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Connection of the Film 'Inception' with Descartes' Views

In the film ‘Inception’, Dom Cobb is an extractor who has the ability to enter into people’s dreams and get information from them. He is given a job to implant an idea inside the mind of Robert Fischer and so he gathers a team to help him design an elaborate plan to complete the task. Along the way, the team ventures deep into the dream world and face the risk of falling into limbo, a dream realm where the line...
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Descartes And Spinoza: Similarities And Differences Regarding God’s Existence

Whether God exists has been pondered and argued by many philosophers throughout time, and there are many different proofs of his existence given to us by those philosophers. Descartes and Spinoza are two very famous philosophers who had some similarities and differences in their conclusions regarding God’s existence. This paper will focus on Descartes first proof of God’s existence given in the Third Meditation and Spinoza’s response to Descartes proof. In order to understand the Third Meditation, I will briefly...
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The Differences Between Plato’s And Descartes’ Views On The Concept Of God

The two philosophers has very different interpretations of their God/Gods. However, I would like to point out that both philosophers believed that their deities are or have been present in the world at some point. Descartes wrote six meditations because of the fact that he believed that God created the world in six days, which is an act of presence. Plato believed that ‘What is really good cannot do any harm or be harmful, so what is really good can...
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The Views Of Rene Descartes And David Hume On Human Knowledge Process

For this research paper, I will be comparing the different ways that philosophers Rene Descartes and David Hume viewed the process of human knowledge. These two philosophers have written theories to describe their ideas. Rene Descartes explains his understanding of rationalism through his “Meditations on First Philosophy”. David Hume focused more on human senses and how they help our way of thinking in “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding”. Which include a point of view through empiricism. Throughout this paper, I...
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Montaigne Essay Summary

The backbone of philosophical thoughts relied heavily on Greek Mythology in the 16th Century. The common understanding of what was human was halfway between the Beast and God. As philosophy grew more popular, the question of where humanity lies within humans became a topic of discussion. What does it mean to be human and what doesn’t make us beasts? In Jean-Pierre Vernant’s “Myth and Society in Ancient Greece” he explores defining characteristics that separate beast from man through the Gardens...
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Descartes's History Of The Concept Of Mind In The Novel The Meditations On First Philosophy

Throughout the novel, “The Meditations on First Philosophy” by Rene Descartes goes through a spitital journey of discovering what he believes to be his conception of the mind. The reader is able to see this through all of his meditations and the exploration he takes himself on to reach his final conclusion of the mind and body in meditation six. Each meditation that DescartesN writes touches somewhat on his conception of the mind and his beliefs that follow. In order...
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Doubt And Descartes Cartesian Project

I chose to write my paper on Descartes Cartesian Project. I thought his thinking process was very interesting and also very confusing at the same time. Although he left a mess behind, he is known as the “father of modern philosophy.” One of those reasons is of course because of his Cartesian method. Descartes Cartesian method had four steps: (1) accept as true only what is undoubtable, (2) divide every question into manageable parts, (3) begin with the simplest issues...
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Rene Descartes Contribution To Mathematics

Mathematics is a very broad topic and has a lot of different topics, some of which you may not even know is related to mathematics. Rene Descartes is a very big part of the mathematical world, and he made many big contributions that changed the way mathematics is looked at today. Although some people might think of Descartes as a philosopher more than a mathematician, that is not true in any sense he made many contributions both to physics and...
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The Role Of Doubt In Descartes's Meditation

In the Meditation I, doubting plays a huge role in the project, the whole project is based on skeptical doubts and those doubts lead him to the conclusion that he exists. He wants to be completely sure of what is real, so the best way to prove it is to test everything he believes and learnt that is real with doubt. In this essay, I would highlight the significant role of doubt in Descartes’ project by examining his dream and...
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The Significance Of Psychoanalysis for Designers. Freud, Descartes And Sartre Ideas

In everyday life, there is no moment that passes without us changing : my body changes, my character changes, my opinions change… And yet we consider ourselves and others like a unique person even though we are constantly changing. But then, “who am I?” Consciousness is the capacity to represent ourselves and the outside world. As explained by Christof Koch “Consciousness is everything you experience.” (What is consciousness?) This is both what puts us in touch with the world...
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Analyzing Controversy: Beliefs of Bertrand Russell Versus Rene Descartes

Analysing controversy: All that I know I must know because I derived it from my sense Introduction This essay aims to examine the controversy i.e., “All that I know I must know because I derived it from my senses” by relating it further to the perspectives of Bertrand Russell (supporter) and Rene Descartes (opposition). By reviewing both sides of this controversy, a logical and rational explanation could be founded which is also the aim of this essay. Any controversy could...
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Rene Descartes: Analysis Of His Discourse

Descartes’s opening statement in the first part of his discourse claims that common sense; or rather good sense of reasoning is equal amongst all. The idea that every individual has an equal amount of “good sense” (Descartes, 4) means that they should have the ability to decide whether something is true or false and the ability to “judge correctly” (Descartes, 4). Good sense gives us the ability to develop our sense of reason and through this “we direct our thoughts...
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Epistemological Arguments Of David Hume And Rene Descartes

Although two of the most important of the early modern philosophers were writing a century apart from each other, Rene Descartes and David Hume were both examining epistemological arguments, ultimately coming to very different conclusion. Rene Descartes was a 17th century French philosopher whose main fields of interest were metaphysics and epistemology, and he is often considered to be the father of modern philosophy. One of his more important works, The Meditations on First Philosophy, details his philosophical viewpoints on...
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Meditations By Rene Descartes: Arguments For The Existence Of God

Topic 2: The Meditations don’t just prove the existence of God once, but twice. What are these arguments and what is the relationship between them? In what sense is God foundational for the metaphysics Descartes elaborates in his great work? What are some objections to his view? Are they compelling? Your goal in this essay is to assess Descartes’ argument(s) for the existence of God and to arrive at your own conclusions regarding its persuasiveness. At a minimum, your essay...
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The Process And Implications Of Descartes’ Method Of Doubt

Philosopher René Descartes was a rationalist who sought to refute the scepticism of his time – this was due to the people losing trust in the authority of the church thanks to the Scientific Revolution. He wanted to create a new foundation for knowledge and so embarked upon the Meditations, his 6-day diarised quest to find something “firm and lasting in the sciences”. Since he was a rationalist, Descartes wanted to prove the superiority of reason over empirical truth. In...
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Rene Descartes And His Contributions To The Modern World Of Psychology

Psychology studies always has been a debate among scholars so that they can prove their theory with an already existing theories in a certain field of study. Historical perspectives of Psychology has always help them in order to open ideas and thoughts among psychologists. Few pioneers such Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson and many more does really widen up the perception of a psychologist to explore some new ideas until now. Psychology is a combination of two parents known as Philosophy...
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Skepticism In The Works Of Descartes

Philosophy is composed of several branches. Epistemology is one of the branches of Philosophy. Epistemology is the branch that is concerned with knowledge and our acquisition of it. Skepticism in Philosophy deals with doubting everything one knows. We must put into doubt anything we can or may know. Descartes and Hume both employ skepticism in their writings. In this essay, I will argue that neither Descartes nor Hume are skeptics. I will begin to explain what skepticism is. Then, I...
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