore, it is of importance that believers must...
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