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Descriptive Essay on My Mother

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'Mother', such a small word, but is equivalent to the whole world. I credit my mum for giving a hand in shaping who I am today. She has displayed an exceptional image of a hard-working woman by showing her exceeding qualities in her daily life. She was born in a middle-class family on the 20th of April, 1980, in Amritsar, India. She is the second last child in her family, having 5 elder sisters and a younger brother. Due to the constant moving of houses, she attended several different schools. Her parents had not completed their education. Moreover, it was common for women not to work and for men to be farmers.

My mum did nursing in India and soon after got married in 2002 and then had me in 2003. My mum, dad, and I came to Australia in November 2005. She came here as a student and did a master's degree in accounting. It was difficult for her to study as she struggled to pay the fees of her education as an international student. She finished her studies as well as got her permanent residency on the 1st of April 2008. Despite all the hard work to have her degree completed, it was very hard to get a job as everywhere she went for a job they asked her for work experience. She then decided to finish her nursing degree here. My mum was pregnant with my younger sister in 2006 while she was still studying for her degree. Before she had my sister, on the same day she went to give her final exam. During those years she worked as a personal care attendant for more than 7 years. In 2009 she had twins, my youngest sister and brother. She started her master's of nursing in 2013 as she loved studying and still does with the same passion. A year later my dad got really sick and had to get surgery. My mum was managing her studies, the house, and expenses, my dad and us, all alone. She got through it all and finished her studies. The same year we decided to take a break since everything was getting better and went to America for a holiday. Though God had different plans. My dad and I had to come back early because he had to get some urgent tests done. When my mum came back, my dad had another surgery. She never spoke about if she was in pain or needed rest. She endured the struggle and always had faith in God to this day and always will.

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She defines the world as selfless, as she always puts us or others before her. Her story is like a guide for me, it keeps me on track and focused on my goals. She always had my back and I really started to realize just how much she has inspired me in my own life. She gives me the courage every day to face whatever problem I may be in. Her story inspires me not to give up because she has gone through a lot of hurdles and I’ve only yet crossed the start. Be strong, especially in tough times, she tells me your true strength will be tested, and never let anything get you down. My mum is one of the strongest people I know, and I strive to be as strong as she is. She constantly pushes us to be better and to experience new things. She did it herself, and watching her stretch her limits has always encouraged me. Her story encourages me as we are living the life she never got to live, she has struggled to give her family a life in which they can live peacefully and happily.

Behind the successful and proud woman that my mum is today is a journey full of many hurdles that has inspired me. The perpetual need to keep her loved ones happy, as well as working hard in order to achieve her goals, despite the difficulties, has awakened me to take advantage of the opportunities life brings upon me. My mum's journey has played an important role in impacting my life and has taught me to be grateful for whatever I receive as there are those that are less fortunate and are still gratified. I am a strong young woman because a strong woman has raised me.

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