Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, And Rosa Parks As The Fighters Against Racial Discrimination

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The world changes, but history stays. History stays over time by passing through the generations to remind people how the world used to be and how it changed because of the people who sacrificed their lives to fight for a better world. There were three famous people that changed the history of America because of their influences and inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks became popular in history by expressing the problems between White Americans and African American. In their belief to fight for equality for African American, they all presented their ideas in their own unique ways throughout the community through their speeches and actions.

As read in some sources, Martin Luther King Jr. believes in unity without segregation and that both races should stay together and stay stronger through his “I Have a Dream” speech. His speech addressed White Americans and African Americans to trigger their sympathy and empathy. He used his speech to engage people together to understand that people are all the same even with different skin colors which do not define who they are as a person. He shared his faith in freedom for his people and convinced all White Americans to change their minds and attitudes to create a peaceful world.

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On the other hand, Malcolm X convinced African Americans should be separated from White Americans. He proposed the speech with an intention to unite the African American. He persuaded them to believe that they could do better without depending on White Americans. This made African Americans start thinking and believing his words and the need to take action to stop White Americans looking down or trying to control them. Malcolm prepared for a war to do whatever it took to reach freedom while Martin Luther King Jr communicated and negotiated through their speeches to appeal the attention for people to listen and understand that all races could share the love and live in equality.

In additionally, Rosa Parks sparked the attention of America when she refused to give up her seat for a white man on a bus causing her arrest. She presented the idea of how people should not be categorized and judge by the skin of their color causing them to be treated harshly and differently through her action. She encouraged people to stand up and speak up for themselves. Rose Parks used herself to show people how to fight for equal rights.

If I could have a chance to sit down and meet with them; I would ask them how long it took them to get enough courage to speak up and refuse to be treated differently. For the most part, all African-Americans were not accepted for who they were and be defined differently compared to others. I wanted to ask them how long it took them to collect enough evidence to persuade people of all community to listen to their ideas. Did they think about the consequences they would have to deal with if things went wrong? Did they think about their families might be isolated or affected by their decisions?

All in all, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks successfully opened the chance for African Americans to be independent and be free of their skin colors. They all had the same purpose to enhance the lives of African American by showing both races human rights through speeches and actions. They put all the effort to fight for African American to live in peace and equality. They all sacrificed themselves to stand up for what right and what wrong for their people and for their belief.

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