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My Hero Jesus Christ: Narrative Essay

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Have you ever wondered what a true hero is, or what characteristics make a true hero? A true hero is someone who exhibits all or most of the following qualities – bravery, courage, determination unconditional love. A true hero will beyond the call of duty to help someone in need. Heroes are courageous because they act even when they are afraid, they are selfless and act without concern for themselves, and they are determined to do what is right. The perfect definition is Jesus Christ, our Almighty Father, as he showed all the following traits of a hero throughout his everyday life. Jesus became a hero amongst all his people as he treated everyone equally, whether rich or poor, healthy or sick. Jesus lived to make others’ lives better by caring for them and helping them, no matter who they were. Below I will further describe why Jesus is my hero and what heroic actions and traits he illustrated throughout his everyday life.

Firstly, the most heroic action that Jesus is still known for to this day, is his courageous crucifixion on the cross for all his people. Jesus was bashed and beaten before his crucifixion, he suffered endlessly for his people to live happily. This sacrifice and bravery show that Jesus was not scared to stand up for his people, and was even willing to exchange his life to improve the living conditions of his people. This shows us that Jesus is a true hero as he shows the characteristics of a superhero, meaning he was willing to risk his life to save others.

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Another quality that Jesus portrayed threw his everyday life is selflessness. This is a quality that refers to a person caring more about others around him than themselves. The Bible illustrates many times stories, psalms, and countless letters describing Jesus in a selfless way. An example of this is in Mark: 10-45, where it reads: “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”. This shows the audience Jesus came not for his own benefit but for ours. He came to minister to us and die for us. The selflessness that Jesus displayed throughout his everyday life illustrates to us that he is a true hero as he valorizes all of the techniques of a true hero.

The final quality that Jesus illustrated throughout his everyday life is courage. This is a quality that refers to a person’s ability to do something that frightens them, but in Jesus’ case, it refers to doing something undesirable for the greater outcome of all of those in need of help. Within the Bible, Jesus faced many obstacles where he was required to show courage and bravery throughout. An example of this is in Matthew: 8, where Jesus heals a man with leprosy, the Bible verse reads: “Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. ‘I am willing’, he said. ‘Be clean!’ Immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy”. Touching leppers was considered wrong at this time, but Jesus showed courage and healed the lepper anyway, not worrying about what anyone throughout of him. This shows the audience that Jesus is a true hero as he encompasses another characteristic of a true hero.

In summary, Jesus Christ, our Father, was and remains my hero and the hero of many others. You can see this as he displayed the characteristics of a hero throughout his everyday life, whilst working on achieving the greater good of all people, no matter who they are, healthy, sick, rich, or poor. It is believed still to this day that Jesus is the most influential, courageous, and selfless person to ever step foot on this planet.

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