Essay How Did Rosa Parks Inspire Others

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How are you? I am doing all right, things are getting a little crazy over here. I miss you and am sorry for not staying in contact as often as I should, just know I am always thinking about you. I'm pretty sure you have read the papers, it is unbelievable, right? Who would dare to do that? I admire Rosa Parks; I believe this is the start of something big. In case you haven't read the papers let me inform you of the situation we have going on here in Montogomery.

On December 1st, a lady named, Rosa Parks, was sitting on the first row of the colored section part of the bus. The bus driver instructed her to get out of her seat so the white folks that were getting on could have a seat since their section was full and guess what? She refused! Mother refused to give up her set since it was on her part of the bus. This caused major chaos and poor Rosa Parks got arrested and fined ten dollars. Luckily, a fellow named E.D Nixon, who was a black leader, bailed her out of jail. Following this event, the Women's Political Council created flyers to inform people that a boycott would take place on December 5th on the bus system, the same day Rosa Parks was getting trialed in court.

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The days leading up to this event were full of determination Mother, I have never seen so many people come together. Black ministers informed those in church about the boycott and even the newspaper even wrote a front-page article on the boycott. Later that day, many black leaders met to form the Montgomery Improvement Association where they demanded the hiring of black drivers, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and courtesy. The city denied the demands, so black leaders took matters into their own hands and to keep the boycott alive they arranged carpools and African American taxi drivers charged blacks 10 cents a ride. Everything is changing but it's for the better mother.

The other day instead of walking to work because it was storming badly, I took a cab and the driver was so nice. He talked to me about how much this movement means to him and how proud he is to be a part of something big to defend our rights, I hope one day soon we won't have to go through this. But for now, we all need to stick together. I'll try to keep you updated and write more constantly. I love you Mother, stay safe and I hope to see you soon.

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