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Essay on Cultural identity: Its Significance to Counter Colonizing Mind in Modern Times

Introduction Many people claim who they are but they are not in the way they act; behave and way of living speak and noticeably. There is a danger in this way of prevention, this will affect an individual’s way of thinking that is not really who he is but the reality is, he is borrowing, and many times not aware. Way of living is very salient evidence of how to define an individual’s cultural identity. It carries a connotation of...
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What the Mind Can Conceive the Body Can Achieve

The complexity of mind body problem and its existence is difficult to interpret. Humans do exist and have both physical properties (height, weight, and etcetera) and mental properties such as beliefs, values, desires and etcetera. In his meditations, Descartes reaches to a conclusion that he exists because he is a ‘thinking thing.’ Later in his meditations, he takes the same idea forward to establish the mind-body dualism which contrasts the human mind with human body. The essay will brief the...
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What Is Mind: Essay

Thesis What differentiates humans from other species? How do we make decisions, think of ideas and come to conclusions? What exactly is a mind? The mind refers to the thinking-feeling function resulting from our brain. The brain is the organ, the mind its function, or as John Searle says, “the mind is to the brain as the program is to the hardware” (Minds, Brains, and Programs). Our mind allows us to be conscious, create scenarios and interpret experiences. It allows...
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