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Philosophical Ideas And Concepts Of Plato

Introduction Plato is broadly viewed evenly one of the superlative and most operant philosophers in the western custom. His political school of thought is held in too difficult value, and is the originally comp political thought we believe. evenly with early immense figures, Plato’s political supposition was non alone section of his overall philosophic scheme just deep molded away his accessible and political destiny. Plato’s political receive was 1 of universal decompose and decrease. in his conception, the ancient polis,...
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Plato and Descartes

The two philosophers has very different interpretations of their God/Gods. However, I would like to point out that both philosophers believed that their deities are or have been present in the world at some point. Descartes wrote six meditations because of the fact that he believed that God created the world in six days, which is an act of presence. Plato believed that ‘What is really good cannot do any harm or be harmful, so what is really good can...
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The Meaning And Importance Of Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

The Allegory of the Cave is the story written by the Greek philosopher Plato, who was the founder of the Platonist school of academy and thought. He presented this story as the dialogues between two people. An allegory refers to a deeper meaning in this story everything is illustrating something else. In this story Plato, tells that most of us are living in world where all of us are covered with fake environment unknown to reality. In this essay, I...
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Ancient Political Philosophy: Plato And Aristotle

Ancient political philosophy was mainly based on the premise that human potential is fulfilled in the Polis and on the citizen life itself. It encompassed ethics, justice, and politeia, (constitutions) thus implying how society is or how it should be organized (M. Lane, 2018). From that period many of the most relevant concepts and works came from the all-time most important philosophers, that set the foundations of Western Philosophy and the Political discourse of more than two millennia – Plato...
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Views of Socrates and Plato on Ignorance

Ignorance is usually an ability that any person would now not know. In truth, lack of knowledge is the having faith that there is any individual who can be aware of something, and that there is any man or woman who can be conscious of him or herself. Socrates and Plato had substantial and one-of-a-kind views on how they portrayed ignorance. For Socrates, who was considered as the wisest man in the world, ignorance is a virtue in his eyes....
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Evaluation of Plato's View of Immorality as Ignorance

Plato’s view on immorality is ignorance is derived from the argument put forward in ‘Protagoras’ by Socrates, who claimed that all wrong and evil is done due to a lack of knowledge. In this essay I plan to critically analyze this argument and evaluate an objection to Plato’s claim that immorality is ignorance by disproving the premise that every action performed by a rational agent is the action they believe is the best action. I will evaluate the argument in...
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Plato's Views on Body and Soul: Critical Analysis Essay

After learning where we stand in what our current situation is, what technologies have we already acquired, and which we are soon to have available, only one question comes to mind: what will be of humans, both as individuals and as a community? Throughout history, many philosophers have tried to define what a human is. Plato described humans as a being with a body, made from matter, and a soul, similar to an idea according to his philosophical teachings, a...
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Good Vs Evil in Different Societies: Example of Plato’s Book Euthyphro

How do you visualize ‘good’ and ‘evil’? What determines them? Are they absolute or relative? How important is the concern of ‘good’ and ‘evil’? Good and evil are common topics of debate in our society. In general, what we do for the betterment of people is good and what we do for harming people is evil. Though there is no universal definition of good and evil. The standards of good or evil are usually socially constructed. Good and evil are...
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Glaucon and Adeimantus Issue Challenge to Plato: Essay on Ring of Gyges

Glaukon and Adeimantus, both of Plato’s siblings, decided to investigate the superiority of justice. The second book of the Republic begins with Glaucon’s competitiveness against the righteousness of Socrates. Glavko said that the multitude is usually limited and unwise and that justice is not the shell. Instead, justice is important (evaluated for useful issues). Glaukon talked about ‘Gigov’s bond’ and showed justice at all fourth dimensions. Adeimantus has intensified the contestation of Glaucoman and said that the Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by...
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Essay on Plato's Phaedo: The Immortality of The Soul

In Plato’s dialogue Phaedo, the title character recounts the events of the day Socrates drank the hemlock ending his life. The dialogue is mainly about the immortality of the soul. In this essay, we will explore the three arguments for the immortality of the soul, Simmias’ and Cebes’ objections, and their respective responses from Socrates. Phaedo himself states that Plato was not in the prison cell during the events described, so this might be a hint to us that Plato...
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Essay on Plato's Theory of Forms

