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Concept and Risk of Social Isolation

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Isolation behavior comes as subsection of relationships problems and to be exact it’s a problem concerning the misbehavior of the individual with himself with respect to other individuals. Isolation behavior is a behavior caused by many reasons. They can be mental or physical, but the cause that has a huge impact is social isolation. Social isolation is a condition of which the person can run away from people and grow the ability of inability to interact with others which motivates an escalating pattern to these circumstances and as symptom times of isolation could vary depending on the mood of the individual.

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The primary cause of this problem which is isolation behavior is social isolation. In order to conduct the main problem, we must not confuse the term of social isolation with other terms such as emotional isolation or recluse. Social isolation is a condition of total or near-complete absence of interaction between individual and society. This condition is totally different from loneliness. Social isolation can be serious be issue for people in any age. All social isolation cases involve staying in home for long times, not having interaction with family members or friends for long periods of time and the most severe is that when the opportunity of contacting others comes, the person avoid it and may also run away from it. There are a lot of contributing factors that helps social isolation to grow such as domestic violence, family crisis, health and disabilities, loss of spouse, living alone, unemployment, aging, transportation problems, social adversity, and missing certain events.

True condition of social isolation over long periods of time can generate chronic conditions affecting the entire aspects of the human existence. The condition of social isolation leads to loneliness, fear of people or negative self-esteem. The absence of contacting with humans can cause serious problems such as forgetting the interaction skills or human communicating skills. According to James S. House in his 'Psychosomatic Medicine' (2001), “The magnitude of risk associated with social isolation is comparable with that of cigarette smoking and other major biomedical and psychosocial risk factors. However, our understanding of how and why social isolation is risky for health — or conversely — how and why social ties and relationships are protective of health, still remains quite limited”. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. Social isolation is a serious problem, especially in modern society, due to its severe consequences, therefore it needs our due attention and taking appropriate measures.

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