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As a one-of-a-kind interaction tool, digital games assist optimal care management program operation in all dimensions. In fact, a digital game is a realistic application of information and communication technology in the delivery of care that is cost-effective for many entities. Games are becoming a prominent kind of media, even greater than the film business, and are appreciated by people of all ages, genders, and cultures. Health games are a fun way to get people's attention and encourage them to...
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Isolation can have a huge impact on relationships between people. Whether it may be friendship, business relations or family, isolation can either harm or benefit their relationships. People deal with being by themselves differently depending on how they perceive isolation. Some may be just completely fine with being isolated from the crowd, while some may develop some issues from lack of social interaction. During elementary and high school, I dealt with the feeling of isolation from time to time. In...
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Mrs. X repeatedly stated when I was interviewing her how she was grateful and lucky for the support she has at home whilst still living on her own and having independence. She said about her neighbors who check in on her, a son and daughter in law who lived nearby and who she sees regularly, as well as two daughters who ring her often. This made me think about patients who may not be as ‘lucky’, who live alone, may...
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Isolation behavior comes as subsection of relationships problems and to be exact it’s a problem concerning the misbehavior of the individual with himself with respect to other individuals. Isolation behavior is a behavior caused by many reasons. They can be mental or physical, but the cause that has a huge impact is social isolation. Social isolation is a condition of which the person can run away from people and grow the ability of inability to interact with others which motivates...
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The article, entitled ‘Spatial Analysis of Social Exclusion from a Transportation Perspective: A Case Study of Ankara Metropolitan Area’ by Fahriye Nihan, Özdemir, and Sönmezb, defines social exclusion as the state where different groups of individuals cannot fit into the community or the society due to political, social or economical disadvantages. One example of social exclusion in today's society would have to be uneven wealth distribution based on class. This essay will discuss in depth several aspects of social exclusion...
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Isolation can damage both our physical and mental health. As humans, we are hardwired to interact with others. When one is isolated from others, the brain begins to act in strange ways to preserve its sanity. The author of ‘Frankenstein’, Mary Shelley, uses the monster to develop the themes of the destructive nature of isolation, drawing one towards violence to fill the void of loneliness. When Victor Frankenstein is successful in bringing back the dead, he fears his creation and...
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Although solitary confinement has been used in the United States for over a century, it is time to put an end to this abhorrent punishment. Solitary confinement has been proven over the years to be detrimental to the mental health of inmates. According to an article from the journal Crime and Justice, a staggering percentage of prisoners suffer detrimental mental damage from solitary confinement. Questioned prisoners pointed to stress, thoughts of suicide, hallucinations, and difficulty sleeping as symptoms suffered (Smith,...
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