I believe that Plato`s Theory of Forms is incoherent and contradicts itself in places. There is also no compelling evidence of the Realm of the One exists. I will argue my point below in a balanced argument. Plato`s Theory of Forms consists of the idea that there are two realms The Realm of the One and the Realm of the Many. He believed that the perfect forms, which are the perfect version of things we see and can touch, are...
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Essay on Plato Theory of Justice

Plato’s ‘Nature of Justice: A Critical Analysis This essay is a culmination of personal opinions along with reference to several other works on a similar topic all of which have been cited duly. Abstract There are several takes on the nature and theories of justice. However, Plato in his Republic provides some very famous arguments for what justice means and what it is to be a just individual living in a just state. He has criticized the already existing theories...
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Views of Karl Marx and Plato on Political Theory

It is interesting to see the views and opinions of different philosophers who lived in different time period when it comes to the subject of political theory. These philosophers may not have directly written about political theory, but their way of thinking can be applied to political theory. In this essay I am going to talk about Karl Marx and Plato. We can say that these two philosophers share different opinions about political theory. The first philosopher that I have...
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Plato and Karl Marx: Compare and Contrast

Choose either Plato or Aristotle and one other thinker from those discussed in class (with the exception of Machiavelli). Compare and contrast the political philosophies of the thinkers chosen so as to discuss key concepts of political theory including democracy, equality and rights including the (civil) right to protest and to disobedience. It is interesting to see the views and opinions of different philosophers who lived in different time period when it comes to the subject of political theory. These...
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Plato’s and Aristotle’s Views on Golden Mean: Analytical Essay

Part I – Plato’s quote “It seems to me that a fit body doesn’t by its own virtue makes the soul good, but instead the opposite is true- a good soul by its own virtue makes the body as good as possible (Republic III, pg. 443).” In the discussion of virtue, specifically as to its inter-relatedness to the soul, Plato claims that intrinsic virtue alone is the cause of a person’s good actions, and therefore, this results in a good...
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Plato’s Understanding of the Human Body in Phaedo: Critical Analysis

Throughout history, we have endlessly questioned the nature of our reality- whether or not we feel comfortable in our own skin so to speak. Prior to being awakened at birth to our version of reality, we enjoyed an existence of intelligent design- pureness created to allow for a limitless existence. It is, therefore, by that same design that the body as Deutsch puts it, is seen as a prison holding the soul hostage, driving us to evil ends and maleficent...
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Socrates' Views on Euthyphro Written by Plato: Descriptive Essay

To start with a quick paraphrase of the reading Euthyphro written by Plato, Socrates meets a young prophet by the name of Euthyphro in Athens Greece. Socrates and Euthyphro are at the courthouse due to their actions that relate to being devout, which turns out to be the central theme of the story. In the reading, we see that Euthyphro is prosecuting his dad for behaving immoral because he allowed a murderous slave who the father had thrown in a...
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Analysis of 'The Apology' by Plato

Plato wrote The Apology in 400 B.C. chronicling Socrates’ trial in Athens. Socrates is speaking to the court on the good will of his actions. Socrates introduces himself to the court as a man of good character and addresses the claims against him. Socrates explains to the court that the persuasive words of his accusers “almost made [him] forget who [he] was” and then asks that they do not “let [them]selves be deceived be the force of [their] eloquence.” Socrates...
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Views of Plato on Marriage

Marriage – the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman). When two people make a public pledge or commitment to each other to share and live their lives together that is recognised socially, legally and sometimes religiously. According to many Christian denominations, a marriage is a union between a man and woman, instituted and ordained by God as the...
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Views of Plato and Nietzsche on Romantic Relationship

Our topic for research is the views of Plato and Federick Nietzsche on love sex and marriage. The paper describes the views of each philosopher on love, sex and marriage and to understand it with a contemporary point of view. The paper includes terms like homosexuality, how sex is for producing kids than loveAlso to learn more about both of the philosophers including research that expand our knowledge. Love, Sex and Marriage when it comes to defining them there are...
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Essence of Economic Freedom By Plato

America is the freest nation in the world. A lot of people dream of getting into this country and have the same opportunities that Americans have. In other words, opportunities mean freedom, freedom of choice. The concept of freedom, as the right of choice, originated in ancient Greece, it has played a fundamental role in the development of people over the past few thousand years. It was gradually transforming each person from a passive object of biological evolution into an...
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Inferiority of Women According to Plato and Sophocles

Sophocles, a renowned author from Athens, once stated that “to women silence is their proper grace,” which suggests that women are better off keeping their opinions to themselves and letting men hold all the power. The quote above reflects Athenian society’s view that women are not equivalent to men. The following essay details the biases held against women at the time the book was written and compares those views with Plato’s Symposium’s depiction of women, while highlighting the importance of...
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Plato and Aristotle's Meaning of the Good Life

What does it mean to live a good life? Two philosophers during the Classical period in Ancient Greece, Plato, and Aristotle had an opinion on precisely what consisted of the good life and how to go about accomplishing this goal. Plato and Aristotle both maintain a notion that happiness and well-being are the highest ambitions of moral thought and behavior, and virtues are the depositions needed to achieve them. In order to learn about the concept of the good life,...
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Plato's View on Democracy

While Plato built on the idea of aristocracy as his method of governance in an ideal society (Kallipolis), he laid down heavy criticism towards democracy as a form of government in the process as well. In this essay, I will explore these arguments but first establishing what Plato’s conception of a democracy is. I will first discuss Plato’s assertion of the eventual disintegration for each type of regime followed by his critique of the form of leadership in a democracy....
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Plato’s Use of Myths and Stories in His ‘Republic’: An Essay

Throughout the ‘Republic’ Plato looks at many themes and uses a wide range of stories and myths to make and back up his various points. There are many different myths and stories used throughout this dialogue and it would be difficult to look at every single instance Plato reference one of these works, picking out some of the most interesting and key myths that are used. In Plato’s ‘Republic’, one of the things Plato does is use ‘Republic’ as a...
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Plato's Philosophical Approach to Education

The value and meaning of education have surely changed over time. Having an education was often seen to be more of a privilege than what education stands for today. Many people see early education as preparation for adulthood, whilst further education as a means to develop one’s own understanding of a subject. Argued to be one of the most influential philosophical accounts of education is Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’. The ‘Allegory of the Cave’ can be found in Book...
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The Evolution of the Concept of Love: Plato Versus Simone de Beauvoir

Abstract The definition of love is something that will always remain too abstract and widespread to narrow down into a concise, neatly wrapped paragraph. Even if we did manage to do so, as many poets and writers have attempted to in the past, it is not guaranteed that the said definition will be acceptable by all those who were to come by it. In our paper, we look at love from the perspective of four different philosophers, ranging over different...
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Aristotle's and Plato’s View on Metaphysics: Analytical Essay

There are many contributions made to the development of western philosophy made by both Plato and Aristotle. There is no other way to talk about the greats, without starting with Plato. Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher who is known to have founded the first academy which was located in Athens. He was known to be an educator to after Socrates and known to be the teacher of Aristotle which we will discuss more soon. Some of the topics that...
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Malcolm X and Plato: the Path to Become Mentally Alive

Being “mentally alive” come in different forms. Many people define themselves as being “mentally alive” based on experiences that they went through or going through. For instance, some may go through terrible experiences which can affect them mentally. Therefore, many of them can be physically alive but not mentally alive. Others may feel being “mentally alive” due to a hobby they enjoy doing. The state of being “mentally alive” is more like a feeling where an individual is opened-minded and...
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Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex And Plato’s Apology: Common Themes And Ideas

Both Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Plato’s Apology explore the limits of human wisdom. Socrates spends times trying to understand the nature of wisdom and whether the people who claim to possess it actually do. This investigation stems from the oracle, who proclaimed that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens. Through this quest, Socrates develops a negative reputation, and this is what leads to his eventual death sentence. Oedipus, on the other hand, is revered by the Thebans. In...
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